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  1. Oh yesssss! Mk. XIV is by far my most favourite plane - that mighty Griffon power. We just need Dakota flayble so allies has some transport plane (as Axis has tante Ju).
  2. I'm playing exclusively in VR and I have a trouble reading short stories before every mission (since the VR resolution is too low and the "window" with them is too far in VR). Are these stored anywhere in the game folder as .jpegs so I can read them? Also, I've downloaded and installed additional skins. I can assign the player skin for my plane, but AI wingmen seems to fly planes with the default soviet skin without any aditional markings. Is there a way to assign skins for wingmen or should it be automatic? Thank you
  3. I'm enjoying the campaign very much. It's a completelly new experience for me as an offline player. Very well done and entertaining. I don't mind long missions as I'm VR pilot so even "boring" flights turns to sightseeing. I also like variable weather and mission time starts (so much better than in career mode). No I'm in mission 8 and so far I've experienced two bugs: CTD in mission 5 (as described before). Needed to skip it and re-fly when fixed. Runway busy bug preventing AIs to land. This seems to be the problem only in mission with 4 ship flights. When we are going in pairs, my flight leader lands normally. Quality job and well wotrth the money though. Now I only wish for the Ju-52 campaign in similair quality.
  4. Having the same issue. CTD just after we spot the enemy convoy. 😕 I'm flying in VR with Oculus.
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