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  1. I let my opponents go quite often and very rarely get the same respect in return. As long as they are either too damaged to continue, I can tell they are trying to retreat to preserve their life, or you fire a white flare for surrender. The problem with these things if often times I let someone fly away only to see them regain altitude and come back for more. Then I will kill you without any remorse! If however my opponent continues the fight by not making any attempts to flee I will also be sure to knock him down. I have also been shot to complete pieces even though I am touching down or even in a parachute, and it is very frustrating. I have even been shot down by the person I just let go who is in a new plane come back and win the fight against me and not let me surrender. Shooting me till i'm completely dead and a ball of flame on top of that. I hope the scoring system in IL-2 will continue to persuade people to have respect for the person on the other side of the screen. I am often awarded those kills that I let go due to engine failure or bad landings. The other problem is that in a group fight, there is little chance you are getting away because everyone wants that little tick on their record for a kill. One person might let you dive away but it doesn't mean the other two will. This is why collisions happen most of the time, two people competing for the final shot both sitting behind the opponent and neither caring where the other is. Amazes me. S! Konnecke
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