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  1. Gotta be careful with that. I can't confirm it - because my color perception isn't great - but, it seems to me that some tracer colors are relevant to gun type, not faction.
  2. I've seen this exact thing when Combat Box was running Alternate visibility mode. Might be both modes. I don't think ships are affected by either setting, just planes. In alternate mode, I also have seen planes 7-8km out disappear for a few seconds or 'blink' in and out as I'm zooming. I really prefer Expert but, no reason not to help out the "Alt Vis" players out if they need their mode 'tuned' too.
  3. I guess I misunderstood when I read in this thread that one of TAW's main philosophies was that if it existed and was used during the time period for the map, it was available to the team that had it. It's not the Allies' fault the P-38 is currently the best strike bomber in the sim.
  4. I'd volunteer to balance teams and fly Blue but, I'd have to join the Red comms and ask these newly-converted Pony pilots best tactics for using the whera-boost. It all feels like it could become a major conflict of interest.... 🙁
  5. I saw this happen with a Ju-88 rear gunner once. I checked the external cam because I couldn't tell if I hit my shot and saw the back seat totally vacant. It was about 30 seconds after I took the shot that I looked. At first, I thought he somehow tumbled all the way down to the lower gunner's area but, no. He totally disappeared. Haven't seen it happen any other time. It might just be one of those 'fluke' things with a low rarity of occurrence.
  6. With everybody focused on G-forces, it leaves me to wonder are there other physiological effects modeled as well? For example, AFAiK all the fighters in the game spawn in with the pitch trim set to the optimal/max cruising speed by default. This is usually pretty nose-heavy, so basically, the pilot is pulling excessive elevator force on the stick the whole time during climb out from the airfield. It's like going to the gym, getting on the rowing machine, setting the resistance to ~20 - 30 pounds and holding it for 5+ minutes until you've reach the desired altitude and speed where the elevator no longer needs resistance. I'd imagine that if you had to do that every flight + ride back on the control column to keep the nose up every time the speed got too low, you'd get pretty tired or at the very least sore before even seeing any action. Either that or you'd have back, shoulder and bicep muscles that would make a gorilla jealous.
  7. This past day has been busy. It's 6am here and I just got home 20 minutes ago. Got some food in the toaster oven. Just checking the forum, waiting to eat, then going to bed. lol
  8. @KG200_Achilleus Just for an experiment with the G meter: Pull the plane straight up and release the elevator control to neutral for a few seconds. What does the G meter say? If you still have speed to complete the loop, do so. On the way down, when the plane is pointed straight down (and if you have the altitude) release the elevator control to neutral for a few seconds and check the meter. What does it say? I'm pretty sure that if no pitch rate is being applied, it should say 1 G or even 0 G. If not it may not be calibrated correctly.
  9. Perhaps it's based on amount of injury the pilot has from getting burned. I would expect that in an enclosed fire like that fingers might be one of the first things to go. Unbuckling the seat harness and unplugging the radio wires to the headphones would be exceedingly difficult.
  10. Where can I find this G meter you are using? I'd like to mess around with it for my own QMB experiments. :)
  11. Some ability to balance sound volumes for things like AI radio and other similar sounds would be nice. Some other things might need some in-house balancing compared to how it sounded in the old engine.
  12. I know it's purely subjective but... During my QMB: vs. bomber sessions, it seemed to me that all belly gunners were even more accurate than before the update. I've done a few straight-down vertical attacks where I would pass, still straight down, behind the bomber's tail (111, 88, Pe-2 etc.) very close at a high speed and still been nailed by the belly gunner. Realistically, I was only in their view window for less than 1 second.
  13. So... the pilots of modern jets sit well-forward of the plane's center of lift and center of gravity. Does the G meter measure from the CoG and CoL or in the cockpit? Does it change the actual amount of G experienced in the cockpit? And.. Just for general knowledge, do these questions have and relevance?
  14. Haven't tried it yet either. I don't think it will be too bad with adjustment of tactics TBH. Pure aileron rolls which the La-5 excels at seem to have very little G-penalty. 1v1 unlimited ammo / unlimited waves QMB is a good way to practice. The AI seems to have already figured out how to keep right at the very edge of blacking out for sustained periods of time. Now, you have to figure out how the get the ones that go into the "stoopid loop" while dealing with G-forces!
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