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  1. Now it’s possible that you can discover the parachute zones of blues if you flight with it over that circle; and then all VVS can see that drop zone. Although I have to recognise that is a bore/hard job....
  2. Kuban#609 I would like to know why Gelendzhik can’t be attacked when it has been just damaged 85% in previous missions. This give the chance for Germans of reduce damages to less than 75% and reopen the AF. I don’t know if I miss something... Why not provide the possibility of attacking all the AF of the Map, instead of having some of them safe from enemy? Thanks for the Server and the job you do, I enjoy a lot.. 🙂 (but miss the more hard live system we had before) Pd: Kuban#610 Gelendzhik has reduced his damage to 80%. Kuban#611 Gelendzhit has reduced his damage to 70% and Germans can takeoff from there now, but we have not being able to bomb that AF to prevent they can use it again... I don’t see much difference between Ajhtyrskaya and Gelendzhik from frontline; and think it will gave more freedom to select the strategy
  3. You have to register again for each campaign and select allies.
  4. I will try it more intensively next time, now i know you have just achieved it. Thanks.:)
  5. "U-2VS is able to detect Axis drop zone. You have to take off U-2VS from non-front-line airfield and fly near the hiddendrop zone to reveal it to the Allied side." Anyone has achieve this task ever? I have tried twice In different Taws, with no result. (It was boring to death) ))
  6. Is it another way of asking When?? 🤐
  7. Still happening. Me too. It was on Kota. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d127_jtwEQpEI-dhVFw3HSyruY99hFcV
  8. I usually fly bomber and my worse enemy always had been fighters, neither AA nor weather. The only weather dont fly level bombing is overcast. I have always thought that when I cant achive anything is all about improving my skills. Good luck
  9. I dont know why, maybe personal preferences, but... IMO Till now in map number 1 there werent ju88. h111- Better visibility for pilot and gunners, more stable, posibility of 2x1Tn bomb (better for same targets) J88- worst visibility for pilot and gunners, much better climb rate and speed, air brakes, a lot of 50 kg bombs ( better for other type of target) maybe this could help you, from my little experience.
  10. It looks like even had been destroyed before by a bomber and you dont see it in the render, the code still has it stand... so not big bug but something to have into account https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RtZO0RPMtt48qEIYI9_9yu57HvDHr2Mm
  11. My experience... Pass 2400 mts over the mystery object and it will spot in the map. I dont know if it is possible flying higher...
  12. I Think that you were damage by your own bomb and this bomb killed one of your gunner. I tell you becouse it happedt to me once. ¿Maybe?
  13. Helo. FIrst of all to say that I enjoy a lot this Server and you have done a grate job. I don´t know if this is the correct place to point this, but, I have realize that when you drop paratroops at blue circle and return to AF, you receive 34 points (more or less) and your have spent may be an hour in that flight. (more dangerous because of the proximity of enemy AF) Reward 34 points and the benefit for the Axis group in these case. When you do a Transport with the same ju52, your receive 21 points (more or less) and have spent 20 minutes.(less dangerous) If I spent 1 hour may be I could do 3 transports, (60 points of reward) My paratroops soldiers have ask me to raise their salary because they think they deserve this, but I don't know if these would be a good idea. I pose these thinking here to see what you think about it. Thanks to all. PD:sorry my English
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