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  1. Here's a few more screens. The first pic map (Moscow winter) is from @may-bug map repaints.
  2. I’ll runs some tests on all the clouds with different times of day. Unfortunately I don’t think it can be completely fixed
  3. @Goffik I’ve updated the post for ya. So the banding I’ve noticed even with the default. I recall reading a thread somewhere about this. I’ll do a search. Anyway it’s in the mornings and evenings in both summer and winter. The 3rd version I adjusted some of the lighting in winter, so that’s possibly the culprit. I’ll check in to it tonight.
  4. What do you have your cloud settings at? I have mine on the highest setting
  5. @BiBa do not delete the sky folder. Use these steps
  6. @Goffik yes. I will do that when I get home. Sorry about that. Could you tell me what changed for you? And is it in the summer or winter clouds, both?
  7. rowdyb00t

    The Sun

    @Danziger that I believe would be a good question for @LizLemon
  8. Yes that would be great. The current clouds are very disappointing.
  9. more screenshots. I've updated the zip in the first post
  10. I didn’t have any issues putting the data folder in the mods folder and using the JSGME. The file structure is there data/graphics/sky. I wonder if anyone else has had trouble?
  11. After you unpack the zip. You placed the data folder in your MODS folder in the game directory. I think that you are putting the sky file in the MODS folder?
  12. @BiBa I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Just a thought but, do you have two installs of the game?
  13. @BiBa I’ve used it for quite some time now. I fly in VR so it adds to the immersion.
  14. this only works with BOM BOS BOK planes
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