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  1. @itsbillyfrazier I’m not sure what changed, in the previous game versions before the cloud update, I don’t remember any flickering . It seems to me this happened when the devs came out with the new clouds. In the Graphic presets for the game they changed the cloud samples to 64 from 128 ( though that should have effected it that much ). When I get home, currently working out of town, I will post everything I have for settings. I do fly mostly VR. So my rig is sorta beefy, although what you have is more than enough for 2D. Assuming you use a monitor. my specs: Ryzen 5 3600x RTX 2080ti 16g 3200mhz ssd @LizLemon Do you think you can elaborate on this subject?
  2. Try this https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=77652 and this, Version 8 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53511-more-realistic-clouds-updated-12-25-19/ If you don’t mind mods. Also, I have adjusted the multi sampling in the nvidia control panel to 4x ss. Also some other aliasing settings. I can’t remember exactly which ones I’m not at my pc. For me this eliminated the flickering.
  3. left and right wheel brakes on the rudder pedals. I’m not sure what the stock key settings are but you can map them to anything. If you have pedals then depending on what kind you have, you can have your toe brakes on your pedals
  4. Look at the tree shadows in the pic. Seems to me that it’s the same elevation as the land.
  5. That’s strange, I haven’t had any issues.
  6. @Blitzen To be honest I never got around to finishing removing the heads from FC and BoBP pilots. I’m about half done, it’s a little time consuming deleting the heads since they are flattened out to 2D on a square. Often the head bits are scattered about the template. I’ve been working out of town quite a bit and it was a busy month ( Christmas and so on ). I do plan on finishing this then I’ll post them for @Murleen to rerun the scripts to add them to the mod.
  7. @LLv24_Zami https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53511-more-realistic-clouds-updated-12-25-19/ Better overcast download is at the bottom of the first post above the last version of my clouds mod.
  8. A couple years ago I had a Stalingrad career nearly halfway finished when I had three laggs follow me back to Pitomik. I got one shot down running myself out of ammo. So now, I was trying to distract the others from shooting down my squadron while they did there landing thing . Buzzing in front of them and baiting them to fly through the airfield AAA, I got de-winged about 300 m. Sadly to low to bail. I tried to soften the spin but to no avail. Poor Maximilian didn’t survive. War is truly Hell.
  9. @MarcoPegase44 The Nav lights are a little too dim at night. You can’t see them at 300m and farther.
  10. It’s possible that some lines in your gpresets have been changed. What preset are you using ie. 0,1,2,3 ? Also post effects and post drops enable should be Set to to true I believe. Check to see if these are enabled in 2 and 3.
  11. @jeffchrisope https://voiceattack.com/ This will help if you don’t have enough buttons and Axis’s for mapping.
  12. Congrats @SYN_Requiem Love your vids by the way!
  13. @von_Michelstamm Try version 8 see what you think.
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