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  1. It was a fun little dogfight when we had the dancefloor to ourselves. I'm just glad help arrived at the same time the 109's did.
  2. I've never had a problem using right handed flight controllers. I did have to place the stick in a centerline position at first though. That helped until I was able to change to having the standard desktop throttle left/keyboard/stick right setup. Left handed scissors and can openers can suck my …….. though.
  3. I think it's always been like that. Try to avoid head-on jousting matches vs. 110's in 1v1 QMB Ace level.... I was on the CB 'classic' map with the Russians to the East, Americans and British to the west and Germans in the middle (I forget the name). Was flying the La5FN and got into it with a 110. The only thing I could do was go full-boosted vertical and try to make him stall out climbing up after me. I couldn't out turn him or out accelerate him in hopes of dodging his shots and running away. Luckily, at the same time as his 109 buddy showed up, 2 or 3 friends showed up too and saved me. I was able to RTB heavily beat up by the 110. I don't recall a single shot of it coming from the tail gunner.
  4. Of course, in single player or servers that didn't want to go that direction, it would all be optional. I think that the "technical" chat option wouldn't be the issue as much as the "technical and tips" option for it. After all, the chat without tips doesn't give hints like "adjust the mixture" or "don't pull the stick too much" so, I doubt it would tell you to activate the breathing system like "tech and tips" would. That said, neither option tells you your speed, altitude or things like that. That's mostly in the compass info bar which most servers have locked to "compass-only" mode.
  5. IMO part of the issue is that Allies for this theater lack any other "strategic" bomber than the A-20. Yes, on maps where the P-38 can be kitted for ground attack it helps, but without it and the A-20 being to only heavy-mover option, said A-20 is a fish in the barrel at this point of the war. There is one caveat though, and that is, most of the bomber pilots I know go on deck runs straight to and from the target and strategy is lacking. Last night, I escorted an A-20 on a level-bombing run to an airfield. Even though they didn't 'score' as high as dive-direct placed bombs, they got in, destroyed a few objects and got out. They maintained their altitude and when an enemy did show up, those of us around could spot them easier and give the A-20 maneuvering instructions that wouldn't have been possible with that pesky ground blocking the way at 150m altitude. The A-20 helped me drag and bag him while getting good human-controlled gunner hits on as well. Good escort and change of commonly accepted tactics could well be a helper of survivability given the lack of plane set options concerning Allied bombers. Also, though it often times takes longer, infiltration and exfiltration planning can reach the targets "blocked" by enemy spawn airfields. The real question is: "If longer flights are necessary to successfully reach the target and get home, is the amount of "result" from a successful attack worth it compared to the "results" the opponent gets when their targets are set up to basically be charged at by ground attackers that have more diverse options in plane selection and also have better performing planes?"
  6. If the oxygen on/off system of the irl plane is manually activated, why aren't there instances where the pilot just doesn't have time to shut it off or remove the mask? Being driven down to the deck from high altitude by an enemy in a position advantaged enough to call an emergency is not a time when the pilot is going to care about switching off the breathing system. In that situation, the oxygen tank should still be draining and possibly the mask still on and making the breathing sounds at treetop level. Perhaps in-game manual on/off commands (and lock options for servers) for the breathing system would make things more interesting. It would at least be a slight change of game for the planes that can boom and zoom from the deck into "oxygen needed" altitude in one mighty leap.
  7. My ultimate take on it is that I can see how the pressure to keep making new products/planes/modules to keep the series alive takes priority but, I would like to see some more resources put into "fine details and polish". Hopefully, bringing some of the older parts of the series to a more uniform standard with the new releases can happen as well. That's not to take away from the work that is already being done to polish the older portions of the series. double edit: grammar and extra explanation
  8. I was unaware that astral projection required life support kit for the spirit not the body. 😁
  9. Part of the difficulty with testing the P-47 systems lies in determining exactly what systems have been hit. If the engine is dying quickly from oil system or engine/cylinder hits vs. a turbocharger hit, the expected result could vary wildly. Ideally, if the engine has lost too many cylinders or the "axle mount" the whole assembly spins on is destroyed the engine should fail rather quickly. If the oil system is hit or only 1 or 2 cylinders are destroyed, there would still be time. If the turbocharger's internal blades are stopped and the exhaust bypass outlets aren't opened in time, the engine exhaust has nowhere to go and should result in a quick failure. It's the same as putting a potato in a car's tail pipe. If the turbo is damaged but the mechanism still 'windmills' letting some exhaust out, there should be a significant drop in power until the exhaust bypass outlets are opened - provided the damaged turbo unit still lets exhaust through at a reasonable rate. It would kind of be akin to a 90% clogged sink drain. Getting the outlets opened should (obviously) subtract the power of the turbo but, if the actual engine and oil system are undamaged, it should still be able to run without failure at non-turbocharge-boosted peak power. TL;DR If the engine is in fact modelled accurately, P-47 engine damage testing is going to be nearly impossible if it cannot be determined by the tester what point(s) of the engine system(s) have been damaged.
  10. And if you actually do stick to the recommended max continuous settings (instead of 100%) given in the specs tab, or slightly below, you can tighten up the radiators and run slightly faster with less worry of cooking the motor. Still gotta watch the temps and be careful to not go too slow - especially when climbing - because airflow is vital. On hot days the benefit is obviously less but, it is still noticeable.
  11. Umm... I was that guy. And I was speaking from experience.
  12. Admittedly, I don't have anything to go on but subjective observation but, it seems to me, even though it's very close, the in-game scale of the fighters at close-ish range seem just a couple of % too small.
  13. Having mods enabled mode activated shouldn't matter, but actually using any mods will probably exclude you from any servers that don't allow them.
  14. I've been focusing on flying the 47 lately. I gotta say, I've gotten beat up quite a bit, but haven't experienced the fragility that was seemingly so evident in prior patches. The only time I broke apart was from having my tail fair-and-square broken off by a ferocious cannon volley and a wing broke off after trying to pull heavy G with critical damage. There was no being playfully slapped on the shoulder and insta-break. The main thing I've experienced was instant engine death. From what I can tell all were due to turbocharger damage and if I had unlinked the turbo in time, dropped it to zero and got the exhaust bypass outlet valves opened, it's quite possible I could have saved it. It's hard to tell for sure though. At least that's my experiences with it so far.
  15. Last night, one of our TeamSpeak regulars pointed out that there are Russian ground crew walking around the Western Allies bases. I told him it was an officer exchange program. If our airfield gets overrun, we "exchange" them to the Germans for our own freedom! Anyway, was this a mis-selection of soldier type or does BoBp still have missing "detail assets" such as American and British uniformed ground crew?
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