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  1. No I actually edited the landscape tile textures, .tini file and some other .dds files in the Lapino map folder.
  2. Yes I can. Probably not the best map for that. I think that kuban would be a better choice with all the green. Also I worked on Lapino autumns contrast, saturation and river. I post it later with some cloud pics.
  3. I’ve actually desaturated the skydome colors since that pic. I was mainly focusing on the cloud lighting. Now since I did that, I had to re-do all the cloud lighting again Oh well. So I should have all the summer files done for now. I’ll post some pics when I get home. Then it’s off to the winter. I do like the landscape colors of CloD, however I don’t like the sky. It seems to grey in my opinion. We’ll have to see what TF brings with the new weather.
  4. It seems very endless . I don’t plan on any major reworks of the landscape. I just changed the color and lightness / contrast on Lapino summer and autumn for my own pleasure. The rivers sort of bugged me a bit as well. I’ve been trying to balance out the lighting on the clouds with out changing shaders (haven’t really studied on this stuff). I’ve found that putting a negative value on the ambient for the clouds and turning up the sunbright to a rather high level has some decent results. How’s things going with your WIP?
  5. Cloud lighting work. Still tweaking it. Lapino summer, I've also been messing with the map textures, trees and contrast .
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  7. It should look like this As for the grey sky, it only changes a few sky dome for variety. It mostly still has blue skies.
  8. Starting to get somewhere with the cloud lighting. Wish the lighting on the landscape and trees was better. Needs more contrast too. Maybe someone knows how to do this? I’m assuming I would have to rework the landscape tiles. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. It’s really simple. All you need to do is grow your beard . Then edit your pilot.dds file appropriately such as drawing a beard. yup that’s me lol
  10. They added an alpha line to the rgb haze settings I noticed. Also the fog layer value is like before, on every other preset which seems odd because there is a fog option in the QMB that I’m assuming won’t select a preset file that has a no fog layer? You would have thought it would been added to all of them. Great pic by the way! I’m really loving what your doing with the landscape. The forest looks phenomenal, just need a panther silhouette in the pic
  11. I can’t remember if I told you but the ski.ini files have new parameters from the haze update that you’ll need to add.
  12. The light used to color the cirrus clouds also colors everything else. So it’s very orange or pink on the terrain and objects. I can live with it though. I done this before in previous versions but it was not liked to much. Don’t worry though I’m not going to scrap this mod
  13. I’m not really sure where to go here with the mod. The lighting looks nice like a painting but it isn’t looking good on the terrain or in the cockpit, ect. I myself don’t mind the sacrifice for the way it renders on clouds but for some it’s a bit much. I understand this, as @LizLemon and @peregrine7 point out, my light.bmp’s are messy. The skydomes are quite exaggerated as well. To be honest, I don’t really want to change these much, other than try to clean up some of the mistakes. If there was a way that I could separate the cirrus lighting from the ambient it would look much better. I
  14. Yes But it would be a ton of work. All the clouds and haze color adjustments would need to be redone. If I get some time I’ll make a file that does this.
  15. It’s all good. He’s right about things. He sometimes reminds me of this guy lol. My modding skills are not of someone who does this for a living. I just try to recreate things to how I perceive things. This mod has been a work in progress that I release with you guys each time I change something. I love the feedback. LOTS of trial and error.
  16. I have tested this and the third line is the moons and stars. Lighten it up then look at it ingame. The ME does not show this. The forth line does brighten the ambient at night. I was wondering how long it would take for you to chime in. I never noticed the sun shining through the ground. How bout an example. Also if everyday was exactly the same as the next, the light would be the same as well. There are so many things to consider when it comes to how the sky, clouds, sun, haze and time have as affect on the world. I work outside for a living and can tell you we don’t live in a p/c.
  17. Yes some of the versions have been a bit “wacky” with the light.bmp’s. In the current version I think there are 5 light.bmp’s for winter and 6 for summer. The only one that has a purple color is one of them the winter file. There is also one with some orange tint. The light.bmp has four values. Top is the sun lighting, this one affects the sun color on objects / clouds. Second one down is the daytime ambient lighting, this is the one I added a tint of purple/orange to in the morn/eve because the cirrus clouds are also tied to this for some reason. Third line down is the nighttime lighting from
  18. And this. I wish I could find a way to add 10 more presets to each type of weather. This would double the size of the options for everything. However I doubt its do-able. I’m trying to figure out a way to make this one mod instead of having all the different add-ons. Other than still having the VR mod, I think it would make it simpler. Anyway I’ve made 2 new skydomes and light.bmp’s so far mixing them a little for some eye candy. The clouds are getting some adjustments too. Turning up the sunbright and lowering the ambient is getting some good results as you can see
  19. The only issue with having the cirrus clouds colored is that it affects the ambient lighting in the morning and evening because the cirrus clouds are lit by the ambient light. It’s easier to do for the spring, summer and fall maps but the winter maps will have colored snow ( purple / orange ) which I do have a slight bit of that in the winter files. Kind of a trade off but I think it’s worth it. I just added another light.bmp to the mod.
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