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  1. Hi sevenless, Understood - support finally responded and said it is in my account, but I still cannot access it. Was just reaching out to the community to see if there was anyone else with this issue. Appreciate all the help -
  2. Hi Scram, Yes, I have all the titles shown in my Tag; BOS, BOM, BOK, FC Vol I. It's been 48 hours since I made the purchase from IL2 official site verified by xsolla. Activation key shows "Activated", but cannot access any BoBP content either in QMB or anywhere in-game. I am updated to 4.002 so I am at a loss. I figured with the ongoing sale, things may be a bit slower than usual, but after sending three Customer Support tickets I am wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue.
  3. I purchased the early release, and am enjoying the flight models - looking forward to full release.
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