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  1. It’s actually possible, at least the clouds and not all that difficult. Setting the wind will move the front as well. The precip is another story.
  2. I'm finally finished with the summer files. Redone all the light.bmp's and skydomes, cloud lighting and the sort. I think I finally got them right. Also fixed some issues with the 3D overcast too. Now I am currently working on the winter files, doing the same there as well. Here's some summer screens.
  3. This is the light.bmp that gives all the spring, summer and autumn maps their color. Its in the sky file. The reason everything is green is because the top line is sunlight ( yellow ) and the second line is ambient light ( blue ). When they are mixed it makes green. Stock Light MODDED Light Stock Light MODDED Light It also makes the cirrus clouds hard to see with the Blue Ambient since the sky is also blue. ( Notice the first two pics. )
  4. Check this from update 4.001 59. It's now possible to turn off the VR rendering mode for the propellers - any negative values specified for the prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr parameter in startup.cfg file (like prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1) will result in the normal propellers rendering;
  5. Good point on the lens flare. I’ve actually made mine less intense but now I think I’ll just remove it. I will however leave it in the mod.
  6. @tbauchot I may have found the issue. I need to check in the game but the shadows in the sky.ini files are too dark. This means the planes shadow is lighter. I ran out of time tonight but will try to fix it tomorrow. It will be released also with the next version of everything. Thanks again I think my trees are too bright in the second pic. They look good mid day though.
  7. I’ll have a look into it thanks!
  8. Rivers.zip Two different colors. Spring, summer and autumn maps. Some have muddy water and some have greener water
  9. This is a new one for me. I’ve never seen this before. I’ll need a little more information from ya. Is this the only mod enabled? What version? 3D overcast?
  10. There is a mod here somewhere, I think it’s called BN60 new rivers. Any way I just modified the riverdeep.dds all the Landscape map files so that not all the rivers are the same. Some are muddy or more brown/green. If you have gimp or photoshop you can make your own color. Or I could post mine.
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