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  1. Would like to sign up as Entente as well, looks like this should be a good event to kickstart the Flying Circus community.
  2. I find it curious that you elected to ignore the majority of my post that already delved into questions of historical accuracy, but such is the way of things. 109 F-4 took to the skies over Moscow. Yak-1b did not. That's the long and short of it.
  3. Agreed on the need for another Yak variant for Moscow, but I'm unsure what can really be done here seeing as the -1b wasn't in service until midway through 1942, some months after our current date on the TAW map. Likewise, the numbers of them in the skies would be limited due to being a one-off collector's plane, so I don't know to what extent, really, this would help Red out. I know the series 69 Yak-1 in BoS's base content may not have flown over Moscow, but perhaps it's a better fit? Though, we'd still run into issues of realism/historical accuracy, as the engine that plane sports likewise wasn't around 'till 42 - I don't know much about the plane otherwise, so maybe you all could better judge whether it should be around. Just gonna go out on a limb and say that German pilots flying one F-4 at a time isn't going to win the war for anyone. Air to air combat is practically useless for moving the lines anyway. Can they really kill attackers/bombers that much better than anything else? I'm not convinced.
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