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  1. If it existed as a combat operational aircraft during the war and there's enough information/documents to accurately model it, I'm all for it. It doesn't matter to me if it only flew 1 mission or 1,000. I wouldn't want "blueprint only" aircraft like IL-2 '46 offered, though. It was a neat bit of bonus for that title but, I wouldn't want to see it here. I know there's arguments about how bad it would bone multiplayer but, I'm more about just being able to fly these legendary machines. Believe it or not, some of us do quite enjoy solo-timing in these airplanes in spite of the sentiment that if you're not a pure combat pilot, you ain't an Il-2 fan. The flight model might not be 100% perfect to real world characteristics but, it's close enough that "taking the roadster out for a country drive" is still worth taking the time to do. Props to the devs in that regard, IMO.
  2. Suggestion: Single player > QMB > 1v1 duel. Add options: Faction > Plane type > Random / Fighter Faction > Plane type > Random / Bomber Faction > Plane type > Random / All When choosing multiple enemy waves, you can currently choose: Faction > Plane type > Random / All , which will randomly choose which plane to queue next once the current is defeated. Being able to choose between fighters, bombers, or all will offer better options for practice flying vs. AI planes. Suggestion (second option): Ability for player to create custom list of planes for random queueing. Even if it was a .txt file, the player would be able to edit which planes would be available to the AI to spawn on random plane type setting. For example: If the player added the La-5 ser.8, Fw190 A-5, Me 109 G2, Yak-7b, Fokker Dr.1, He-111, P-39 etc, to the list, it would play all listed in random order. This would further allow players to enjoy target practice vs. opponent AI based on the entirety of the planes they own with less need to "exit mission" and customize each 1v1 scenario, then reload the mission.
  3. I was looking at my stats page awards medals. There's one on there that says "Fighter Hero" but, there's no picture of a medal or description of what I did to receive this award. I just thought admin might be interested in seeing if there's an error in the medals display.
  4. I think that newly-damaged disconnecting pilots should be instantly replaced by a dead bot that counts against them as a death on the in-game scoreboard and external stats. That way you at least get the satisfaction of getting the kill, you can see the enemy plane crash (not disappear) and disco ducks that want to keep their scoreboard clean of deaths fail.
  5. Fair enough but, what is in game and default trim at startup is nowhere near right. I'm not even sure if the elevator trim gauge on the dash panel reads correctly. There is torque and gyro effect from the spinning propeller that will pull the airplane(s) to one side when the throttle is pushed up. The trim helps counter this.
  6. Has anybody mentioned that the stick should be all the way back when taxiing and at the beginning of the takeoff roll until there's enough rudder authority to ease up? It's not just to lock tailwheel on certain models. It's also to ensure that the tail wheel isn't bouncing on the ground and having poor contact. Most wouldn't notice if the tailwheel was only 1cm off the ground but, in reality, your taxiing on two wheels. That makes everything very ground loop-y. (edit) I thought of something else to add. In this game all planes start with their vertical trim nose-heavy and set for trim at the best cruising speed. Be sure to set the vertical trim to 0%. This is especially true on the Spitfire because it trims fairly tail-heavy at 0%. This will put more downforce on the tail during taxiing, keeping the tail wheel from lifting. I wouldn't imagine that you would start trimming down until after you have taken off. As the tail lifts up, the propeller comes down toward the ground. I would imagine that having the most ability to control the rate at which this happens during a full-power "combat takeoff" would be the difference between a crash and possible injury/ death or a successful scramble. I'm pretty sure that experienced Spitfire pilots would have told us that "it would be very dangerous to do a combat takeoff trimmed nose-heavy."
  7. Holy hell! How does one mistake a Hurricane for a 109? (I guess we'll be finding out in more studied detail after IL-2 Hurri release day..... )
  8. Must have been hell IRL when everybody was out of ground control range and not all friendlies were on the same radio frequency. 🙄
  9. You're the only one who's been throwing insults through all this.
  10. I agree. Having opinions on the way things are run in places someone doesn't even go - or only has a token presence at - is disturbing.
  11. http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/pilots/?search=messs&tour=36 Your entire history on this server. If it takes you that long to get set up in VR, maybe it's not for you.
  12. Hey, @messsucher I find it funny you don't even play on this server yet since I pissed you off on a different thread you follow me here to pick a fight and act like your opinion matters. Psycho. Just sayin'. Anyway, last I'm saying about it.
  13. Hey, I only suggested that tanks spawn camping on the temporary fields that have zero automated defense (unlike other fields) might be a bit much. Everybody else went on the offensive.
  14. Easy to do on a server that's mostly 2:1 stack for Axis in that timezone. Points to you for deflection though.
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