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  1. rowdyb00t

    No fog mod

    Only with mods on servers
  2. rowdyb00t

    No fog mod

    Unless you modify the fog correction line in the sky.ini files, there is no other way.
  3. @pfrances Congratulations on the new baby girl my friend, and let me tell ya it’s a life changer! I have four daughters 11, 6, 5 and 2 years old and wouldn’t want my life any other way. Here’s to the new Daddy
  4. I’m not sure why you have an issue. Are you using the QMB? If you open the mission editor and go to file then open a mission that you have in the game. Edit the atmosphere to overcast 2,5,6 and 9 in winter and turn on the snow. Try that to see if it’s working. Sometimes the QMB is not a good way to check because it’s random. Anyway thanks for the tip on the cirrus!
  5. @Marvel I would try installing the gpreset file. If that don’t work you will have to be more specific.
  6. So I had an idea.... however I can't really find a way to implement this into the game correctly. Cold front moving in over Stalingrad. I made a new cloud map but in order to not have the tiles repeat over and over on the Stalingrad map, I changed the sector size in the ski.ini file to 432000 where stock is 32000. Doing that flattens the clouds out tremendously causing a lot of work in the sky file. Also this makes it only compatible with Stalingrad because of the map size. You would have to have a different file for each map and it would have to be linked to each specific one. Maybe some day this will be possible. It would be neat to have more options to work with to make the possibilities endless such as rain and lightning. Anyway, I thought i would share this.
  7. Yes drop into mods folder ; ) Edit: didn’t realize this is to use with the ME
  8. Thanks for pointing that out. I probably forgot to adjust the ambient lighting for that layer
  9. @Nars yes drop the Graphics Presets in the mods folder and install using JSGME
  10. @Nars After you download open the files until you get to the gpresets.cfg Are you using JSMGE? if not the gpreset goes in. data/luascripts/gpresets
  11. well I’m currently doing that as we speak
  12. I posted these a week or so ago in the mods section on a cloud mod I’ve got. Thought I’d share here, I thought they turned out good. Gotta love the 110
  13. @Beebop Well now that I think of it, the 70km would be for VR. That’s what play in and for some reason anything farther and that’s when the aliasing issue takes effect. I guess I can’t remember what it was like in 2D years back before the VR consumed my flight simming
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