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  1. North Africa will be nice theather to play. Me-323 cover missions will be nice
  2. Thanks for your replies, working time compresion to 8x will be just fine I guess and it will compensate large distances en route. Anyway for hardcore realistic simulation you just won't using this feature. And train attack missions is what I am waiting for, still. Waiting for any dev to reply
  3. // sorry, I have posted this on wrong place, could you move? Hello, Im writing to share my thoughts after 400hrs of flying on IL-2 Sturmovik BoM & BoS & BoK - all the time on career mode - Luftwaffe fighters mostly Few words about my set up: All the time on oculus rift + X56 stick and throttle + Pro flight rudder pedals (last 80hrs) Difficulty settings which I am flying: Objects & Navigation markings on, engine always warmed, autopilot on, auto throttle limit, auto engine control, radiator helpers (idk I guess thats how it should sound in english) Gonna switch off auto throttle, engine and radiator helpers I guess Im ready to fly without this since I always tried to keep bf109 below 1.15ata when necessary and below 1.3ata at combat Why auto pilot on? Due to lack of time I am flying on auto en-route on time settings up to 8x. Time settings are affected by planes in air and ground objects presence, so most of the time 2x is the limit AI seems to be too easy and with recent update its seems to be bit easier than earlier to me. So introducing new difficulty level for career will be a nice feature. Like setting AI skill to ace constant or something like that. Finished BoM career with 400+ kills flying Bf109F2 mostly, idk how target markings affected this score but cutting this number in half is still a big number New G-effects characteristics helped me to learn energy-saving flying, seems to me that previously I was wasting too much energy on combat turns and now I am making less maneouvers due to G-force load. Soviet fighters which base on maneuverability lost some its advantages and its even easier now to fight with yak-1 or i-16 General conclusions: I should change my difficulty settings and switch off objects markings to make it harder, cause flying with on is lame and to easy Career thoughts: Bf110/Hs129 career is unplayable due to large en-route distances and time speed up issues (I guess on vr only). I dont have time to sit in vr hmd for 10 minutes to fly over target. Maybe you could fix that issue? Bomber career - the same I guess, but I never played since it seems boring to me anyway Single engine fighter career is ok, but it has some issues with target distance too - e.g in last BoM stage and mission diversity Its about 90% of chance that enemy will have altitude advantage, always. idk why If you decide to fly MC202 in 22 gruppo autonomo... (italian) you will be surprised that there are only german names in unit staff. There will be same issue in slovakian (i dont remember if im right) unit in kuban Career mission dont react in any way on frontline situation, e.g 'Hey, we are going to encirclement some russian forces in X sector, maybe you could help us there' You will probably never encounter enemy fighters/sturmoviks/bombers taking of from airfield. Why not? Sturmoviks will never open fire at you, even if they have chance to shoot you down BoM: Last stage of carrer en route distance issues - too far away from frontline Never had chance to fly over that pocket on the west where 29A & 39A made a threat on last stage of career You only encounter MIG-3 in last stages of career, but if you switch to bf110 you surprisingly meet i-16 BoS: Just sit near stalingrad which is close to frontline and its ok, but you will never attack any target in the city or on the river crossing there, which is kinda sad. BoB: Tried to start flying career there but performance issues are killing fun, idk why framerates are dropping there Mission types: Ground troops cover mission - its the mission type I mostly skip due to chance of enemy encounter which seems to be about 50%. Just fly over place in circles for nothing Free hunt missions - its ok when flying without autopilot, just fly through frontline and seek targets. Go cover enemy airspace over X is not present. It will be nice feature to roam around city X, and encounter your bombing run with cover while doing this or something like that Bombers escort missions - long en route distance and time speed increase issues made this mission boring. And another pattern I've discovered - 90% of chance that you won't meet any enemy on 'your' side of frontline. So just switch auto pilot on and go make yourself a coffee, or take a shower. 2x time is max what I can achieve. Also 'just go bombard stalingrad' missions are not present. Ju-87 stukas got issues with bombing runs - only leader drop bombs, the rest are flying with load to base (idk maybe it changed recently). After bombing run and back to base en route these bombers are not flying faster (why? maybe they still have bombs attached?) Ground attack missions - I have never encountered 'attack a train' mission on both BoM and BoS. Never seen Stalingrad's river crossing attack mission - its kinda surprising that you will never flew over stalingrad and attack these damn ships with supplies, ground attack planes also never had a chance to do that. Airfield attack mission is also not present in fighter career - and I mean enemy airfield attack and emergency take off while your own is being attacked. So most of the time you attack transport columns/river crossings/artillery. Could you just add other types of target, e.g. unit hq Enemy airplanes crossing frontline or something like this - kinda nice mission type but got some issues with tracking enemy - sturmoviks were flying other direction that was specified in mission target. So you just fly over point for 15 minutes and enemy is dealing damage to ground troops 20km away Attack recon plane mission - seems ok, but why never U2 on low altitude? Also you will never fly recon mission on your own (why wont you fly over city X Oberleutnant and check whats going up there) That will be all I guess, sorry for my language mistakes (Im sure I made a few) and general chaos in my statement
  4. Hello folks, Im running on i7 4790k @ 4.7 Ghz and Gtx 1070, achieving 40-50 fps on lower alt and 89+ higher. Thoughts about my config - cpu is good and GPU is the limit. Looking into windows' task manager I can see CPU up to 70% load and GPU 99% most of the time. Can anyone check and compare these values with your own rig?
  5. With new update to 3.011 flight record stopped working, error counter #1000. Please werify
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