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  1. I believe that’s from the cloud thickness being set to minimum. Was that in QMB? I think I need to raise the minimum up higher. I will be working on redoing all the cumulonimbus for the heavy preset soon
  2. Yup. The lighting needs some work it wouldn’t take to much effort. I’m looking forward to a possible rework of the atmosphere. Hopefully someday
  3. This mod is not up to date. The haze option will not work with this mod.
  4. So I’ve figured out that when I increase the detail, I have to bump up the gpreset to 96 samples. If I leave it at 64, the clouds shimmer and dance all over the place. This is really frustrating because it causes a performance hit. I’m kinda at a crossroad here. Do I leave them alone or increase the detail and have everyone have a min of 96 samples? I dunno. It would be great if I didn’t have to mess with the gpreset anymore and leave it stock. I’ll keep trying though, no such thing as can’t, it’s can’t hardly
  5. @Beebop Looks fine to me and nothing has changed. Hmmm.... Possibly you didn't realize the major overhaul in the lighting? Or maybe check your saturation as @No457_Stonehouse has pointed out in your gpresets. Did you edit this line before? I have mine set to 0.80. STOCK VERSION 14 STOCK VERSION 14 I really don’t like the Stock lighting, it’s like having on blue sunglasses.
  6. I haven’t noticed anything different with the mod.
  7. AND Winter... ORIGINALLY ENHANCED Tested it some and not much of a performance difference.
  8. You guys got me rethinking the clouds. Problem is that it may impact FPS some, but I haven't tested this yet. I can add detail and reduce the noise. They are kinda the same though in terms of how "detailed" the clouds look. I'll have to find a good balance. Probably going to take a while. I'm adjusting the contrast and sharpness as well, making a more fluffy appearance. Here's an example. ORIGINALLY ENHANCED ORIGINALLY ENHANCED
  9. 6” to 10” they say. Gonna be a long night!
  10. To be honest the extreme clouds are plasticy as well. I could probably go through everything and turn the noise amp down some more but that will make the clouds look duller. It’s kinda give and take with the detail vs the cloud noise. If I add more noise and detail they look tremendous but they KILL the frame rates. Anyway I don’t really have any issue. I’m not sure what is going on with some of the issues you guys are having. I’ll check back in later. Gotta plow snow
  11. I can later if you’d like. I don’t know when I’ll be home. I plowing snow for the next 20 hours or so.
  12. Here' a vid with these settings. ( For some reason, a couple of the clouds were boiling ) And here is another with the gpresets set to 96. Both vids the clouds are at Heavy. Hopefully this will help with some questions. I fly almost 99% in VR Specs: MSI B550 Tomahawk 32gb Corsair Vengeance Ram Ryzen 7 5800X watercooled RTX 2080 TI 2tb hard drive, 250gb sdd HTC VIVE PRO ( Gear VR lens mod ) P
  13. There are only a few grey skydomes. Summer has 3 out of 10 in Heavy and 3 out of 10 in Overcast. Same goes for winter. If your using the QMB, there’s a chance you might not see anything for at least 10 try’s. It randomly picks the preset.
  14. Sure thing. I can leave a track but when ever someone downloads the track and replays it, won’t it replay with their graphic settings? Possibly I could post all my graphic settings and leave a vid? In game, nVidia and gpresets.
  15. I’m not sure what changed or perhaps it wasn’t noticeable enough but I never realized that 128 samples was causing the “plastic look”. I noticed this last night in some heavy clouds. So I changed the samples back to 64 and voila, much better . Anybody else? I’m beginning to think that the gpreset download should be eliminated? Or changed back to stock?
  16. Same for me on the gpresets. Forest distance max is 7 and my saturation is at 0.80. It’s funny, I’ve spent hours messing with the nvidia settings and game graphic options to find the perfect sweet spot for VR. So far I think I got it until I get a 3090 to replace the 2080ti. Then it will be back to square one.
  17. @No457_Stonehouse Great to hear that your back to where you like it. However somethings still odd here. When I raise the samples in my whole configuration, it doesn’t make them look like what you had. Did you change the max_cloud_quality back to 2 in the startup.cfg? Some how it should be at 2 and not 3 for high. Anyway just a thought.
  18. Sounds good hopefully you get this resolved. Messing with the gpreset from experience can really get things out of whack. How long have you been using the mod?
  19. Oh boy they look kinda chunky . Try this, gpreset: remove it and install an unedited one. Make sure your clouds are set to high. Try setting the dynamic resolution factor to full. Looking at your pics shows me it’s on extreme. Go back to your startup.cfg and change the max_cloud_quality back to 2 and save. Hello penguin, The 3D overcast is an add on. I made it this way so it could easily be added or removed. Messing around the other day I found that medium cloud quality was not so bad and the performance boost doubled. Try that
  20. I think the “true/false” makes the shadow animated? Same goes with the other post effects I suppose.
  21. I’d recommend the Dynamic Res factor to full. This will help the clouds. I’m a little confused though, are you using the mod or trying to make the vanilla better with tweaking graphic settings? I tried a few things yesterday for performance and found that setting the cloud quality to med gains major FPS in VR with the mod. The quality difference was not that noticeable.
  22. Yup I’ve spent my reactions a time or two When this happens just quote the and give em one of these 🤣🤟👍❤️🤦🏻‍♂️
  23. So the cloud quality is preset for the graphic settings i.e Low: cloud_quality 1 Balanced: cloud_quality 1 High: cloud_quality 2 Ultra: cloud_quality 2 The selections for clouds in game go to the startup.cfg. i.e max_cloud_quality 2 ( this is for High ) And lastly you have cloudsamples in the gpreset.cfg file. Previously the were set to 128 but now since the extreme cloud update, it has been revised to 64 samples. I believe this was for performance reasons. So these are the three m
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