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  1. I'm loving the new Combat Box Training Server Alonzo, particularly the dogfight areas. Great place to practice against multiple AI and human targets, with or without object markers on, to improve dogfighting, SA and spotting/ID all in one place. Many thanks
  2. Anyone else getting #10009 error code disconnects on Wings now (since last game update). Never had this before
  3. Thanks and I totally agree. Fantastic fun and also very grateful
  4. I thought it did a couple of weeks ago but all the in game stats (Mission Results) seem blank over the last few days and it doesn't record my kills. Do you have same problems?
  5. Last couple of days on Berloga it isn't showing statistics (Mission Results) and who has killed who. The league tables have all the names but no scores. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. I think so. Went through the normal Target GUI configuration wizard and selected different DirectX (DX) axes for the different controller axes (making sure there were no conflicts between controllers) before moving on to the button/key configurations (virtual keyboard). Then run the configuration. The buttons work but the axes don't.
  7. IL-2 BoS doesn't recognise Virtual Controller axes when running TARGET configuration (for T.16000M and TWCS) although it does recognise the Virtual Keyboard strokes. When flying or if trying to map them within game. Can only get it working if I turn TARGET off and map the joystick and throttle axes and buttons separately. Slightly annoying as I wanted to use a virtual controller and all the functionality of TARGET. Must be a solution but I haven't found it on forums. Any help appreciated (PS. I launch through Steam if this is significant).
  8. Thanks to everyone for their help. I will try my hand at this very soon. I have a decent headset/mike combo that will work with Teamspeak, so I now need to download this and work out how to use this in game. See you soon hopefully!
  9. Any recommendations for someone who has been learning for a good while on Single Player but wants to now build confidence/ability in Multiplayer without getting totally obliterated by online Aces every time while learning? Or is it a case of just jumping in the deep end and sink or swim? Cheers
  10. Thanks Planky. I will speak to Sthalik before I become unbuttoned or unhinged myself. 🤣🤣 Excellent stuff. Thanks again
  11. Maybe there is no fix to this and I cant have it both ways but here goes anyway... When I turn my head (yaw or pitch), my viewpoint translates on the Z axis unless I am already centred on Z over the seat and default position. Really annoying when tracking a target and turning/looping. I can stop this annoying effect by ticking the Disable Z axis Compensation Option (Trackhat Opentrack) but what this then means is I have to move forward to increase my FOV when checking my 6. I just cant get used to this (moving forward to move back) in the heat of an engagement. Is there a fix for this in either Trackhat Opentrack or standard Opentrack (preferred)? Many thanks for any tips
  12. Can anyone offer advice on whether pedals (if used properly) are likely to help give better rudder control, compared with a twist stick. Especially for controlling a taildragger on the ground and ESPECIALLY when landing I am learning with a Spitfire Mk IX and have managed to get the hang of taxiing, take-offs, landing approach and flare/touchdown, but I just cant stop the bugger from ground looping when slowing down after touchdown, no matter how quickly & carefully I react with rudders and how lightly I touch/stab the brakes I am using a cheap Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight Stick X with the joystick twist axis for rudder control. Any thoughts on whether a set of pedals would help me with more precise and proactive use of rudder?
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