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  1. Well, the "3 lives rule" for TAW pretty much dictates that it is a valid tactic for victory on that server. Hence, why I no longer care about TAW.
  2. I'd somewhat agree, except the .303 started off as a deer rifle. Again: Somewhat agree. API is still needed and there are instances where .50s are less effective than should be in SP. Granted, most of the time, a short burst of .50 is devastating but, other times full-on fire-hosing the enemy, hitting everything vital at convergence, to little result does happen. From my observations, I'd say there's about a 15%-20% chance of going against the luckiest enemy plane in the world.
  3. I was aware of the fuel system correction. I just didn't know how early it was implemented. I thought that maybe Blue would appreciate a guy who flies mostly Red saying a particular Allied plane seems to be "off" to me. I mean a near-red-out 1/2 outside loop at that speed completed in ~10 seconds with not much required stick and rudder coordination? We're probably getting into Bf-110e territory here! 😆 (I joke) I'll test that too though. Some further testing: Yak-1.69: Much slower to complete maneuver. Engine temporarily chokes once complete but doesn't cut. Me-109 E7: Much slower to complete maneuver - requires much more stick and rudder coordination. AtA (1.2) stays the same but, engine sound seems to be somewhat fuel-starved for a few seconds. FW-190 A3: Doesn't like it at all. Couldn't coordinate the plane well enough to get past the first 45 degrees nose-up. Red-out also seems to onset earlier than the other 2 tested planes.
  4. I don't fly the Spitfires very much but, I decided to take a mk. V for a solo flight in QMB. I don't know if this is supposed to be a model with the inverted fuel flow issue "corrected" (Sorry my lack of history knowledge on the subject) To test whether or not the fuel system was prone to choking while inverted I turned it over on it's back. There was no immediate choke-out so I assumed it is a model with the corrected fuel system. On a whim, I decided to attempt an outside loop, basically turning inverted and pushing the stick forward as far as the plane would handle and to near-red out. I started the maneuver around 280mph with 2650rpm and 7lbs boost. There wasn't even a hint of engine choke well the pilot was 90% redded-out and that's a pretty fair amount of neg-G. All I'll say is I was quite surprised to see the plane was quite able to go over the top and come to level 180 degrees the opposite direction within mere seconds. Considering that a normal positive G loop would probably take longer due to pilot physiology modeling, it doesn't seem to me that this should be a thing the plane should be capable of. I don't even think 109 early model pilots online could pull this without losing control of the plane and considering how many of them really push what neg-G ufo-ing can be done to shake a pursuer, that's saying something. I have yet to try it though. To reproduce what I did: Fly at max continuous setting > 2650rpm, 7lbs boost, water radiator 20% Fly level at about 2,500 feet until ~280mph is reached. Roll inverted and push the stick forward. Try to keep the pilot at near full red-out until the plane comes to a level position facing 180 degrees from your starting course. Note how long it takes to finish the maneuver.
  5. Good 'ol Yak 1 is my favorite out of all of them, so no issue there. Granted, any sane person would go for the 7 or 1b for combat action any day. I do wonder why the MiG-3 isn't available though. Is it map dependent or did some high-altitude Ju-88/He-111 drivers get mad somewhere along the way of the server development? I know the P-47 is now available, but to be honest, I'd rather have the MiG for bomber intercepts at 6km. Yes, I can see that. Just having the grid numbers for the cities in the mission description should suffice for those that are interested in strategic long term dynamic play.
  6. Thank You! The main reason I brought it up was the last map saw Russia making a 77km advance in sector #2 while Germany made a 20km advance in sector #1 when they only needed less than 20km to win. I even had a hard time finding the last city on the map when it was literally in the center of a soon-to-be completed encirclement. I'm sure many others that would have played the map strategically had no idea that the map was going to be lost in that round so, they went for what looked like the "best" place to push instead.
  7. Is it possible to add the grid number to the mission description in regards to cities that must be captured? For example: City name (X) in Grid number (XXXX) must be captured to win. It would make it easier for those unfamiliar with the map to find the cities needed to be won / defended and plan accordingly. Many people don't know where to begin to look for some of these places on maps that have a hundred or more named locations. I believe that some maps are lost because the majority of people don't realize that the last capture point is in peril so they prioritize other attacks elsewhere believing that they are making a meaningful advance.
  8. I'm not a chute killer but, I do advise that if you're vulching my team's airfields and you get shot down, that you ride the plane into the dirt. For that specific circumstance I will allocate ammo for busting your chute if you bail.
  9. Only likely if he managed to stay positioned in such a way that the enemy fighters were constantly in peril of colliding with each other. If it was a running/linear fight, not a chance.
  10. 1). I agree. 2). When attacking 110's online, I always accept I'm going to get hit. I've never flown an allied plane fast enough to position for attacks on a 110 that are out of the gunner's arc within a reasonable amount of time. ie; fast enough to set up the attack before the cover fighters get on my 6. I just roll the dice and hope the damage I get stuck with will at least let me skid it in on the friendly side of the map. That's about all that can be done vs. 110's running on the deck, apparently.
  11. I only asked about this test because, to me, it looked like a way to consistently "control" the damage received by the plane and also observe AI behavior. It's not about that particular type of damage. My main goal was to find a consistent way to test things like FM and DM. Since we don't have dev tools that allow us to "type-in" various states of damage on the model, then observe the results, I was hoping to (overall) help get closer to developing a "standardized" method of testing on the consumer end of things. Ultimately, I think that's a good goal to aim for. If I may, I'd like to shift the conversation towards that.
  12. The main reason I thought of this is that: A). MP testing of anything always seems to get invalidated as "teh inturnet" is considered a too random variable. B). The test works better with as few hits as possible. If there was a way (for testing purposes) to program the test plane to shed the wheel without being shot at all, that would be even better. C). With the fewest hits, the lift and drag penalties of a vacant wheel well should be the almost the same every time. With the size of the wheel well, the penalties should also be fairly strong too. My observation is that loss of the wheel doesn't affect anything concerning the 109's performance and handling - at least as far as AI are concerned. They can still turn as tight and maintain speed the same as they do undamaged. This could be an indicator of a larger problem with the FM, DM and lift/drag penalties occurring when heavier damage is dealt to the model. The test can be done on any plane where loss of a wheel from an under-wing wheel well is possible, too.
  13. Step 1: Select QMB 1v1 Duel. Step 2: Choose any plane to fly. Step 3: Select any model of 109 as an opponent Step 4: Score shots on the 109 that break a tire from the wheel well - The fewer the hits the better. Step 5: Observe results and repeat as many times as necessary. Also, will this work with / deliver similar results on other fighters that can have wheels detached from damage?
  14. I personally like raaaid's pop culture themed art. Which is odd because I usually dislike pop culture.
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