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  1. Hello everyone, I've recently acquired some new flight controls (TM A-10 HOTAS Joystick, Weapons Control Sys, and pedal) attached to a fairly descent custom PC. While I have a RIFT VR system, I haven't tried it with IL-2 as of yet, instead trusting in my Track IR. I have been a member for many years, but never progressed very far. The new PC, controls, software updates, and just as significant, the maturity of this forum have made the sim much more responsive and enjoyable. I have barely scratched at all the sim has to offer, but love what I have experienced so far. I find myself spending much time reviewing this forum and have found so many interesting and helpful posts. One of which was the idea of setting up custom scenarios to practice combat. I must confess, I haven't done that as of yet, but I continue to perform the combat missions and experiment with the Realistic mode in these missions more and more. I continue to tweak my control settings to make things more intuitive and am feeling more and more comfortable with my taxing, take offs, landings and touch and goes. Navigation, flight discipline, and situational awareness are all sub par. Not sure if I am quite ready for a squadron or multi-user combat, but would welcome the opportunity to do some joint flying exercises if anyone would like to share some non-competitive flight time. Best regards, Dave (Wanderer37)
  2. Thanks for sharing BladeMeister. I appreciate the write up on the various CFSs and the screen shots as well...
  3. Hello LC34, glad to hear you resolved the issue with your warthog. I recently upgraded my HOTAS Cougar rig for a HOTAS Warthog and I love it. I had my old gear for many years and while impressive the Warthog is truly over the top. I haven't spent too much time reassigning controls yet as I've been busy doing touch and goes. Best regards...
  4. Oh my goodness, in my haste to capitalize on the sales, I ordered Flying Circus, Battle of Kuban, and Battle of Bodenplatte through the IL-2 store. Forgetting that Steam versions were supposed to be purchased through Steam. You can imagine my despair when I recalled that tidbit. I quickly sent a email to support and then decided to check the forums to see if anything might be possible. And look what I found, simply linking the two accounts would provide me access to all my purchases through Steam. I quickly followed the painless description to link the accounts, opened Stumovik from Steam and boom, all purchases show up. What a deal! Thank you, thank you, thank you DEV team, you are truly amazing.
  5. I'm usually touching down with engines at 0%, full flaps, 170Km. I try not to touch the brakes until after 50 yards then start taping the brakes. Eventually she starts to spin counter clockwise. When I detect the spin, I immediately counter with opposite rudder, but it never seems to help... As suggested, I'll try to keep engines running though I'm not sure what sort of speed I'll be running at for touch down with the engines running at 20 - 30 percent. Thinking it through I just realized I am not applying back pressure to the stick in order to force traction on the back wheel. I have to give this a quick try...
  6. From Colombia with perfect English no less - impressive. My wife is from Colombia, she moved to the states after she finished her bachelors. Looking forward to visiting one day. Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try...
  7. I double checked and on all 10 recorded landings she ground looped counter clock wise...
  8. I'm making progress with my landings finally. I keep practicing the "Take off and landing, calm" mission. I have 10 landings recorded that I was able to walk away from. My latest landings have me traveling about 50 yards before she spins clockwise. I can continue practicing my landings as I have been, but I was wondering if it might be beneficial to practice doing touch and go's as well.
  9. Hey guys thanks for all the tips on preventing ground looping on landing. I will explore these and see what I can do...
  10. Now, that I have figured out how to record and playback sessions I have learned that my flaps were not being fully deployed. I thought pressing "F" key would fully deploy them, but instead each key press deploys 1% of flap. I have since corrected and am now landing without damage - mostly. I'm still having trouble keeping the plane going straight down the airstrip on landing - she typically spins down the runway until my brakes stop her. I'm surprised the landing gear doesn't snap off. Anyway, this is progress and practice will make perfect...
  11. Interesting, so ShadowPlay is recording all the time and you can recall recent events without having to manually start the recording session - this is a nice feature that I will need to look into. Thanks for sharing.
  12. As it happens, I have dual NVIDIA graphics cards, but I can't imagine it could work as well as in-game recording. With in-game recording I can record from in-cockpit view and replay in external view. This is a big plus IMHO... Bummer. That's one of the reasons I got a backlit keyboard. I love it...
  13. Wow, thanks for such a quick responses! The video provides much details about the very richly implemented recording / play back feature and is highly recommended if you want to capitalize on the functionality, which is a must IMHO. Yes, simply pressing Crtl / R will toggle the recording feature, but the video also goes into associated topics such as manipulating the settings to reduce size of the recordings, how to load for replay, how to rename recordings and how to delete recordings. Not to mention how to fast forward, slow motion, repositioning within the recording and most importantly how to switch views.
  14. I am having difficulty with my landings and so have been practicing with the "Take-off and landing, calm" mission. I don't like using external views and I'm not sure exactly what I am doing wrong, which is resulting in repeated landing gear damage. I suppose I can switch to external view to see what is going on, but I was wondering if there might be a flight recorder, which I can play after the fact. I have seen a couple references to flight recording, but have not been able to find out how to do it.
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