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  1. one thing i really want to know is if the turbines + exhaust bullet are animated.
  2. nice new devblog, couldnt ask for more.
  3. maybe we can bribe them with pizza?
  4. i was joking you miserable old scrooge.
  5. no new 262 images today so i will now sit in a corner, cross my arms, glare, and mutter angrily to myself.
  6. *sigh* two weeks with no devblog and still nothing...
  7. but... but they said the d9 and 262 were coming together
  8. i hope they inform us as to why they didn't go through with the 262 + dora plan
  9. oh, SWS would love to have a chat with you ah, yes. because you lost
  10. iirc galland flew meteors for the argentine air force after the war and considered it a fine competitor to the 262. also basically said that the derwent engines were better than the jumos. so, who do we listen to? a famous ace who flew both aircraft, or blind germany fanboys?
  11. the FHC always goes above and beyond. the reason it has taken so long is because they had two source two engines in decent condition and then rebuild them.
  12. the late paul allen acquired an me 262 and started the project to restore it to flying condition with junkers engines for the flying heritage collection. FHC's facebook page has a short clip of one of the jumos on the test stand just starting up; flames and all. that was back in 2015, and they said at the end of last year that the jet was almost ready for taxi and flight tests. http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/paul-g-allens-messerschmitt-me-262-progress-report.html
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