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  1. Thanks @J2_NobiWan. I have tried your mod on SteamVR and it is an excellent thing you have done. I just wish my FPS didnt tank when using SteamVR I might test it in Open XR just to be sure (edited) - My bad. OpenXR is a tool for WMD, not Oculus platforms or games running OpenVR.api (I think)
  2. @J2_NobiWan Sorry to persist but (long shot) would it work with OpenXR?
  3. VRNeckSafer doesnt work with OpenComposite for starters. If I use SteamVR I take a huge hit on FPS which makes the game unplayable in VR on my mid-range rig. The "nice workaround" is somebody elses work, which really misses the point being made I wonder how much in the way of resources is really required to enable this? It is possible to snap back to your default VR view, so is it really that hard to set up a couple of rear snap views to help people suffering from disabiity?
  4. @Jason_Williams I am a huge fan of GB and what you do. I dont wish to invite a flood of criticism from people on the forum, but would the developers consider making the VR game mode more accessible for people who are limited in turning their head to check their six, due to age or disability? Perhaps by allowing snap views or anything else which helps (WITHOUT relying on 3rd party software or mods)? Checking of your six is SO fundamentally important to be successful and thus enjoy the game to its full. Whilst this might cause consternation for some purists, I really
  5. Thanks for replying @J2_NobiWan This will probably invite a flood of criticism but I really wish the game developers would allow something like rear snapviews in VR, to help people who cant turn their head like an owl, due to age or disability. Its not cheating imho. In real world, you rely on peripheral vision to check your six without turning your head the full 180. But current VR technology has a limited FOV and a very blurred peripheral view outside the sweet spot. This can be very limiting if age/disability doesnt alllow you to turn your head 180. Sure, IRL you wouldnt ma
  6. Hi @J2_NobiWan I would also be interested to know if this works with OpenComposite, as SteamVR is a big hit on performance for me. Thanks
  7. I sometimes have the same issue with my VR headset (Quest 2) when I am overclocking the GPU. Are you overclocking? I am probably gonna work my way through this link (but was searching IL2 forum 1st) https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-fix-dxgi_error_device_removed-on-windows-10/#:~:text=The DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error is a,chance of encountering the problem.
  8. Hi there. Thanks for responding. Been working on it today. In a full Wings of Liberty, I am getting around 42 with MXAAx4 and around 53 with MSAAx2. ASW off. I have the graphics dialled up fairly high and I have 72Hz/x1.0 = 3616x1840 (as recommended by App for my pc). I am getting used to it but still playing with quality v FPS. Might try with undersampling plus MSAA. This seems to look better for me than higher render resolution (or supersampling) and no MSAA Thanks mate. REALLY helpful. I havent found my sweet spot yet but it is really useful to know how others are getting o
  9. Hi @Pekka_Rayha I am really struggling with my Quest 2. I thought I had it OK until I went onto online servers and the FPS is awful, even when I drop the quality (and it looks awful). I just cant seem to get the quality/FPS that I can be happy with. Before I give up and maybe think about reselling (and getting a Rift S with DP connection), would you mind if I ask some questions on what settings you are using, as you seem to be happy with it. SORRY if I have asked some of this before but please would you be able to share the following? Your CPU (I have i7
  10. SUPERSAMPLING? I have SS (pixel density) set as default 0 in Oculus Debug Tool and use the Screen Resolution slider for the Q2 in Oculus App to experiment with different values (to get the balance of quality v FPS that feels right). In-game I am turning AA off (MSAA or FXAA). Does anyone know what is the most efficient way of increasing quality, with the smallest drop in FPS? Is it:- a) The way I am currently doing it, with in-game AA off and using the screen resolution slider in Oculus App, or b) Using MSAA in-game with a reduced screen resolution in Oculus
  11. If its any consolation, I am also struggling with Quest 2 and getting the settings and frame rate I want. I have been spoiled previously by a really good 144Hz G-Sync monitor with amazing graphics. I like the immersiveness and 3D feel of VR but cant get used to the graphics (and motion sickness) yet. I also have intermittent problems with the link disconnecting. I have the official cable and the connections are good. It seems to be a software crash that only seems to happen with IL2 and not games like SW Squadrons. Very frustrating and Oculus havent found a solution yet after
  12. After changing settings in ODT then click on File > Restart as Administrator. This should save your settings. I havent tried using the App starter Thats weird. I havent experienced that - sorry. Make sure you dont have OTT and ODT both open, as there could be a conflict. Oculus advised me to remove OTT (3rd party software) as it can cause conflict. But they would I guess. Other than that, does it work after a reboot?
  13. I dont know if this helps anyone...... I also set the SS to default 0 (=1.0) In Oculus Debug (or you can use OTT) and I also set the device resolution (and frequency) in the Oculus App. However, I still use Debug to set the Oculus Link Distortion Curvature to LOW and the Encode Resolution Width to 2912. These are the values recommended by OTT (under Quest Link tab) for my RTX2070 (it also recommends SS=1.2 but I ignore that in Debug/OTT, as I effectively use the Oculus App for SS). I also change the Encode Bitrate from the Default 0 (=150Mbps) to 250 Mbps. As I understand it,
  14. Thanks - will try different USB-C port. I was using the one on the back of the GPU RTX2070 but will try the one on the back of the PC (motherboard) I am also very confused by all the different controls in app and in Oculus Tray Tool (or Oculus Debug Tool). I am playing around with both headset Resolution/Frequency in app and Supersampling in Tray/debug, but really confused and struggling to detect major changes in graphics (just fps) I am gonna try that. What do you have your headset resolution set at with 72Hz?
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