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  1. guys, apologies in advance if this is somehow covered but i can't find a proper answer to this - does it matter what 3090 card I buy? Eg Asus/EVGA/Nvidia Founder's edition? I do understand that some are 'pre' overclocked (and hence better, if CPU is not a limiting factor) and from what I'm reading EVGA sounds good quality-wise. For what it matters, I have an Asus motherboard and a 9900k overclocked to 5GHz (hopefully may get it to go to 5.1 or 5.2). Use case is VR, have Reverb G2. Any tips appreciated, apologies if this is a noob question!
  2. guys, sorry for the slight hijack of the thread, but, still 9900K relevant: given Il-2 BoX only uses one core, is there any sense (for temperature reasons) to only overclock one core (currently have all cores at 5.2ghz on a test basis, had no issue with 5ghz so far)? Or does this not make any sense/would slow down the game?
  3. thanks both - have opencomposite, didn't know about oculus tray having this function, will check out.
  4. thanks, will check out, saw something on their page (not 100% sure, maybe about direct support).
  5. hi guys what are you using to measure VR performance? I remember seeing a video somewhere with an overlay showing FPS, GPU speeds/temps, CPU speeds/temps. would be good to measure properly before trying to fix issues (system as below).
  6. very cool! I unashamedly confess this is asking for the hand when getting a finger, but, any chance the nick of the person speaking will or can be displayed? ie similar to player chat or technochat messages? reason for asking is that AFAIK there is no overlay style solution for VR (eg TS3 works in pancake mode with such an overlay but not VR).
  7. Quick question, what are the changes between 2.2 and 2.3? Can't find a change log.
  8. Daft question - but - if I have Steam, then if I buy collector planes in the Il-2 store and not Steam, then how/when can they be used in Steam or is this somehow automatic? If not, then :( - bought some but probably can't cancel or resell? :(
  9. Hi all, I am a returning pilot from the original Il-2 series looking for a mature/easy-going group to join, just am getting familiarized again with flying, this time with my new set-up (VR). I mostly have time on Fridays/Saturdays after 2100 CET or so, mostly fly allied. Anyone recruiting?
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