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  1. Tonight, on Legend of Y-29, a Ju-87 pilot landed on the runway of B-78 (the AAA defenses were already destroyed of course) and decided to go for a drive with his tail gunner shooting parked planes. What are the rules on vulching in that situation?
  2. Just wondering if anybody else is getting widely varied results between in-game and the stats page. For example: 1.) A few days ago I took 1 bullet from a Ju-88 which the in-game chat instantly reported as "I was destroyed" even though I was flying fine, though RTB-level damaged. Shortly after, while RTB the mission ended. Looking at the stats showed I was o.k. when the mission ended and was not destroyed. It also said that I was only hit by 1 bullet from the Ju-88 top gunner, which is interesting because it blew the flaps off of both my plane's wings. 2.) Last night, I got an in-game kill, but a team mate tagged him on the way down. The in-game message and scoring gave me the credit, but the stats gave it to the team mate. I have 35 ping to this server and am struggling to understand why stats reporting on WoL, which I have 140 ping to, is more accurate to reporting what really went on in a sortie.
  3. No problem. I would have zoomed in and gotten closer, but it seems that if I do that, the light "moves" back into it's proper placement. It's only a problem once those of us who see it (I'm not the only one) reach a certain distance away and zoom-out level. Opponents who see it know exactly what it is from far away.
  4. It's there. Just above the white dot which is the light that floats behind it detached from the plane when the doors are opened. I see it just fine at 1080 x1920p.
  5. @-DED-Rapidus Finally got a good screenshot of this bug. Sorry the links I sent in the PM didn't work.
  6. Please consider my past suggestion (if possible) to make some sort of way to periodically make banners indicative of which side is winning (or has won). That would take the "balance" argument right out of the banner discussion, at least.
  7. At less that 2km altitude? I can see vapor trails on the wingtips, but full contrails that low? I guess it's possible....
  8. OK. I'll take a look back at it and see if I can get it working. Thanks.
  9. I'm pretty sure I tried that in PM's to the devs concerning the A-20 bomb door light bug and some screenies I had, but I couldn't. I'm also trying to share screenies on other platforms that don't seem to take direct uploads. If direct posting does work for the general forum pages, then thanks for pointing that out.
  10. I tried to use Google photos with my google account, but the links don't work correctly for others. Are there any free hosting sites I can use or other methods to post screenshots that work?
  11. First time I'm learning of this change. I'll pass the word. Thanks for bringing back the Stalingrad Scramble map too. It's definitely a map that I enjoyed during the pre-full release BoBp inaugural run of CB. It's nice to see it updated with the BoBp final release plane set too. Does the mission still generate AI fighters when player count is low? I find that the conventional Axis prop planes the 262s drag around with them are exponentially more dangerous when the 262 has everybody distracted. I'll go so far as to say that at least 70% of the kills the 262 is truly responsible for were actually carried out by 109s and 190s.
  12. Hopefully it means that getting shot in the tail from long ranges won't insta-kill the engine.
  13. Set up a single player QMB 1v1 one some time. Set the difficulty to Random and the enemy waves to infinite. Set your ammo to unlimited too. Eventually, you will see what the 111 can do. Also works for the Bf-110 and Ju-88.
  14. I already have the entire collection. Just wanted to say congratulations!
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