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  1. Dont think american pilots are dummies to waste AP round to shoot an automobile. They have HE rounds for that against soft targets like terrorists.
  2. 30 mm brrrrrt 3900 shots per minute. Vehicle didnt annihilated into atoms
  3. Its all written here http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/Messerschmitt/Diverses/Flugwerkschutzes.pdf About schrapnel uneffectiveness too. In 3.008 minengeschoss are very realistic. Thanks to the devs!
  4. LOL! Laggs stalinwood loses its wing with TWO He mg151/20 shots ))) A P-47 loses it wiht THREE shots! Even IL-2 - "Beton flugzeug" loses its wing with FOUR shots! If you (or any one who is interested in simulation) will look at the topic you should see our suggestions. It is not a meaning of "stalinwood" or "churchuilwood" (mosquito) or "hitlerwood" (He-162).
  5. Please look at that topic https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/7849-предложение-по-дм-самолетов/?do=findComment&comment=654836 Ingame MK-108 & 20 mm MGs are too OP!
  6. Thanks for you attention There are another topic for your discussion https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/7728-модель-повреждений-прочность-крыльев-занижена/ 1 mk-108 shot and its a P-47 & IL-2 wing off shot. Does Holywood films captured your mind? Totaly unrealistic.
  7. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/7849-предложение-по-дм-самолетов/?do=findComment&comment=652613 Russian comunity talks about it a long time. We hope west comunity can help. P-47 is the last drop. Three Mg151/20 HE shells to wipe the wing off?! That is unrealistic.
  8. At high strain rates, it has the following properties The resulting foil is so thin that it does not damage the skin of the aircraft at the explosion site (look at the photos)
  9. It has a lot more explosives. When the shell explosiode it gets streched And this 3 mm shell became foil
  10. There is a 30 mm hit comparable to the m-geschoss british tests. Spitfire came back. Pilot looks healthy. The m-schoss shell has a very thin wall due to the fact that the entire volume is filled by explosives. When its explodes it turns into foil. At war photos even with a direct hit in a design constructions there are very few shrapnel holes.
  11. the construction designs of the wing and tail are different. resistance to the mine-shell explosion too
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