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  1. Thanks @Murleen I have a busy weekend but when I get time I will post all the modded textures
  2. @Murleen I don’t understand how this works. Could you elaborate?
  3. Ok I figured it out so now it will take a while because I’m not sure how to have the pilots headless body not in the outside view.
  4. So I’ve got all the pilots in the pit, however I’m struggling to erase the heads of the pilots. I’m using GIMP. The dds files are in like 6 layers. Can any one help me figure this out??
  5. I noticed some shimmering in a few. I may have missed a line.
  6. @meplanes1969 The shimmering is the noise amp. and I think the contrast in the ski.ini files. As for the dds files in textures, I think that the ones for the clouds are for the overcast.Then you have precipitation, sun, moon, stars, sun glare, etc. I didn’t include them in the mod but, there are more dds files in the summer and winter files. They are for cloud shape and cirrus clouds. If you’ve downloaded the overcast, I included the cloud maps in the summer folder. These are for the cloud design and how much they cover. I do think that we can squeeze a little more realism out of the sky yet.
  7. Marvelous it truly is! I was hooked from the start, I'll wont be returning to 2D. Its definitely an addiction.
  8. I’ve a feeling you could be right about that . By the way, how do you keep the precipitation in the overcast when rewriting the file. I think I should have left some //overcast lines in it? I have the precip. lines still there but no precip.
  9. Thanks for the kind words @HappyHaddock this definitely is a constant tweak of things. It’s also fun to get results and get the community’s reaction to it. I doubt that I will get in this as deep as you are. Thanks again
  10. It is for the overcast only. Add it to the JSGME and it should overwrite the overcast files in better clouds.
  11. new overcast better overcast.zip
  12. I also seen that yesterday. I’ll have to find it and fix
  13. @ironk79 Try this gpreset and change the saturation line in preset 3 to your liking https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=79372
  14. The odd thing here is that I haven’t change any parameters in the overcast. So I’m not quite sure what’s happening. While on the overcast subject, I’ve been messing around with making realistic overcast ( like the first two pics I posted above ). It may cost a few FPS but I think it would be worth it. EDIT: If you used the QMB, the overcast is random. There are 10 different kinds of overcast cloud settings.
  15. I've updated the first post with Version 7, I fixed the aliasing issue and lighting. I have also redone the cloud map on one of the heavy clouds, its more like an over cast now. See what you guys think of it and let me know if I missed something.
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