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  1. @DetCord12B @Raptorattacker @sevenless @AnKor @szelljr @E69_julian57 Just want to say Thanks to you guys! A Few pics from today....
  2. Well to tell the truth, when I made these new textures for the cloud maps, I had no idea that the game still displays these at 512x512. The difference in the 512 and 2048 maps is I spent more time sharpening the cloud edges and blended the heights more gradual. So they are more detailed it seems. LizLemon pointed this out to me sometime back. So the answer would be that they are displayed at the same resolution no matter what I do.
  3. Set the selector to overcast. The reason your not getting snow is because it’s random. Sometimes you can try 10 times and get nothing. Then on 11 you’ll get it. Works the other way as well.
  4. Few more pics. Working on the moonlight a bit. It seemed too weak against the clouds when it was full. Also I like this one....
  5. The odd colors at dusk/dawn was from the skydomes. This is fixed. The skydomes are saved in B8G8R8X8 (linear, B8G8R8X8) format. There are about 15 different save options, this one worked the best. Each skydome is now 2.7mb. Unfortunately I can only get rain and snow with the overcast. I tried it with the other cloud types but it looks awful because the overcast mapping only covers a max distance that isn’t far enough not to see the end of.
  6. Chipping away at the next version. Still got a lot to do yet. I've remade all the skydomes to 256 x 2048 ( Original is 64 x 512 ). This smoothed them out tremendously. Also reworked the four grey sky domes, made the lighting start a tad earlier in the mornings and added godrays to the greysky clouds. Still got more to do. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback that would be appreciated
  7. @Dutch2 Can you send me the link to Liz’s adjustments? I have a feeling they are not optimized for VR. Save your gpreset file or move it to your desktop. Then download the gpreset file I have on the OP. Next step, lower all the cloud samples in each preset to 96. Definitly make sure the cloud setting is on high. I find that extreme setting makes the clouds look plastic. I messed around with the gpreset settings a year or two ago and I had it all messed up. My frame rates dwindled more and more everyone I messed with it.
  8. Hello @Dutch2 I’m not at home at the moment. But I could tell you a few things to optimize your clouds. First go into your gpreset file and change the cloud samples to 96. Second, change the cloud quality to high in the ingame settings. I built the mod using “high” for the cloud setting. Another thing you might try ( I fly VR as well ) is to use the “balanced” setting. Any graphic tweaks you want can then be made in the gpreset file itself. Let me know if this helps. If not you could download the first 2 underneath the pics on the OP. Version 8 and then Better overcast
  9. @Beebop I’ll check it out. I’ve been working on some things lately and I think that since the haze update I need to change the fogcorrection parameters back to stock. Maybe that will make ground textures more clear. One thing you can do before I have an update is open the gpreset.file in luascripts and change the saturation to anything above 1.0 . This will give some more vibrance to the map as well as everything else.
  10. Great job @Oyster_KAI . This is fantastic having this officially in the game! Congrats my friend!
  11. Thanks @Jason_Williams and Team! You guys are definitely an amazing team, Merry Xmas and Happy New year!
  12. I built the mod with the setting of the clouds on high. So I’d say this one is the best. To be honest I never tried it on any other setting.
  13. @Friction The JSGME is a program that will install the mod to the right directory for you so that you do not have to. The mod creator must have their mod setup to be installed by the JSGME with the right file path. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/36622-is-there-a-tutorial-to-use-jsgme/
  14. I've been working on some things recently. I found a few issues with lines in the cirrus clouds and have been giving the grey sky clouds a little more shadow and "god rays". They seem a bit dull, however I suppose that grey sky's are a bit dull and gloomy.
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