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  1. Do you have mods enabled in the game? Just a thought
  2. will this be an option in the future ??
  3. I’ve tried searching everywhere even in this forum. However Im having trouble figuring this thing out. I have Windows 10. Some help would be very much appreciated!
  4. @hexpod what is the brand of the motion sim that you have there?
  5. rowdyb00t


    @Blitzen I haven’t used it yet, it’s the CH model’ I’ll let you know. I’m sorry to hear about your friend that’s a terrible way to pass
  6. Lmao yeah I mean May haha
  7. rowdyb00t


    I bought a flight yoke last week just for this plane. I can’t wait to fly it!
  8. WOLOLOLOLOLO it’s almost April. One week be sure...
  9. @HappyHaddock hello friend just curious on how the work in progress was going? Anything new? Not trying to pry just love the pics and updates Cheers
  10. It’s been a while since I’ve flown it but if I remember I cruise at 1.1ata @ 2200 rpm. It’s real easy to blow up if you don’t pay attention
  11. @Murleen I noticed that the copilot in the JU52 is no longer animated with the controls
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