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  1. Nice flying and shooting and also great video editing and music. Enjoyed it very much! The music is? Prodigy?
  2. Hello devs! First let me say, that I'm really thankful for what you do with CloD! I will definitively buy and support new releases of this gorgeous looking sim! Secondly I want to ask if there is an (estimated) date when version 5.0 will be released. Probably somewhere already answered but I couldn't find it so far. Thanks
  3. Hello everybody, I've got a problem with my MS sidewinder FFB2 stick. The stick works and also the FF effects, except for the spring. So during flight I have no tension on elevator/ailerons. I tried the tips in your link but with no difference for the spring tension. Now I found this: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7374&highlight=force+feedback This works but disables FF completely. No cannon shake etc. In the end it's at least better than having no spring tension at all, but I want to ask if one of you had the same problem and found a better solution?
  4. Sorry, but just embarrassing because completely wrong. Read what Bananimal wrote, he obviously has more idea of the topic. Network Admin
  5. When will the next campaign start? Is there a date already defined?
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