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  1. Just to add in a bit, simplest way to convert would be as follows: -Open the IL2 screenshots folder, right click the image.bmp. -select edit -this takes you to paint -top left for to File/ Save As/ png or jpeg. Sometimes for il2 pics to be a PNG I have to resize the pic to 70% to have it less than 10mb for uploading to the forum
  2. First thing to check is make sure you have “mods on” checked in your game settings. You do have them in the correct order.
  3. @jokerBR https://www.mediafire.com/file/rjj9ny9xsnf9od2/CloudsV14.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/lg6fw3m8dl03sxj/CloudsV14_greysky.zip/file
  4. Was this this an overall average or just with heavy and overcast? Just curious. My rig runs smooth on my 4K monitor at a custom balanced setting with high on the clouds. However, I’m running 32gb ram, ryzen 7 5800x and a 2080ti.
  5. Thanks HH! However I do not actually have much for spare time, between 3 toddlers and a teenager, wife and work, my time for modding is usually in the middle of the night on the weekends . It’s going to be two years now in August I think since I started tinkering around with the mod. Releasing bits and pieces along the way while learning new things. As for the frame rates, I suppose the clouds keep getting larger and more detail. I kinda go by the motto “ BIGGER IS BETTER” haha. Lowering the detail and noise brings the frames down dramatically but it seems here of late, that medium cloud
  6. Nice pic joker, big difference in performance?
  7. See what you think about it on medium clouds
  8. Possibly working on some shaders? Looks amazing! The cloud lighting needs some help in the game, looks like you’ve been successful here. Good to hear you have a bit more time for tinkering.
  9. Yes eventually. My work schedule has been insane. Our company is swamped with work, I’ve been working on a job on a 4 ten hour day schedule out of town and then when I get in town I work Fridays and Saturday. 😫 I wanted to make this version to match up with the Version 15’s light and skydomes. As for the V15 being better performance it’s not. @TimSell75 , came up with some test results and they were a touch worse with VR. We have found that using the medium cloud setting greatly increases performance without killing the quality.
  10. I was thinking you meant in the mission editor. If it’s the QMB it’s a gamble.
  11. Cumulonimbus 3 and set the clouds thickness to 10000. It’s in the gpreset file. data/graphics/luascripts/gpreset.cfg its the last line called clouds samples in which ever preset you use, ex. High setting is the third one.
  12. Honestly I think that getting the lighting and cloud formations to look believable is the toughest. Not completely, the cloud system works great but it needs some shader work for more definition and lighting. The lighting is ok too other than the way it uses the ambient light to reflect the cirrus clouds. The skydomes are also ok besides the banding in them and the water. That I believe is a graphic/ shader issue that Lizlemon has explained before very well. As for the reflections and the sun, the light from the sun seems to bleed through the canopy and clouds.
  13. @jokerBR If you use the gpreset file, remove it and see if that helps.
  14. I use 96 also. The stock preset gives the best performance with 64, but the clouds start to dance and jitter.
  15. @jokerBR That’s normal for that size of cloud. I’m not sure why but the bigger they are the worse. Also if you notice, there are no cirrus clouds with them because the clouds are more transparent and you can see the cirrus clouds through them. It is possible that the banding you see is more noticeable because I lowered the noise to remove the “plastic look”. Hope that helps.
  16. I could repost the previous but everything else is prior to the Haze update. That means I would have to add the haze parameter to all of them
  17. No. I think I can shave some detail and hide it with the cloud contrast. I’ll test when I get home. On a side note. I wonder how big the impact is for some on 2D. For me it was not noticeable. I have a pretty beefy system as well. Thanks! Maybe the devs will come up with something that has less of an impact on the frames. Or maybe nvidia comes out with something for VR.
  18. I must have been dreaming . Lol. For some reason I thought I was getting better frames. I lowered the noise in the clouds but doing that I had to raise the detail. So I guess I need to try to figure out a good balance. V14 clouds have a plastic look to them so that’s why I changed it. Oh well back to the drawing board. Thanks for the tests!
  19. Version one only change 3 of the 10 presets. Version 2 changed all 10 however it was only the first three spread out for all 10. Now version 3 has 10 different ones including some weather fronts mixed in. This version should have way less impact on FPS because I figured a way to lessen the impact
  20. That’s odd, haven’t seen that one before.
  21. Yes I use that one too. I left it out because some may not want the mod. It’s simpler to keep it for the sky and clouds only. Hell I even have a “better rain” mod here in the mod section somewhere . Although I prolly should tack it to the op here. I’m sure some do not know of it’s existence lol. I found it
  22. Your welcome To answer your questions, I made the VR versions because some of the clouds from the original versions were eating the frames up. So I made smaller clouds that take less frames. The quality is still the same. However, now I believe I’ve figured out how to make them more FPS friendly. That actually is the same answer for the cumulonimbus clouds. I have a Vive pro, 2080ti and water cooled overclocked ryzen 7 5800x, and these clouds would bring me down to 30 fps. So that’s the answer for 2. Out of curiosity, how are your frames with this version?
  23. @Beebop So the skydome8 can easily be changed in the sky.ini files that have it. If only takes a few minutes. Just open the files ( heavy and Overcast ) and remove the 8. That should fix you up. As for the lighting, I’ve tried to balance out the sun + ambient for the most realistic balance. I mixed the colors even to find the best light but, it will differ always because of user preferences and monitor colors. I use gamma at 0.8 and have my saturation in the gpreset down to 0.82. If you’d like pm me we can figure something out for ya
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