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  1. let me guess......we will need to buy it ? the devs turns nice suddenly and decide to save us of flying this campaign and get rid of the unlocks by paying for them? I hope i guess wrong
  2. S! This is true....and more....it depends on mission objectives and group tatics. I agree that the current planeset is hard for the VVS players....but only in DOGFIGHTING. The current VVS planeset are very nice for ground targets, with Pe-2 and Il-2. In a objective based mission, the LW air superiority can mean almost nothing depending of squads tatics. Taking it short: With current planeset, in dog servers which almost everybody plays as lonewolf: LW has advantage. In mission based servers(which we don't have) LW and VVS are pretty competitive.
  3. S! S! But in il2 has a much more easy fmb to build coops. Also, in online wars we had a mission generator that setup a mission in 10 seconds. But the most important, those were not random missions with ground targets like Bos campaign...they was linked to an entire war system and able to change the front, with many squads registered. Much better than "Red destroyed 90% of targets----->Red wins the map-----> Map rotate" that we often see in 99% of the dog servers If take a look in those times you barely saw coops in il2, but plenty of them in il2 online wars. I agree that them alone had very few players
  4. S! Thats EXACTLY what i think too! From years of experience, i reach the same conclusion People used to condemn COOP as a obsolete feature, because with these new tools you can add AI in Dog servers and triggers and a lot more........but You still with a 20% max of players flying organized. And nobody care about ground targets, objectives and nothing. I recognize coops have their flaws.....but the advantages still interesting and actual like this topic showed up. I flew ADW, but i found the same complains regarding those stuff plus the time zone (you can see a lot of "Empty US servers" bitching in this forum). I have US time....and the ADW was plenty of people during my working day and hell empty during the night. With coop system this issue was very very reduced.
  5. Despite i agree that suffering for vulching is kinda boring....i don't think this is must be prohibited. Every team must ensure air superiority near fields, and also there's the flak. Vulching is normal. Suffering for vulching ? Call your friends to protect you. Lonewolf is untypical in air warfare. But vulching is a persistent problem for every deathmatch based game, unless if you have a random respaw, not cfs case. It's reduced when you have a LOT of players in server, but you can't get rid off it....in the old warbirds with 400 players you had it Another advantage of coop....fair balanced, no vulching, quickly regroup and generally turns in a enemy squad encounter
  6. S! Another good reason for coops
  7. S! Just speculating: The il2 site, that's probably very outdated, describes the sales: 600.000 copies to the rest of the world + 650.000 copies only in russian market =1.250.000. (probably much more, specialy with steam now) http://il2-sturmovik.de.ubi.com/en/history.php So, that the significance of the russian market, more than half of the sales And Bos, shall reach the 200.000 copies at least. Maybe, thats the reason for the unlocks, to put the $12 selling plan on russian market to increase the sales. And maybe thats why we "the rest of the world" are complete ignored. Someone knows how is the acceptance for the unlocks in russian forum/community?
  8. 100% agreed with bearcat
  9. It seems cat owners is jealousy now.....can't we have meows too?
  10. Thx for the update Did you guys record Jason's dog barking?
  11. S! I absolutely agree with a zoomable minimap. The O map is very good, but he alone is worst than we had in il2. The actual minimap is useless unless you flying with open icons. For full real navigation is a no go. Please, devs, put the classical zoomable minimap and keep the O map, it will be an evolution....but how is now is a throwback
  12. S! Same here. Go ahead and ban the all the "haters"... Sadly, shutting our mouth up don't will make the game better. I'm losing my faith in this, absolutely
  13. S! Sincerely, FMB, Skins and Dserver we have since 2001. And again, when "IT" showed up, regardless it was an disastrous alpha. I think those features are standards. Can't kudos them like i can't kudos putting a tyre in a car....they are basic. Dev's didn't make them because their bosses are trying to beat the world record of flight sim development I just hope i'll be able to kudos their(fmb, skins, dserver) quality....until then, we just thank dev's to include them on plans. Unfortunately the unlocks disaster and other decisions that i don't agree aren't on plans, this is very sad.
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