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  1. Dears, Till now, I play my Il-2 Sturmovik BoK on my laptop but since i am returning back home for holidays I want to install it on my desktop computer (which is much powerful than my laptop) as well. Can i use the key i have already purchased or i should buy a new key? Is there any limitation? I prefer first to ask here that to try it thank you in advance, borimor
  2. borimor

    Custom skins

    Guys thank you for your replies. It has been proved to be that the custom skins i tried to use were not correct (?), compatible (?), not correctly unzipped (?)... well i don't know exactly. I downloaded and tried different skins and they worked just fine. Thank you again, borimor
  3. borimor

    Custom skins

    Gentlemen, I cannot figure out how i can make the custom skins show up while setting up my plane. I did the following: 1. I have downloaded several .dds file skins and put them in: ...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\skins\Fw190A5 2. In the game settings i chose: Enable mods* and Allow custom paint schemes* 3. In the graphic settings i chose: Use 4K textures After this, i start a new quick mission (i am new in the game and i only have tried quick missions) and i choose my Fw-190A5 (i only play A-5 for the time being) and then "settings". In the drop-down list under the name "Paint schemes", appear two options, (a) Official and (b) Custom schemes. The problem is that when i choose "Custom" paint schemes, the list appears empty! What do i miss? What is my mistake? What am i doing wrong? Thank you, borimor
  4. Dears, Allow me a couple of simple questions. Is there any real difference between buying the il-2 BOS (or BOM, or BOK etc) from here instead from Steam site? Are there any different benefits by buying the games from these two different sources? Your reply is highly appreciated. Best regards, borimor
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