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  1. This trailer looks like some 1950s Soviet extreme propaganda with mythical T-34 connected with Hollywood unbelievable special effects. But maybe it's just a trailer.
  2. Since don't use technochat anyway i wouldn't notice any change in this regard. But overall i have to say game runs really smooth.
  3. What about this option? I tried to fly without tips but when i hide them i don't see server messages, other players messages, spotted aircrafts reports and so on. So realistically hiding tips is useful maybe for doing screenshots only. Such a shame.
  4. Appreciate you stayed late at work to publish this DD. I thought it was too late to wait.👍
  5. It's interesting Fw 190a5 has it's speed very much like on the chart until 6000m. And La 5fn until 3500m. Only above this heights difference is starting to grow rapidly. And all BoBp planes released until now looks correct at all heights.
  6. I'm also trying to restrict myself but the fact it can't be set server side like in every other flight simulator is a great shame.
  7. Devs, if even server administrators like TAW want this option please simply give it to them. Server administrators are the bread and butter of this game, they attract people to play, they maintain servers with their own money, they create missions and scripts using their own time. They are backbone of the community. Please don't stay one step behind in this regard.
  8. Me also. Both new planes looks great.
  9. Is/ will be new gun dispersion model applied to FC planes also?
  10. Great news. Virtual fronts are one of the most important factors making the game really alive. I hope there will be an option to turn off a technochat for server administrators. Thanks for the work, i really look forward to see even more quality servers like in old Il2. They make the experience truly memorable. Not only the new planes. Great work guys. Keep up like that!
  11. I would say it's recreated very well in the sim. There are two bugs. It has an engine temperature about 15-20 C higher than A5 when using the same settings and it's rockets slows F8 by 175km/h what is about 10 times more than it should. But this are bugs and this is an early access.
  12. Guys, you are the best. I don't remember other sim which would properly model turbochargers.
  13. Can't wait for the Thud and bubble visibility.
  14. With bubble canopy and polished skin it looks so modern. Bf-109 and Spit looks a bit dated in compare. Can't wait.
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