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  1. It's the main update that helped to reduce those stutters. I tried flying with no clouds, no AI and graphics reduced and it's present on all maps, the problem appeared way back, I think somewhere around BOK. It seems like my PC can't load the objects fast enough (when zooming, turning the camera etc., diving when above a city) and then there's a stutter, after that I could fly above the city for hours and FPS never drops. I'm well aware it could be some weird, hidden problem with my own setup.
  2. And I want Tempest with lasers and plasma guns, come one people get over those rockets already.
  3. I'm on RTX 2080 and even though the latest update helped a bit I 'm still experiencing some nasty stutters when zooming, turning the camera, making hard turns etc. At first when those stutters apeard quite some time ago I thought it could be caused by that I had IL-2 on my HDD so I moved the install to SSD, but the problem persisted, I lost any hope to find a solution as I tried everything so far, frame limiters, pre rednered frames set to 1,2,3, lowering settings...nothing helped, so I bumped everything to ultra and don't care.
  4. TBH it sounds like the guy is having serious trouble dropping a heavy load down the toilet Let's hope there'll be option to mute those sounds. And about that 150 octane...any chance we'll see P-47 drinking that stuff in the future?
  5. I presume spending their hard earned money on booze and chicks ;-)
  6. The keyword here is little. I presume nobody is suggesting that 30mm should be like 1 round = both wings are flying off, but damage it deals sometimes feel, well…inconsistent. I’m still easily able to get instant kills with it, but sometimes I’m putting (not wasting) a lot more rounds than before and the guy is still flying All in all the new DM is big improvement, but nonetheless it need few tweaks here and there to be perfect. I’m confident that the devteam nail it shortly and everyone (well almost everyone) will be happy with it.
  7. New one for sure, but as was already suggested above high caliber round (MK108 especially) need a little “bump” in performance.
  8. Not always, for example LW used throat microphones AFAIK.
  9. Well that's the most probable scenario But I was simply thinking out loud, I’m ok with how it is right now.
  10. Could be, It feels like the AI is a bit better in certain circumstances.
  11. To put it simple – wings are no longer flying off, but the planes are still going down. Of course it was a lot more dramatic and “cool” before, but let’s not forget this is a sim so the more realistic it gets the better, it’s turn in a right direction in my opinion.
  12. Well If we’re going for a realistic approach here I would be much happier if I could put it on manually with a key. Would have been even better if we had to manually start the flow of oxygen as well.
  13. Just askin', don't see anything funny here. Anyway thanks for answer.
  14. I know that wings flying off is fun, but plane is still going down after few good hits, kill is a kill.
  15. Might be a weird question but is there any way to disable those animations? I kinda liked my pilot to have the mask all the time.
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