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  1. Thanks @Beebop I took a 6 month break or so between the last version 😁
  2. @busdriver I toned down the winter "stock" overcast. I had the wrong light.bmp's in the folders. I made some for overcast quite some time back but looks like I placed the ones for clear/light weather in them. 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am And for the summer overcast.. I fudged the haze a bit. First one is with Haze option off. Clouds at 1700 m. Looks better at say 600 to 800ish Second is at 0.2 And third is at 1.0 or PEA SOUP personally I would use opti
  3. @busdriver The “funky“ colors are a combination of skydome/light mix. I’m glad you’ve brought that to my attention. When the sun is setting or rising in the winter under the overcast, it is showing through too much. I need to tone down this for the “original” overcast style. As for the overcast bubble, that’s an annoying setting called fog range. It’s set to 11000, which I believe is a 11km diameter. Any number higher than this results in the overcast completely disappearing. I’m going to take a stab at the reasoning for this. All precipitation is tied to this type of over
  4. I’m hoping I’ll finish up tonight or tomorrow night. I’m almost done with the regular version and getting ready to start on the CloudVR ones. Probably another 3-4 hours of work
  5. Here’s another vid in the winter at Velikie Luki. This is also with the fog on and Haze to max. It’s much less in the winter settings.
  6. Velikie Luki Summer. The sun rises there at like 4:30 or 5 because of its Latitude. @SCG_motoadve @busdriver Hello there I was wondering if one of you real pilots had some input on this topic If you go to page 26 and read through we're discussing haze, fog and other worldly things. Thanks
  7. @itsbillyfrazier It was at 8:30am. And I think the temp was 17 or 18 degrees Celsius, wind was out of North west. Remember that this was with the Haze and fog option on. When it’s off it’s not present. I can make the fog burn off faster like in stock weather. From my experience, sometimes the low lying fog will take longer to leave the cloudier it is. I’m no weather man though, I just work in it outside
  8. Here’s an example of the new version with the Haze set to max and fog. I did find however, that the fog in the dusk/dawn is only on every other preset. It was always like this but I figured they would have made it for all presets. Do you guys think I should make it available for all? I did some adjustments as well. Such as, some of the heavy and overcast weather does have a little haze when no haze is selected. It didn’t make sense to have a crystal clear atmosphere when the atmosphere is thick with moisture. Also I made just a few of the foggy mornings/evenings hang around longer and lat
  9. I see. So far I like it. I also made a few of the morning fog that lays in the low areas and river bottoms stay a bit longer. 9 to 9:30.
  10. @Danziger Why so sad? Do you need a hug
  11. I really have to say that the Devs adding the Haze option to the weather was a fantastic idea!
  12. And to follow up on my previous post, this will take a bit more time than I thought. Couple days at least with my evenings after work. I’m currently working on it now. 200 sky.ini files to edit between summer and winter in both versions. I should have checked the new files after the haze update
  13. Well I just realized I forgot to add the new haze adjustment in the ini files. Right now they are with out. So when you adjust the Haze setting then nothing will happen. No biggie though. I’ll update the OP later today if I have time.
  14. The cirrus clouds look nice but virtually everything else is placebo. None of the sky.ini files have changed from stock. So there for the clouds are the same. The cloud files that have been edited are no longer used, they are from RoF. I believe what he called skydomes are the cirrus.dds files. The light and skydome.dds are same as stock.
  15. It’s hard to get the cloud brightness right. On my 4k monitor they seemed a bit on the bright side and on my Vive Pro they are perfect. They seem close though. I turned the brightness down a bit on my monitor to make them match the headset and that seemed to do the trick. I suppose what I’m getting at is not everyone’s color, gamma, contrast and brightness is the same, so hopefully this is a happy medium
  16. Yes! I can imagine it now, 785 kill marks covering the plane from nose to tail or
  17. Actually you don’t need this mod anymore. It has been implemented into the game
  18. No, only install one of them. They are the same other than the “grey sky” mod has a few different presets in it. See the post above yours for the explanation of the difference.
  19. @alpenspion The “Grey Sky” versions of the mods have some variety of a high altitude cirrus overcast. This causes the “grey” sky. To better explain, the game has 50 sky/weather presets, Clear, Light, Medium, Heavy and Overcast. Each with 10 options in each one. I have implemented the “Grey sky type” into the Heavy, and Overcast cloud options.I believe 3 out of 10 in Heavy are grey and 4 out of 10 in overcast are grey. Example:
  20. Hey Folks, Updated to Version 13 on the OP! Also renamed the newest version for VR to CloudsVR . Version notes and fixes are in the OP as well. And don't forget to give me some feedback on it. Enjoy
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