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  1. Take a look at this page here. It explains the banding very well. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/40836-work-in-progress/page/6/?tab=comments#
  2. I use the ME to build the mod, so yes that’s the best way test things for that.
  3. It’s less noticeable. Not gone though. Honestly I don’t think the banding fix works or at least not anymore.
  4. I seen that when I was working on the mod. I’m pretty sure I fixed the issue there. When the clouds are thin like that, they band.
  5. The clouds have banding no matter mods on or off. It happens at certain times in the morning or evening.
  6. I don’t have LuaScripts folder in the mod. I do remember spelling that incorrectly a long while back when I had the gpreset file posted but I was fixed shortly after. As for the mod, you can max out everything, I just think the clouds look the best on “HIGH”. You can use any setting though. Extreme makes them look a bit plasticy.
  7. Here's some of light and medium clouds in both Winter and Summer. Winter light Winter medium Summer light Summer medium
  8. The first pic had the haze set to max with fog. That’s the reason for the extreme pink at sunset. I’ve redone all the light and medium clouds for V15. They all seemed weak, so I enlarged them a bit without filling the sky like the heavy. I’ll post a pic in a bit. Fixed some of the fog color in a few files too. I’m debating on not changing the VR clouds. They seem ok to me with the performance being great. What does everyone think? If I enhance them it will effect FPS.
  9. DANKE MEIN HERR!!!!!! Sounds much better now @Oyster_KAI! I’ve been to Germany many times, even speak a bit of it and for the life of me I can’t remember screaming at each other lol. But, for some reason In most games, the German soldier is always screaming at the top of his lungs! Haha it reminds me of Steel Fury. Fun game by the way!
  10. Hello there HH! Its good to hear from you, been a while. Hope everything’s going good your way. I’ve been wondering about your WIP and been missing the pics for quite some time now. As for the updates, the only thing that has effected the mod was the Haze update. You’ll have to add the new lines in the ski.ini files. It’s fairly simple. It will work without it though. Now, getting on to the never get done part of this, I must say you are correct but as little changing to the sky file that goes on, I’m at least hoping for a good release that won’t need adjusting for a while . I suppos
  11. Still have a ways to go. I'm working on the cloud detail on all of the summer and winter clouds. Tweaking things here and there. Pretty much working on all parts. Here is a couple pics. I’m really trying to get to the end goal of getting it perfect lol. I figure if I can do that I can be finished. Maybe I’m a bit optimistic but I think it’s close to achievable. The biggest thing is trying to get the right amount of detail while having the right FPS. As of now, some of the heavy and overcast clouds are just a little bit more taxing. On the monitor I have no frame drops but in VR
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