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  1. Tag777

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    Down for me. Server list disappeared.
  2. Tag777

    Volar sin TrackIR

    Yo no concibo volar sin el TrackIR (y en tiempos del viejo y querido Il2 1946 no lo tenia 😥). De hecho, lo que dijo Trenkos me hizo pensar en que pasaría si se rompe el que tengo (que ya es viejito), así que encargué uno nuevo por si acaso 😁. Saludos!
  3. Tag777

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Historical accuracy Explanation of proposals: Give the possibility of mix both types of ammo for the P-39's 37 mm cannon. The ammo load for the P-39's 37 mm cannon allows only HE or AP but not mixing both. It is in contrast to historical data (see for example Evgeniy Mariinsky's book "Red Star Airacobra" when he textually explains that Russian P-39's 37 mm cannon had both types of ammo mixed). Benefits: The game will be more close to what was the real air combat in the Eastern Front.
  4. A suggestion is that the oil splatter should be black or at least dark brown.
  5. Same happened to me last night in WoL in a P-40. I was unable to hear the sound of the bullets impact. Happens in almost all planes, not only Germans.
  6. Same here. Which is quite annoying because if there are not a hole somewhere in the cockpit the oil should stay over the windshield.
  7. Many thanks Requiem, your vids are a primary source to everyone that wants to improve his skills. Do you planned to make some vids about plane trimming? I do not think I have seen any about the subject in Youtube. It would be great!!
  8. Well, I was at first very hesitant to go into MP but hey, now I can't barely play other way. For me is the closest thing to real life air combat (obviously, considering the fact that we virtual pilots do not have the fear to death of real life pilots and that makes a big difference, but anyway). I still am in the learning phase and have been months (many) since I began in MP but slowly I am getting better (still killed more times than I shoot down the enemies but at last not so many as when I started 😁). My suggestion to those people that never went into MP is to give it a try. If after that, you feels that it does not suites your taste its ok, but at least you will had a glimpse of how the MP part of the game is. Regards,
  9. Tag777

    Problemas con 3.0

    Que suerte que lo pudiste solucionar. A ver si te metés en el MP y nos juntamos por ahí para algún vuelo. Saludos,
  10. This is an endless debate I think. Russian aces like Golodnikov stated that if they had used the manufacturer's manual engine limits all they would be shot down in no time. What he says is that using the engine at full power for long time means that the engine must be changed in less time but not that the engine instantly blows up at full power like the p-40 for example. http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/golodnikov/part2.htm https://www.warbirdforum.com/russp40.htm
  11. Tag777

    TS hispano parlante

    Me parece interesante la propuesta de Azor. La próxima me daré una vuelta por el TS oficial a ver si alguno está conectado 🙂 P.D.: Aunque es cierto que el manejo del motor es mas sencillo en los aviones alemanes, hay algunos aviones aliados que no son tan complicados, como los Yak por ejemplo. Lo más que hay que hacer es controlar la temperatura de los radiadores y pasar el supercargador a segunda marcha encima de 2300 m porque los rpm y mezcla casi siempre son ajustarlos antes del despegue y está hecho. Como para ir practicando. Saludos,
  12. Tag777


    Bueno, si quieres leer algo referente a pilotos aliados (rusos específicamente) y sus tácticas te recomiendo "El Cielo de la Guerra" de Aleksandr Pokryshkin (si no lo has leido ya por supuesto). http://www.rkka.es/Otros_articulos/16_Pokryshkin/000.htm. Se puede bajar completo en pdf para no tener que leerlo en línea. Saludos, P.D.: no me había fijado antes que hay gente conocida entre los que prepararon el libro 🙂
  13. Tag777

    BOK: P-39L-1 seems very slow.

    Trimming the plane adequately must be another point to take in consideration as well.
  14. Tag777

    Achtung Luftwaffe! Cazadores rojos en acción

    Ok Chima, pasame los datos del server de TS (el oficial de BoS ya lo tengo registrado). Saludos.
  15. Tag777

    Achtung Luftwaffe! Cazadores rojos en acción

    Ayer me tocó compartir en el server de WoL con Chima, no volamos juntos ni nada pero estuvimos en combate en la misma zona al mismo tiempo. Derribó 3 109 en menos de 5 minutos!!