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  1. After reading this thread ill say dreaming can be more exciting then actual playing, my dream is to have battle of britain and late normandy with V1 attack on London where you chase these V1 with hawker as mission 😄
  2. Gratz Req! Im really happy for you wish you good luck in the future. Also im really thankful for giveaways for this community. I'll Pick FLYING CIRCUS vol.1.
  3. Yes guys! Those are great idea's and i wonder why i think about playing Squad bit more today then Il-2, its because people i meet in last night in the game that i had fun with. Even if you want to find some people to play with on team speak or discord, the in-game voice chat is best option to check if you like playing with those people and meet them in general rather then chating text during a flight sim which is ridiculous. Also i love that radio effect in Squad which gives that immersion and in Il-2 you could do the same sort of a thing with some (this part is some extra but would be super cool) WW2 inspired quality which will depend on your altitude and how far your from your squad.
  4. You are hero man doing this stuff for free on your own! I wish i could help but i'm newbie about this topic. Cheers ps: looking forward to Yak-1 my fav Russian plane
  5. I will add my Simple word. As i dont have any friend WHO flight sim and on games like csgo or squad i have them to meny. Social aspect of multiplayer is most important thing to me. As i found in Squad game random friends can be the best and most fun as they say war make the best friendships. So at this stage ill easly trade spitfire from boddenplatte for this in games radio feature which is for my among top most important factors which can make me gave up IL2 someday od not added
  6. Hello dear producers topic is directed towards 1C / Cenega. As a player and fan of your games from Big Battles Series im slightly worried about your steam situation and i feel it could be on much better level without using much energy and resources. As we can clearly see negative reviews on first edition which is Battle of Stalingrad is pretty big, on the second product Battle of Moscow situation looks slighty better. I'm sure steam reviews do really big impact on overall product PR so i believe you should study a bit of those most common problems and do moves in right direction. Some of most popular problems are controls settings and lack of tutorial videos and also some logging issues. I never experienced any of those beside maybe controlls settings because my inexperience in flight sims. My mine concern is to be more into resolving those problems in future steam realses of Battle of Kuban and Boddenplatte which can be really impactfull on your sucess which i wish you so we all fans and you producers can enjoy more new and better more polished content which will be pay off of some better PR. Cheers wish you all best. Jack (ps : sorry for english not my language)
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