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  1. If you want to reset the view to the default the game originally gives you and try again, go to: Program Files (x86) > 1C Game Studios > IL2 Sturmovik Great Battles > data > LuaScripts > SnapViews > Defaults. Copy the plane you want to reset to the list that's just below the Defaults folder in SnapViews. Copy/paste the entire list into SnapViews from the Defaults folder to reset them all. It also helps to pause the TrackIR camera BEFORE you spawn in with the plane. That way the default setting will be perfectly centered. You can make the adjustments and press F10, then un-pause the camera.
  2. Same here. The launcher worked until about 6 hours ago. Shut down the computer, came back and started up again. Opened the launcher only to get a similar error message. Opening using the IL-2.exe works fine though.
  3. Because I've never experienced this firsthand multiple times..... And yes, I've adjusted the input curves to the best possible result I can get.
  4. Actually, now that I think about it more, I'm wondering if fuel load has anything to do with it. It's well established that a plane like the P-47 or P-51 needed to be below a certain amount of fuel or it would be very unstable in a maneuver-intensive fight. I've never heard such about the Yak series or others, but it's quite possible with 99% fuel sloshing around in the wing tanks. You didn't need to be so harsh about your initial response though....
  5. I guess I'm living in the wrong timezone then. Perhaps scientific study of this "timezone buff" phenomenon is in order.
  6. 190s can do perfectly vertical loops with full flaps on. They can also pull straight up, like a cobra maneuver, and cartwheel on 360 degrees on their yaw axis into a perfectly level stable recovery behind you. Sometimes people even fly them with flaps and gear down on purpose knowing that it's just too slow for a Yak to not over shoot but, they'll never fall. Meanwhile, roll a Yak over onto it's back and attempt a split S. Unless you're way too gentle to dodge any incoming fire, expect to start rolling out of control like a baby gazelle caught in a crocodile's death roll grip. And God forbid using any Allied fighter and trying to pull any sort of instantaneous 1-time-only turn tight enough to get the leading shot on any Axis plane doing the same. They will always get guns on you first or you will end up colliding head-on. Pulling any tighter will make the plane flop around like a fish out of water. Even though planes like the Yak and La5 are supposed to retain energy better in a multi-turn fight, forget it. You will fail energy trap attempts vs. any pilot who's not a total noob.
  7. Is "Allow Spectators" checked in the single player difficulty settings? I recall having to re-set some of my custom difficulty settings after this update.
  8. It's too bad that locked localized files can't be added to the game for countries that don't have this law. But, we all know somebody who lives in an area that it is restricted would find a way to hack it back into their copy. IL2 '46 had localization in the unlocked conf.ini (1 for on, 0 for off) but, I guess that was probably a time when a lot less PC gamers knew about such files and how to use them. I wonder if companies can get in trouble nowadays for providing the content even if it's switched off for the region the game is sold. BTW, out of curiosity, does the law apply to all swastikas or is it the context that it's displayed that matters? There are many nations and cultures that used the design a lot longer than that one megalomaniacal political party that launched a plot for world domination and pointlessly wasted millions of lives.
  9. I wouldn't mind more flexibility in being able to choose what appears in technochat. I really don't care for engine % readings because I read the dash panel but, radiator settings are a bit different. Some planes don't have any in-cockpit indicators to go by for radiators. It's "turn wheel 'x' amount of times for optimal settings and it can be hard to tell if you're just dragging open rad flaps around. For things like mixture settings, most planes have markings on the lever base and you can see when it's right so, it's not really necessary to have tc on for that. Some planes have flap indicators and some don't. It would be nice to turn that tc off for the ones that do. All planes have some sort of landing gear indicator so again, it would be a nice option to turn that message off. There's probably other stuff I forgot about but, I hope I gave enough examples.
  10. If the P-38 is released more able to take a solid hit than the P-47, I'll be severely disappointed. As it is, I rarely touch the 47 as it's too fragile - and never in multiplayer. I was in Berloga flying a 262. I had a 47 on my tail and I dove straight at about a 40 degree angle. We were both equally fast at the beginning of the dive at around 650kph. I found that it certainly was not easy or fast to pull away from the 47 even when approaching 900kph (on the 262 speedometer that's TAS not IAS) and the throttle just below emergency power. We began the dive around 6-7km altitude.
  11. Same here. 262s and D9s attacking me in a Yak 1. At the same time though, it does kind of suck that I can't pwn D9s in an I-16 when the rules are being followed anymore.... Yes, the Camel was notoriously difficult to keep stable with a full fuel tank and spins with full fuel were often fatal.
  12. I've been setting planes with wing guns such as the I-16 and Spit at around 300m and practicing getting close enough to use it effectively. There's still a good tight spread out to about 400m after the left and right bullets converge. For the through-the-prop nose firers (Yak, I09) I set to 400m. After reading this, I might set it out to about 500m and try it. One thing those cannons can do is short burst long shots at better than 700m if your opponent is level enough or you have the right trajectory relative to the target. Trying longshots like that in a wing-firer kinda wastes ammo. But, you can get a 109 running out ahead of you, lead him just far enough, take a quick burst, and maybe get lucky with a couple of hits. Surely, 109s can do the same and they've got more ammo. Added to that, the 109 is a good bit more stable and the cannon has better hitting power and accuracy. They can pull tighter-trajectory off-angle longshots farther out from the target than a Yak. It certainly would explain a lot of the PKs I've taken from it. lol Not that I don't think the Yak couldn't hit in the same type of longshot, But it's often times too unstable in shots like that to do nothing more than waste ammo.
  13. I'm pretty sure that guns mounted through the prop hub (such as on the Yak or 109) can't be set for vertical convergence. It's straight ahead. What you get is what you get. The cowling-mounted MGs however, might still be adjustable. I'm not sure about that though.
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