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  1. OK new details: If I start from cold and dark... all work! If I start from runway, Use E key to cut engine and after E to start: not working! It going 🙂
  2. I have just tried, trim not working (never) "E" Key for stop engine work 10 pour cent trust "E" key for start engine not work. maby I have a bug somwhere... Is it possible to have a fresh install of all 109?
  3. Not the same. For me: no engine start sequence, no trim 109F / 109G / 109K Others aircrafts works fine I haven't try with the 109E
  4. Hello! Since last update, I have 2 issues with all BF109: Trim not working "E" key to start engine not working I didn't have this problem before Others aircraft work well Please help :-) Thanks!
  5. Hahaha 😉 The mission not the region :-p to be honest, I'm wondering because I'd like to do escort missions, and I hesitate between DCS (with P51, and B-17AI), where it's already possible but more expensive, or il2 BoB. What I like about IL2 is that it focuses only on the ww2
  6. Escort the B-25 that would be great! But if I understood correctly it will not be for now, and not necessarily simple to have a realistic escort mission with the allies
  7. Thank You! So when the P51 is out, will it be easy to create a bomber escort mission? for example A-20 escorted by P51 and BF109 attacks? Thanks! Where can i found this?
  8. Hello, I’m very interested by il 2 battle of bodenplatte and battle of Kuban (only to have A-20 bombers). But I have some questions before buying. Is it possible to have a20 escort mission with mustang. During the second world war, a lot of the mustang's missions were to escort the b17. There is no B-17 so I'll be happy with the A-20. IS it easy to create (or find) escort mission? With if it’s possible minimum 10 bombers (or more) and 4 fighters for escort (or more).
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