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  1. Great news. If the graphics are improved it will become almost perfect.
  2. Good morning guys, do you plan to improve the graphics engine? Your sim is already amazing, but if it also had better graphics it would be crazy.
  3. I didn't want to say that il2 looks bad. I believe that il2 is a great simulator, but as all things could be improved. This can be done both from a simulation point of view and from a graphical point of view. As for the graphics I personally would settle a bit. I am referring to the fact that now the colors and everything else seem to be very close to those of a cartoon. This, to be clear, is a detail that does not turn il2 into a bad simulator. Then the choice of the bodenplatte will directly compare Il2 with DCS, because DCS has the same aircraft that will be in BoBP, I refer to the P51, the Spit, the Bf109 and the FW190. And if you want to win the duel you have to beat the opponent on all front
  4. Really a great job guys. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Just a question. Do you have any plans to change the graphics engine in the future? If you could get something more realistic, from a graphic point of view, it will be perfect. ;) ;)
  5. Settimo Stormo Virtuale http://www.settimostormo.it TS3: Link in Homepage Buon vento a tutti.
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