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  1. I didn't want to say that il2 looks bad. I believe that il2 is a great simulator, but as all things could be improved. This can be done both from a simulation point of view and from a graphical point of view. As for the graphics I personally would settle a bit. I am referring to the fact that now the colors and everything else seem to be very close to those of a cartoon. This, to be clear, is a detail that does not turn il2 into a bad simulator. Then the choice of the bodenplatte will directly compare Il2 with DCS, because DCS has the same aircraft that will be in BoBP, I refer to the P51, the Spit, the Bf109 and the FW190. And if you want to win the duel you have to beat the opponent on all front
  2. Really a great job guys. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Just a question. Do you have any plans to change the graphics engine in the future? If you could get something more realistic, from a graphic point of view, it will be perfect. ;) ;)
  3. Settimo Stormo Virtuale http://www.settimostormo.it TS3: Link in Homepage Buon vento a tutti.
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