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  1. I´m willing to buy it, but I´ll wait until campaign is deeply improved. I know mp is important in this kind of games, but for me sp is more. I love this sim, but there´s still some work to do with BOS.
  2. Thanks a lot. It seems that good sims have future... There are thing to be improved, but the german planes included in BoM are just incredible!!! WWOOOWW Make a good campaign and this family of sims will be the one!
  3. All founders should have the unlocks. We all commit to this game...
  4. For sure I´m not an ace, but I disagree with Celestiale about the comparison between 109 and 190 role rate. In my experience the 190 roles much faster than 109, I mean in BoS. Just a humble opinion. I have nothing to say about russian planes, because I flight them seldom.
  5. This SP campaign concept is great! I miss a bit IL2 ´46 campaign, and its 15 years old... Keep working dev´s!
  6. A0Super61, nice skin. Where can I get a skin of the Blue Squadron?
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, but in what folder may I paste the files of new skins? Thanks in advance!
  8. Lothar 29, ¿donde me tengo que guardar los archivos que has colgado? Me refiero en qué carpeta del juego? Gracias!!
  9. Many thanks. Much appreciated the commitment of the team.
  10. I agree, great sim, from any point of view. Waiting for more planes and scenarios...
  11. Another important point is to know whether the plane is friend or foe. It is not easy, al least from some perspectives. I have let go by many chances of shotting a plane, because I was not 100% sure about his nationality... I completely agree with Rumcajs, it´s a different game with the same name. Let´s hope the expert MP servers get crowded, so you easily get involved in a multiple dogfight.
  12. This Topic is for those of us who are trying to improve our skills, but it semms nothing gets better. Don´t give up, don´t quit, keep going!!! For sure I´m not an ace, just a newbie that is begining to be able to fly in expert mode and that is shotting down more planes than in normal mode few weeks ago. I´ll try to give a few humble hints for the very beginners, that may help them to improve faster. - Don´t abuse playing normal mode, since you will get very bad habits that won´t let you improve your skills, specially situational awareness. This mode is good at the begining for target practise and control your plane movements. Once you get this, try playing expert mode!! - For deflection shooting, record your flights and review them in slow motion outside the cockpit. Then you will assess better if your shots are short or long, since sometimes the foe is behind your cowl. Then correct your aim. - It is crucial to set a sensitivity of at least 50-60% for the input response of plane controls, especilly for pitch and roll. This is for those who only can spread some lead around the foe when trying to do the final fine aim.... With this sensitivity, a gentle move of your joystick will put your cross at the point wished. Sorry for my poor english an good luck!!
  13. Thank you. I suppose you can change it while flying... no?
  14. What is it for? and How can I use it? Sorry for my ignorance.
  15. Nº 601_Swallow, I dont fly it very often, but I have never used the stabilizer trim; what is it for' and How may I use iT? Thanks in advance.
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