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  1. Negative waves man Well lookee there we got the DD 😀
  2. It has to do with your steam VR setup. You have it set on room-scale. Reset this to standing
  3. That’s awesome hope that this could help the Devs. Thanks BRADY
  4. I cant seem to find those files in my ROF folders. Dunno if it’s because it’s the new version or maybe the files are hidden. Could you put them in a zip so I can download or maybe I’m missing something NEVERMIND 😶 I found them
  5. read this. Very good q/a with Jason and Daniel
  6. I agree that it’s alittle over priced but still cheaper than the 5k which doesn’t include the base stations and controllers. I got it for 800 that’s with everything. I wanted to switch any way because eventually I want to get the Pimax and you have to use vive basestations. Pimax is 700 plus tax and shipping and is the headset only. I loved the Rift but the vive pro is way better for clarity and it’s surprisingly comfortable
  7. I recently switched from a Rift to the vive pro. The difference if phenomenal. I also added the Gear VR lens mod which is unbelievable, no godrays and the clarity is awesome. The Vive Pro has better screen resolution and screen door effect is smaller. I’m glad I switched. I have a Ryzen 5 2600 and a 1080ti. With the graphics on balanced with all the higher settings ticked it runs smooth as silk. Steam VR makes it run with reprojection at a solid 45fps. Some times it turns off and it runs between 60 and 85fps. Also I wanted to say if you get the Rift make sure you take the oculus home2 fold
  8. AWESOME!!! You guys are the greatest! Wish I was at the PC. I’m out of town😩. So which New Content coming in a few weeks??
  9. There must have not been enough WOLOLOLOLOLO to summon the DD!
  10. Jason mentions an update in this thread before the Dora and 262 release
  11. Well I just wondered how much better it was than the oculus. It’ll prolly take 3 years to be 400 on eBay haha. Any way the larger FOV sounds good and I’m assuming the image is much clearer.
  12. So I have a Rift CV1 and was wondering if it’s worth the switch now to Pimax or should I wait until it’s 400 on eBay 😬. Also which one is better for il2 8k or 5k. I’ve watched reviews but I would like to know what u guys think.
  13. That would be a sweet plane to fly. We definitely need this. 👍🏻
  14. The mod works for ships and smoke, not for planes. It is labeled draw distance in the mods section. Well aparently there here is a mod for planes draw distance.
  15. That’s crazy I was literally just thinking about how boring the quick mission maps are! So does this work on all the maps?
  16. I gotta say the Duck, although it’s slow it handles good and hard on tanks! Favorite fighter would be the 109 followed by the Warhawk ( how could ya not like it, it’s such an iconic war bird)
  17. Was Janes the one where you could intercept V1 and V2 rockets. I played that game to death. Gotta say though you can’t get any better than IL2 👍
  18. We’ll we be able to see our crew body and pilot body soon as an option? Thanks for the update and happy new year!
  19. Great! Now if I can figure out how to turn of the asw
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