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  1. I've seen He-111 nose gunners doing the "Superman" under the nose as well. Brave bois! I almost want to say this has something to do with all the 1 bullet PKs Allied pilots and human gunners suffer online...
  2. When I'm not totally failing at covering bombers that are utilizing bad tactics and wondering why the fighters are useless (great bunch of guys though), I'm pretty much free flying and doing 2 things: 1. Identifying landmarks that the opponent most likely will use to navigate to their target (non-GPS servers). Usually these landmarks are not far from straight-line approaches anyway and with the right altitude and positioning, those using more "off angle" approaches can still potentially be spotted as well. For GPS servers, if possible, just orbit an area along the most direct route the bombers will take to the target or I create a multipoint route (in my head) that touches near every target to defend and patrol between them. 2. Making sure that my position relative to the search area and the sun is such that the sun illuminates the search area as much as possible.
  3. Because, apparently, there has to be some catering to those who have obviously never faced a moment of adversity in their whole life.
  4. I still say, take away a gun or three from every field and redistribute them into the neighboring towns, set as invincible. (I know you said that there are already some there, and I should open map editor to see. I tried. The maps won't open. It's not my forte anyway. Nobody tells anybody to pick up an instrument and actually learn the song before you criticize a musician. Why should I have to learn how to use the map editor to critique a map?) Besides the point, skimming some already-existing AAA and placing it where it will fire in enough volume to effectively mark enemies at these 'camp grounds' might reduce stutter slightly in other portions of the map where the AAA is meant to be very intense. Admittedly, that's just a guess tho.
  5. Well, they do go after the higher points in the bombers that are right there. They're getting those bomber before they attack - not after. And... If they actually do get some regular bomber pilots on, those "stat padders" now become a very helpful part of their team towards winning maps by stopping fighters and bombers before they become troublesome. Sorry but the Call of Duty "You're camping!" isn't a valid complaint in this context no matter how much you want it to be. Find a way to counter it. OK, THAT is a bit shitty...
  6. Perhaps you might find Candy Crush to be a more suitable game. There's no wet paper bags one might be arsed to fight their way out of in that game.
  7. On the upside, the vulchers aren't allowed to attack players until their wheels come off of the ground or after their wheels touch down again, which can be useful. If the vulchers are attacking static set pieces - planes and buildings, it does nothing to aid their team. You can always sit back and enjoy the show until AAA or an in-flight player takes them down. If the vulcher hits you on the ground while attacking the set pieces, then simply report them. If you're being attacked in-flight only a few kilometers away from home base... That's technically not vulching. Call for help from friends to clear the area or find another way around. On some maps, there's a few landmark cities right next to home airfields that they usually hang around and catch planes at. Identify these areas and plan accordingly. Either choose a different path leaving the airbase or get set up for the advantage and go get the jump on them.
  8. I've noticed the same thing. Am I correct in saying that the after setting the limiter, you're supposed to be able to fully retract the flaps without setting the limiter back to zero? Or, is it meant to operate that high speeds keep the flaps 'compressed' shut and the limiter works as intended? This.
  9. Perhaps the missing air pressure had been siphoned off to account for the over-inflation of both Hitler and Stalin's egos?
  10. Yet, you want 150 octane restricted? You know the ONLY performance it increases is manifold pressure at 100% emergency settings for 5 minutes maximum, right? Even then, the K4 is still slightly faster with, (what is it?) up to 3 charges of MW50 for 10 minutes each?
  11. It is, admittedly, complicated. Many players defending targets don't actually try to intercept potential incoming bombers. Instead, they wait to se the explosions at the target and use them to pinpoint low level attackers. Then, they get their kills. I personally, think that's a "cheap" tactic that actually hurts one's own team more than anything. If a bomber has already made a successful attack and is RTB, then let them or shadow them until they are almost home, then bounce them. Better yet, intercept them *before* they get to the target. Like I said previously, it essentially cuts re-fly times in half and double bomber sortie output if the bombers are destroyed just after the complete the attack. Sometimes, depending on what amount of free time during the day players have to get the most out of the game, the "conveyor belt" of planes is inevitable. As far as running straight at the target on the deck goes, it is a "tactic", albeit not a very good one. I don't know if anything is really going to change that though. I've had more than one moment of frustration where playing the role of escort either forced me to choose between being low and slow on the deck with the "client" plane(s) or trying to S-turn at a better altitude above the target. Meanwhile, opponent planes are able to also run on the deck undetected at full speed - usually getting their attacks in on the bombers (or the escort) before the escort can really do anything at all. I know for a fact that the guys I fly with on TeamSpeak all, at the very least, try to make it back to friendly territory before ditching, if they must. However, there are pilots that don't mind ditching or bailing right after a successful attack. I don't know how complicated it would be, but perhaps, allotments of planes per individual, instead of or along with, the airfield pools we work with currently, would be more effective than penalty timers. Each player would get a set amount of each available plane model per mission instead of being able to burn through whatever the airfield has available as fast as they can re-fly once destroyed.
  12. I hope it's small adjustments at a time instead of trying to dump it all at once in 1 patch. The visibility update overall was a major step forward. It just needs fine tuning.
  13. 1) On a somewhat related note - and even though I hit re-fly right afterward, like everybody else: It's always bothered me that planes that die attacking a target can re-fly immediately, which can effectively cut mission time in half if you die right after going bombs-out at a target. This sentiment really applies to all planes, but the aforementioned example is the best example, IMO. 2) (Just because it's a perfect setup if taken out of context, nothing more.)….. Medication?
  14. I'd also be all for it but, it looks to me that it would spark a campaign to get MP servers to lock out G-suits for planes that have them.
  15. Ratio without context of scale is a poor argument. A score of 3 : 2 is much less of a blowout than a score of 300 : 200. However, looking at the current W/L on the CB stats main page, I do agree that the ratio as of today, is not catastrophic or unrecoverable for Red at this point.
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