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  1. A very important consideration, measure your IPD (interpupillary distance), there are guides how to do this, I used the ruler and mirror technique. If your measurement falls outside of the recommended range (61.5 and 65.5mm I believe) then you'll need to go for a headset that fits your measurement. I ended up with an Index for this very reason.
  2. Just started this today, plenty of time atm. Nice little campaign so far, have just bombed the airfield hangers, had engine damage and had to land in no mans land in the middle of a barrage. This mission is one of the most atmospheric missions I've flown so far in FC. Many thanks for making this 👍
  3. I tend to change view on the fly, I have reset/center view mapped to the pinkie button on my Warthog throttle, I then (if I'm too far back in the cockpit) move my head further back hit the pinkie button and I'm in a more forward position, same left to right or a combination of both.
  4. @Floppy_Sock No haven't overclocked much, 4.2GHz, liquid bought for more. Currently using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Just reading the 2080TI box, it's stating 650W minimum PSU, looks like I'm shopping again tomorrow.
  5. Okay, the whole lot arrived today, not sure if I'm going to get stuck into all this tonight or wait till the morning. 😵 @Floppy_Sock I tend to fly SP 95% of the time now, will see how it all goes.
  6. I bought the CV1 in 2016, I haven't flown without it since, my flight sim world changed that day, there is no going back.
  7. I'd love to have the Reverb as an option, however with a 70mm IPD this headset won't work, it's the Index for the next year or two.
  8. @Count, I'll check it out when it arrives, not sure how many ports there are without disconnecting everything and taking it from under my desk. My local electrical store has a 650W in stock, I'll head over there and buy one if needed. @marklar, You're not far off what I'm running, I ordered a Corsair liquid cooler in the cyber monday sale as well, plan to stretch my cpu a little, what PSU are you using? @ Stoopy, you're right there were no plans for VR support on release but that has changed due to demand for it ... link
  9. On order, all duck or no dinner as they say.... Valve Index full kit (currently have Rift CV1) MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Ventus (currently KFA 1070) Will have the GFX card in a couple of days, not sure on the Index. i7 6700K (remaining) 16GB DDR4 3200 (might add another 16GB) I used a PSU calculator and got 530w for the new set up, I'm currently using a Corsair CS550M 550W 80+ Gold PSU hoping is does the job, borderline I fear. Anyone else got a similar set up? Went with the Index, main reason, manual IPD, Oculus lost the plot with this. I also fly a bit of FSX and with the FS2020 due next year I want a big step up in clarity. I know it hasn't the best resolution but the Index on paper appears to be the best all rounder for my situation especially as my kids also use VR.
  10. I'm playing the Tempest career and I am getting followed back with to base with numerous bandits, my wingmen don't get in the fight either. I've made some very quick landings.
  11. Nice work, keep us posted on any tweaks. I suppose this begs the question from a CV1 user (and it's probably too soon to answer and if it is take your time to answer), having the Index and the Quest with the link would you (if you were still a CV1 user but with the knowledge of both head sets) be satisfied with the Quest or would you fork out the extra money for the Index?
  12. As per title Rift S down to £349 in the Amazon Black Friday Sale. Link Can't see the Quest dropping anytime soon.
  13. Keep us updated on this, I need the manual IPD adjustment (70mm IPD), currently have the Rift. If the Quest can save me close to £600 over the full index set up that'll be a no brainer.
  14. Many thanks for this very handy guide.
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