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  1. Make sure you read the rules in map right panel... You need to spawn at the airfield in all CAPS ..unless you have landed said plane at the forward airfield beforehand...ie to rearm refuel Edit: is there a way to make the rules more apparent like splash screen or text..I feel like your servers would have alot more people in them if people didn't get kicked after take off all the time. I actually had that happen when I first tryd the server. And just read the rules by chance trying to see if it was summer or winter (to put on my skin) haha
  2. Why is the normal difficulty server down? Is it going back up? As someone who does not have trackir or the money/means to get one or a alternative I need the enemy dots and screen markers haha otherwise I would play expert. Also I don't get good enough fps to be able to identify planes with my shity graphics frames and head movement haha
  3. I use 30% fuel take 2 1800kg bombs and all gunner mods on. flaps to 15% and i can get er up..use all the runway get the tail up as soon as possible on takeoff.. and drop to 85%throttle/85%rpm as soon as i have 200m alt and 200 kmh ...i dont know the exact gauge setting cause the % are literially right there to make it easier .. also use the toe breaks to keep her straight for the first bit of the takeoff cause the rudder does not work untill you got some air flowing on it. i have only been playing this for about 1 month also so if i can fly this fatty... Edit: also the climb setting is rated for half a hour as well so you don't have to worry about the engine throttle/rpm once you drop them to 85%..just keep a eye on your temp's and adjust rads in climb(try and keep em as closed as ya can without overheating her) and dont drop your flaps until you are like 200kmh 200-300m up as you will drop a bit. ..like i said im a noob and do not know alot about the gauge optimal settings so im sure you could get more out of her...but if you just want to get it in the air and bomb somthing this will get it done. i level targets on WOL server all the time haha.
  4. DEG

    New pilot here

    Nice thanx again everyone!
  5. DEG

    New pilot here

    my main thing is prop pitch and what to set it at and when but ill figure it out here looking into these links you guys kindly put in here.
  6. DEG

    New pilot here

    Thank! I didn't know about the hitting o thing haha now I can answer my question right when I come across them mid flight.
  7. DEG

    New pilot here

    Thanks for the warm welcome here are some treats haha
  8. DEG

    New pilot here

    I am an American but i served in the Army for 4 years (US military uses metric) so im actually more comfortable with metric thankfully! I will have to give it a go...as i think the G2 was only faster at higher alt ..and i don't tend to fly above 2k-3k meters on career anyway...at least not up to this point. thanks! as for the russians planes them running at 100% didnt translate to better engine tho did it? learned (history buff) that they just capped them lower..as in there 100% was really just a max continuous ..but allied/german planes gave there pilots the ability to go over the 100% maybe because better trained? and so there max continuous was 70% And thanx for the videos!!!and fast responses!! i just want to add my in flight music of choice haha and good vid 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6npKLMK9fo thanks much
  9. Hey everyone new pilot here and first timer for il2 or any full fledged flight/combat sim game. I have been getting my feet wet to start in the BF 109-G2 being new to this type of game/sim i figured it would be a good plane to start off in due to the automated system's such as prop pitch being automated aswell as other engine systems. I have got to the point were i can take off easily now even with a heavier load.20% flaps for takeoff seem to do the trick or at least make it easier to get off the ground stable.(i notice the left wing likes to drop on takeoff maybe cause of engine torque?) and when i got a bomb i set the flaps to 15% . I huge ww2 buff but never delved to deep into the Air war aspect of thing's to crazy besides learning about the types of planes and battle's. So anyway any help, tips, tricks, tactics anyone can sling my way would be appreciated! i also have a few Q's -is this a good plane to start with? -is it much harder to fly other type's of planes without automated systems? -How long can i run the engine on 100% (emergancy power) before engine damage? -how long or at what temp am i safe to run it on 100% again after i have cooled the engine -Were the Hell is the oil TEMP gauge??? is it below the coolant temp gauge??? All in all i have been playing career mode and have 30 kills so i have at least got to that point but my tactics are rubbish i tend to try and turn fight more often then i like in the heat of the moment. the 109 seems to have great energy retention though so i can Boogy out of hairy situations most of the time as long as i have some altitude to work with.anyway... any advice, links, tips tricks to flying this thing would be nice. also a shot out to the guy that made the slovak skins for this plane as i have slovak Heritage!
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