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  1. Hi, After some times spent with IL2 GB series a found Audio settings minimalstic yet. Actually a I have played on the latest build 3.007 last night and experienced engine sound in cockpit too NOIS. So I navigate to Audio settings and found my Volume is 20% ! So lower it to 9% - but experience engine sound in cockpit still too noisy! Switch to external view F2 very close to plane than engines are almost quiet. weird. Strange thing, because windows audio and other games audio looks ok with no problem. If compare IL-2 Audio settings to other games in common sound settings is really minimal. Only Volume adjustment and checkbox on-off for "Title music" and "Interface sound". As solution I expect to get advance settings in Audio to be able adjust e.g. engine sound (external and internal in cockpit), weapons sound , radio sound, music sound, ambient sound etc. Appreciate if devs taken this improvement in account. Thanks.
  2. Hi dear developers, take this idea as suggestion to further improve yours-ours sim. I found that weather in the game is simplified. I mean simulation of meteorological effects should be improved to some deeper level as it is implemented now. It can be focused on a front (warm and cold) simulation and its related effects. It is obvious that weather plays strategic aspect on a battlefield. Especially for the air force. Consider change of weather condition during mission (e.g. cold front passing) - if target area is covered by low clouds with local snowing or showers. If mother airfield is covered by heavy snow or rain and it is need to land on backup airfield etc. Passing front is represented by specific types of clouds and its heights. Low clouds - Stratus, Startocumulus, Nimbostratus (Heights surface to 6500’) Medium Clouds - Altocumulus, Altocumulus Castellanus, Altostratus (heights: 6500’ to 23000’). Also change of atmospheric pressure could be simulate to some level. It could be implemented ln the campaigns, single missions, online etc.. Weather settings could be improved to set custom heights/types of clouds and covereage in 0/8 (clear)- 8/8 (cloudy) at least. Other flight sims provide simulated weather with less or more success. I know that it is not easy task.but will bring new level of advanced atmosphere and great experience. See you on the sky. stim .
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