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  1. rowdyb00t

    Random Dynamic 'Battle' Smoke

    That’s crazy I was literally just thinking about how boring the quick mission maps are! So does this work on all the maps?
  2. rowdyb00t

    What is your favourite plane

    I gotta say the Duck, although it’s slow it handles good and hard on tanks! Favorite fighter would be the 109 followed by the Warhawk ( how could ya not like it, it’s such an iconic war bird)
  3. rowdyb00t

    Graphic settings

    Or over the ocean
  4. rowdyb00t

    It was a long way

    Was Janes the one where you could intercept V1 and V2 rockets. I played that game to death. Gotta say though you can’t get any better than IL2 👍
  5. rowdyb00t

    DD today?

  6. rowdyb00t

    DD today?

    Almost been two weeks
  7. rowdyb00t

    Spit Mk9 Gyro gun sight

    It works great in vr
  8. rowdyb00t

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    We’ll we be able to see our crew body and pilot body soon as an option? Thanks for the update and happy new year!
  9. rowdyb00t

    Chaperone Boundary Back ?

    Great! Now if I can figure out how to turn of the asw
  10. rowdyb00t

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas!!
  11. rowdyb00t

    Aircraft marker

    try this. Lots of icon options
  12. Works great at night it’s much better. Also found out that shift-U also dims the stars as well