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  1. Mauf

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    Youtube has a lot of valuable information for newcomers to the genre, use it. The most important thing you can do now is allow yourself the time to learn this stuff. No Hartmann fell from the sky, you know:)
  2. Mauf

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    It's always amazing how many claim that these damaged planes continue "to fight without a problem". The loss of speed alone these damages will incur is big enough to render them unable to fight back in any capable form. If of course, you fly your plane like a mad man and waste all your energy advantage at the same rate as the damaged opponent, things feel less severe. That's particularly visible on Berloga where you have german flyers b&z an opponent, then pull STRAIGHT up into a prop hang for a hammerhead. Then often, they miss their target, drop below them and they get shot at in a cut turn or in the dive (or they get shot on the prop hang). Seen it multiple times, done it to german flyers a couple of times myself. tl;dr: not capitalising on the disadvantage inflicted on the damaged opponent is often the primary culprit for why these damages feel insignificant. Further: if you damage both wings of an opponent to a similar degree, you equalise the lift between them, making it easier for them to control the plane still (while also losing more speed advantage again). The Spitfire is particularly sensitive to that, its tendency to roll and stall in a turn reduces as damage to both wings equalises.
  3. Maybe they'll give CloD the ROF-treatment at one point in time in the future. Until then, there are other theaters they can look at:)
  4. Mauf

    Asymmetrical flap damage Me 109

    Doesn't the 109 use parts of the radiators as flaps too (I think the whole rad outlet can swivel to a degree to act as additional flaps surface)? Maybe that's the reason it can compensate the loss of one outer flap to a degree.
  5. You got a cheap USB hub flying around somewhere? Try putting that in between the USB port of your PC and the Warthog. Also have you tried all the different USB ports you have on your PC (it's important that you tried different controllers, not just 2 ports behind the same controller)?
  6. Also: Does the VKBsim Gladiator come with some fancy mapping software? Since you made sure the throttle is technically working fine, it's all on the software side of your main PC there. Since it's already recognized as a game controller, I have a feeling that something from the VKB blocks it. My suspicion: The VKB has something running that tries to integrate all controllers into one device and removes everything else. Some very shoddily programmed games out there can't handle gaming devices properly (think Xbox ports for example which often take only the first device in the list and ignore everything else because hey... who would have more than one gamepad attached to their gaming machine and WTF is a throttle quadrant?). Maybe you can add your throttle there to integrate it into the virtual device or disable that functionality altogether. TARGET and the CH equivalent do something similar though they don't block other devices.
  7. Be very careful with that Warthog throttle when it comes to firmware updates and that TARGET software. I had one die on me when the TARGET software crashed while pushing a new profile onto the throttle. My recommendation: Change as little as possible on the hardware end and use third party, purely software sided, remapping software. At least that won't brick it.
  8. Mauf

    What draws you to historical Flight Sims

    An interesting question. What made me stick around flight sims was actually the gunnery (and by extension, the flying stuff necessary to get it applied). I'm usually just a mediocre flyer when it comes to flying clean and tactical, conserving E and getting the maximum out of my plane (safe for the Hurricane in CloD maybe since I flew it almost exclusively back then). But I take great enjoyment in landing those wild long distance or crazy deflection shots. This is one of my favourite shots (Video quality is messy but I actually managed to vent the guy): When I get a shot or two like these once an evening I'm a happy camper:)
  9. Mauf

    Formation leader always too far ahead

    Is this on russian side? If I remember correctly, that's actually how they flew, with one experienced pilot leading the lot somewhat ahead of the rest. So this might be correct behaviour.
  10. Well, as so happens they're currently developing the tech that allows jets to be modelled in the engine so... If I had to bet: Map gets passed to a third party so they can concentrate on other lines of work for the time being. If the map pans out, model the Sabre and the Mig and sell as a smaller package. The whole setup is comparatively "simple" (map + two planes) so it lends itself to be a "side-project". If it takes off, no reason not to build upon that, otherwise it stays an interesting tidbit for some people to enjoy mostly. Still, I here I am as many others still hoping PTO is the next thing to happen:D
  11. Mauf

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Indeed they do. And it's a difficult balancing act they have to manage between allowing discussion and blocking discussions derailing into rabble rowsing. Have too much rabble rowsing and (often illinformed) complaint threads and you might scare new customers who take a look at the forum for the first time and go "Woah, dumpster fire". The last thing we want is hurting the bottom line of the game that way. In the long run, that hurts us way more than an "inaccurate" model somewhere. The model will eventually be improved (as they've demonstrated numerous times) but you can't be sure that the lost customer will do a turn around. Things we could do better would be linking upcoming issue threads to the proper responses the devs already have given on the topic (would be cool if such reference links could get moved to the first reply by the mods or something so they're immediately at hand) and remind people that improvements are often much more complicated to get right than the issue suggests. -> As is the case with the topic at hand.
  12. Ah, explains why I got the bronze BoM. Thought it was a cheaper edition or something. Been a while.
  13. These are awarded for preorders only.
  14. Cheers. % is simply the axis of the game. What you are looking at for those degree values is this (using a DCS K4 screenshot here because I don't have access to the game where I am right now): Those should indicate the stab setting in °
  15. Mauf

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    In all likelihood: Not viable for a game. Sims as by their nature always have to find a way to approximate. Cut corners to keep things managable and timely. Remember we're playing a real time game here. If the "proper" simulation of a hit takes only half a second to compute, what you think would happen on a hit rate like 10-15 per second? That stuff starts compounding. Now mix that with everything else going on in the game and you quickly get to the point where every corner cut is necessary to keep the game playable. As to the whole discussion in general: Propabilities from loss reports like these are not a good guide to model the weapons by IMHO (they can be checked against for gross deviation game vs report but that's it). I'd rather modelling concentrated on the physical properties and mechanisms the here discussed shells worked on. Right now, we know that the HE effect is approximated in game (splinters/fragmentation numbers scaled by HE filler size). I hope the devs find a better, cleverer way to model this so results in game get closer to the known real life firing trials. All this discussion feels like whether that shape on the cart axle should have 4 or 6 edges. Let's wait till we get something that's closer in shaped to a wheel. Until that happens, people will have to live with the 4-6 30mm hits on a P47 to de-wing it. Take solace in the fact that usually after 1-2 hits, the enemy plane is already pretty much out of the fight so in sum, the weapon did have its desired effect.