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  1. My Great Grandfather on my Fathers side was a Corporal in the 354 infantry Battalion ( C Company ) in France. He was wounded a couple of days before the armistice and spent 6 months there before returning home. Two of his sons ( my Great Uncles ) we’re in the PTO. Harold was in the Navy and Andy was in the 1st Marines. A little side story about Harold, he was on leave to get married when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He was stationed on the USS Arizona. Needless to say he was lucky. On my Mothers side, my Great Grandfather was a medic in the Army in the Great War. I don’t have much info on him. His son, my Grandfather, was in the 101st Airborne during WW2 and the 82nd during Korea. He made a career out of the Army. He had some Great War stories. Lastly, my mother had an Uncle who was a pilot in a B24 Liberator in the 8th Airforce. @Legioneod Great idea for a topic. Love to hear all the stories.
  2. Hello, The cumulonimbus download has the towering clouds. Just add it to whichever version you select. I have all the details in the original post
  3. @Mysticpuma I use this. Works nicely. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/38451-adjusted-navigation-lights-mod/
  4. rowdyb00t

    No fog mod

    If you use this, it will overwrite the entire set of modified sky.ini files in More Realistic Cloud Mod. This mod modifies the line of fog correction in the stock ski.ini files.
  5. They change the look and have a bit of a performance hit. Yes, you can install them over 12.1 and cumulonimbus.
  6. Armor piercing incendiary. He’s frowning because it’s not included in the update. It has been mentioned some, but no announcement has been made for this.
  7. rowdyb00t

    Better grass

    @HappyHaddock is completely redoing the environment. I’m sure that he has also worked on the grass. Possibly he could add to this thread
  8. @SCG_motoadve That has to be a bit of an adrenaline rush. I love the honesty in your videos. I want to get my pilot license one day ( hopefully sooner than later ) when life gives me the opportunity. You would be a great flight instructor!
  9. I see it. It’s below the spoiler when you open it for some reason. This is what I see
  10. ? I can’t see anything behind your spoiler. I’m not sure what the preset has to do with it. The only change to the preset file from vanilla is the cloud samples are reverted back to 128. So basically this is a stock preset file from before the “extreme” cloud option was added in an update. Nice sunrise by the way
  11. @CTquicknthedead I had this happen to me once and it was ReShade. Just a thought.
  12. I recommend High setting for the clouds. That’s what I used to build the mod. But you can use what you like.
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