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  1. Yeah you'd be surprised that some people get there kicks through strategic planning and not just action. Besides, it can be swapped with AI if need be probably. In truth what inspired this idea was not the idea of not being able to fly but also so that when I'm out of town I can still use my laptop and play as a balloon observer and still potentially help the team out though i don't have a beasty PC. Besides what if you just want to sit around and listen to your favorite playlist while spotting huns etc. It would offer a more lazy form of gameplay and a less time intensive one not to mention one of the biggest motivation killers is the thought of being in a 2 hour sortie with nothing but empty skies
  2. Thx Talbot you actually explained it quite throughly👌
  3. Interesting i didn't know they had machine guns might be worth considering
  4. This is only an idea for making balloons a spawnable place in FC. And in theory it might be a way to market FC to people who who either lack the utensils to fly an aircraft such as a joystick for example, or are out on vacation and don't have a beasty system that's portable. Might perhaps bring in a few players from Tank Crew. What will the balloon do? And why would a player use it? I think it should be used for spotting and other intended duty relating to spotting. For example it can send artillery corrections to a varying degree of accuracy and he can use his binoculars to see if he can spot enemy aircraft and send an alert to the aerodrome to get fighters to said area. The player can also control the balloons up and down movement which can be limited on its attitude and it should probably contain parachutes to bail out or not lol. I'll leave the parachutes to debate. And they can also use flares to signal to Friendly's if they happen to be on the vicinity on the status of the lines. Its a personal opinion balloons are far riskier to attack than they are worth. And i think if we added it as a potential spawn point that the risk might be worth the effort to make an attack on the balloons because we have to take it down to limit the artillary correction effectiveness of the enemy. This is my third post on the idea Im not trying to get on anyone's nerves just want to put it on different places so that it might be heard more Suggestions or ideas are welcome as always.
  5. Of course not i'm not expecting everything just a dreamer here but I do think making observational balloons a potential spawn point would make it a more attractive target in multi-player and provide an option for those who lack the utensils for aircraft flying And they can potentially do some spotting and direct ground artillary bombardment all while looking out for enemy fighters even control the up and down of the balloon/ bail out above a certain alt. Besides he can also check for incoming bombers and alert the aerodrome and it would not be the all seeing AI
  6. And if they can make it a combined arms and do the same with FC I think it would be interesting and if done right the advertisement can cause the FC community to skyrocket in numbers Picture it: Lone recon plane spots a artillery battery than fires flare balloon observer confirms target and alerts front line which alerts Aerodrome. Aerodrome sends bombers to target with escort to bomb it chaos ensues bombers make it and release the bombs thus destroying the base. The bombers and escorts land and alert aerodrome and which in turn alerts the Infrantry that it ready to charge. COMBINED ARMS!!!
  7. @Petrovich note this is an idea im not sure if it is entirely possible. But I've noticed in multi-player people stay away from balloons generally because they are not worth the risk and have almost not strategic value. Plus flak is awefully scary lol. The idea is why not allow a player to spawn as a balloon observer and you can look around direct artillary barrages (move balloon up and down to potentially hide in clouds) and even see if you can spot halberstadts or bristols en route to a target. Now there might be some reason this isn't possible that I probably don't know but due to the lack of tanks in ww1 it might be a way to bring in some players who either lack the utensils to fly an aircraft in game or are just lazy and want to contribute while on vacation maybe even bring in those who use tank crew into the FC community. And the option to bailout above a certain altitude and binoculars even to help with spotting and in order to address it communication could be done through in game chat or by flares to friendly aircraft . A give order list to the ground artillary below you would also be an option too.
  8. I have il2 bos via steam and no matter what I do steam says I'm up to date but the game says I'm not and refuses to load i restarted my computer even a shutdown and it still don't work any suggestions Nevermind solved it i basically used steam properties and started another update which apparently triggered il2 update to show and updated il2 then boom bingo bingo all 👍
  9. Okay guys i have come to the realization that the skin has a error on the bottom with alignment which i always knew was there, the problem was I didn't know why? Now I do and am going to try and fix it. If you notice on the cowl three red stripes start there instead of two like in this image i just saw. It would make sense that I didn't notice the extra line and then towards the tail end (on the bottom) the problem was amplified, meanwhile the skin looks as best as can be for the time being and a v2 of it will fix this problem. After that we should have a great skin we can all enjoy thank you for your patience and hopefully it should be ready by Thursday.
  10. She's quite a beautiful girl once you know what can and can't do honestly from personal server experience i will say she is probably one of the best Entante aircraft you can spawn in and can hold her own somewhat against a D7F. But thx glad you enjoy the skin
  11. Honestly man you don't know the half of it. Thank you glad you enjoy it
  12. Hi guys I just made this skin and i wanted to share it with the community I hope you guys enjoy it it was probably the hardest skin I ever did. You can find the skin download link in the video description. - Kind Regards
  13. https://youtu.be/oRMKt5fW64s Barber Pole flown by Lt. Dudley "Red" Outcalt 1919 part of the Showbird spads. Skin file is in description if you feel fit please like and subscribe thank you.
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