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  1. That’s odd, haven’t seen that one before.
  2. Yes I use that one too. I left it out because some may not want the mod. It’s simpler to keep it for the sky and clouds only. Hell I even have a “better rain” mod here in the mod section somewhere . Although I prolly should tack it to the op here. I’m sure some do not know of it’s existence lol. I found it
  3. Your welcome To answer your questions, I made the VR versions because some of the clouds from the original versions were eating the frames up. So I made smaller clouds that take less frames. The quality is still the same. However, now I believe I’ve figured out how to make them more FPS friendly. That actually is the same answer for the cumulonimbus clouds. I have a Vive pro, 2080ti and water cooled overclocked ryzen 7 5800x, and these clouds would bring me down to 30 fps. So that’s the answer for 2. Out of curiosity, how are your frames with this version?
  4. @Beebop So the skydome8 can easily be changed in the sky.ini files that have it. If only takes a few minutes. Just open the files ( heavy and Overcast ) and remove the 8. That should fix you up. As for the lighting, I’ve tried to balance out the sun + ambient for the most realistic balance. I mixed the colors even to find the best light but, it will differ always because of user preferences and monitor colors. I use gamma at 0.8 and have my saturation in the gpreset down to 0.82. If you’d like pm me we can figure something out for ya
  5. Let me know if I missed anything! Post your pics
  6. Ok so I've updated the first post with Version 15, 15 grey sky, 3D overcast 2 and new cumulonimbus. I had to work Saturday and I'm out of town, so that put me back on the VR version. It will be soon though. Honestly the VR simmers should give V15 a go, I fly VR and got a lot better FPS with this version. ENJOY!
  7. Well the first to pics are from me modding the Rheinland spring map. But the third pic is stock map. The lighting will however bring more life to the environment. stock light modded that’s Stalingrad stock light modded that’s on Velikie Luki Summer stock map.
  8. So the more I think about it, the precip being tied to the cloud maps I have no idea if that’s do-able. But if you removed the fog range limit in the overcast ini files, you could lose the 14Km circle that the rain works in. This would open it up to a better 3D overcast. Currently the ones I have now are built to mask the range limit.
  9. I have a list of things that are missing for the GB skies. - 3D cirrus - the ability to localize rain/sleet/snow and lightning to the cloud maps. -remove the old overcast - correct sun and moon size also being enlarged at dawn and dusk. -stars need work -upscaled cloud maps that the game engine can utilize. ( currently 512x512 ) -ability to space the cloud layers further apart. -untie the cirrus lighting from the ambient light. It needs to be lit with the sun like the clouds are. -shader fixes fo
  10. Sure thing. I’ll update this when I upload the new versions.
  11. I’m not sure what you mean? I will have two versions for V15 and two versions for cloudsVR. One with a few grey skydomes and one with none.
  12. I have a couple of files mixed in that have fronts that will move if you set the wind. I actually just finished up with the new cumulonimbus version and it has a few weather fronts with it. If you set the wind coming out of the west, they work just like a front. Of course rainless and no lightning . Some of them I have are built to come from the north or south. But my point is that these are definitely achievable though. @Jade_Monkey @DN308
  13. Do you have any teasers for that? Definitely looking forward to some re-vamped weather! Thanks
  14. No that’s the Velikie Luki summer map. I only changed the river color. The lighting is changed with the cloud mod. I have to say that they did an outstanding job on that map.
  15. Actually the jittering can be fixed by reducing the result noise and noise amp it the sky.ini file. The plane outline however Is I think as good as it can get.
  16. Two weeks Be sure! Wolololololo!!
  17. So I am done with Summer and Winter files on V15, still have to do the VR version. Other things I have left is Cumulonimbus and winter 3D overcast. I also got quite a bit more FPS out of this version. Hopefully I get done here in a week or so . Hate leaving you guys hanging! Here's some more screens.
  18. It’s actually possible, at least the clouds and not all that difficult. Setting the wind will move the front as well. The precip is another story.
  19. I'm finally finished with the summer files. Redone all the light.bmp's and skydomes, cloud lighting and the sort. I think I finally got them right. Also fixed some issues with the 3D overcast too. Now I am currently working on the winter files, doing the same there as well. Here's some summer screens.
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