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  1. OK. I'll take a look back at it and see if I can get it working. Thanks.
  2. I'm pretty sure I tried that in PM's to the devs concerning the A-20 bomb door light bug and some screenies I had, but I couldn't. I'm also trying to share screenies on other platforms that don't seem to take direct uploads. If direct posting does work for the general forum pages, then thanks for pointing that out.
  3. I tried to use Google photos with my google account, but the links don't work correctly for others. Are there any free hosting sites I can use or other methods to post screenshots that work?
  4. First time I'm learning of this change. I'll pass the word. Thanks for bringing back the Stalingrad Scramble map too. It's definitely a map that I enjoyed during the pre-full release BoBp inaugural run of CB. It's nice to see it updated with the BoBp final release plane set too. Does the mission still generate AI fighters when player count is low? I find that the conventional Axis prop planes the 262s drag around with them are exponentially more dangerous when the 262 has everybody distracted. I'll go so far as to say that at least 70% of the kills the 262 is truly responsible for were actually carried out by 109s and 190s.
  5. Hopefully it means that getting shot in the tail from long ranges won't insta-kill the engine.
  6. Set up a single player QMB 1v1 one some time. Set the difficulty to Random and the enemy waves to infinite. Set your ammo to unlimited too. Eventually, you will see what the 111 can do. Also works for the Bf-110 and Ju-88.
  7. I already have the entire collection. Just wanted to say congratulations!
  8. Not recently. I haven't tried any Bodenplatte maps on other servers. If I get the opportunity to, I will. Last night, after CB kept kicking me and my router kept crashing, I went to a Flying Circus server instead. I got disconnected once but no router crash. I think attribute that to high ping. My ping to CB is 35 though, so I can't say that's part of the problem.
  9. Last night, I experienced 3 disconnects followed immediately by my router crashing and doing a forced reset. I don't know how or why, but since it seems to happen most frequently on CB, I figured I'd post here. This only happens in IL-2 multiplayer as well, all other online games I play are fine. I went to other servers and had no problem. One gave me a disco, but no router crash. The first disco was just flying from one friendly spawn field to another with no combat. The other 2 were while I was in the preflight map screen.
  10. I only observed TAW from afar via the website. It worked out pretty much how I expected....
  11. No joy on checking the hardware. I was kicked from Combat Box with a router crash 3 times tonight. I logged into a different server and had no problems.
  12. The fact is that the only thing the admins care about is that the stats page sortie log must read: Player X takes off before Player Y damages/destroys Player X. or Player Y damages/destroys Player X before Player X lands. The sortie log and player recordings, if there are any, are the only real evidence they have available when reviewing a claim. Saying "I couldn't take off from X airfield because I'd get shot down before my gear was up and locked", doesn't cut it. Proving you were on a takeoff roll and shot before your wheels left the ground does, as well as being shot after your wheels have touched the ground again. It applies even if you bounce on landing and they happen to catch you with the wheels off the ground. I'm sure the timing would have to be very lucky on a kill like that though. (And you might want to be recording before you attempt it.) If you've managed to pressure an entire opponent spawn airfield into choosing not to takeoff from or land there.... more power to ye.
  13. I think it may have to do with whatever atmosphere calculations are made according to the weather on the map. I don't know if humidity is factored, but cold and snowy does effect mixture differently than hot and humid. All planes seem to smoke more when pushing the upper limit of max continuous power when the mix is set to auto rich / run position. If you're pushing the max continuous / combat power line, I'd suggest backing off the manifold pressure and rpm settings a bit and using the opportunity to get well-trimmed aileron, elevator and rudder settings and tighten up the radiators a bit to compensate. Besides, running with some amount of "headroom" and a few extra % of available power can be a good thing.
  14. This has been lurking in wait for the prophecy that soon, very soon, the "butthole cut" of "Cats" will arrive and together, they shall bring about the end of mankind.
  15. The video looks good! I do wonder if there will be times where minor hits will still cause unexpected results. I'm sure it was rare IRL, but I would venture a guess that more than once, a weak hit in a vital area would cause a severely disproportional result. In other words, I wonder how well this new damage system will still preserve the reality that it might only take one bullet or piece of shrapnel without over(or under)doing it.
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