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  1. Doesn't it make sense that a parachute could get damaged while a plane is being shot up, no??!
  2. Yes I'm not arguing with that but merely that there needs to be some takeaway from the obvious advantage these chutes provide Ergo bullet damage before being deployed etc. Maybe a failure rate but since thats Pilot error that can probably be omitted. But if Entante are jumping to their death as was the case then maybe some germans should get faulty chutes as it were then. Or at the very least let us be able to prematurely damage the chute before its deployed. While the chute being something the pilot can by choice can select for himself.
  3. Thats a fair statement put parachutes in as a modification. Yes, the failure was due mostly to deployment error but even then. I guess an alternative is parachute gets damaged by bullets even if it hasn't deployed. Granted this is likely not possible due to engine limitations but theres no harm in throwing things up for discussiom and seeing what sticks.
  4. Yes but you have to admit there was disadvantages to said chute do you expect me to believe every Central pilot had a chute and every german survived cus of a chute heck they failed a third of the time there has to be some risk on the Central side of things. It basically becomes warthunder because of this crap only it favors one side as they don't have any disadvantages along with bailing out. We don't get to bail out and we are fine with that but seeing Central pilots bail like a lot more than what would be considered usual is kinda funny and sad.
  5. So making it 5kg then I have no problem with that as long as its true. And it seems your source is more accurate. I generally have no issue with the other peoples V-life but when you bail Midway of being shot at it kind takes away the for lack of a better term immersion factor or the realities if the time I guess one could say. To reiterate, I would say for fairness these parachutes should become at the very least a modification as Entante Pilots dont get a choice. I think thats a fair assessment HEADS UP SALTY HUNS INBOUND!!! -lol-
  6. Well thankfully udet survived would have been a horrible way to go. And yes landing a plane damaged is rewarding but some also take advantage of the chutes too.
  7. It has come to me through multiple sources that the german parachutes for the central side has given them a lot of advantages in regards to V-life it would make sense to adjust the performance of said planes to match the 5 Kg weight penalty involved with said Parachutes. And make it a modification they can put on the plane. (Not entirely accurate in regards to Weight) https://www.historynet.com/heinecke-parachute-a-leap-of-faith-for-wwi-german-airmen.htm https://www.thehistoryreader.com/military-history/parachutes-world-war-1/ https://m.facebook.
  8. TBH that might fix the turn issue a little but best not overdone otherwise it could be very twitchy. And Trim Weights would be nice
  9. Though i will admit, the probability the Nieuport would be nicer in a turn compared Spad 13 of which is a heavier aircraft is high. Now Im definitely not an airplane engineer nor do i have the technical know how. But when you it comes across from people that i talk to that the Spad is out-turning the Nieuport of which is a lighter aircraft. In using common know how of Aviation one wouldnt be out of norm to think something is wrong with such performances
  10. Sad part is you quoted from a comment of which they deleted on that forum to my knowledge. If its going to be a direct port its going to severely hinder my expectations. One could say its odd that the one planes they keep castrating or messing up constantly and pretty consistently are allied aircraft.
  11. Fine ill post again, why is it possible for a Spad 13 to out-turn a nieuport 28? Not saying your wrong just asking? It was said to be able to at least match the Albatross DVa. And was considered a good plane to the point that some pilots even preferred it to the new Spads. But I'm open to the possibility i could be wrong I just would like a reason.
  12. Nieuport from what i heard can't out-turn a Spad 13 in game is this true for the real Nieuports? Seems off
  13. Good points, all of them. I agree Dm needs fixing and late war stuff would be nice especially a Sopwith Snipe or Sopwith Pup. Though we have the air war i think adding heavy bombers for a ground war would add some more variety to the FC community
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