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  1. you have two options: a) simple: just make visible main fpsVR graph window elsewhere on monitor and make printscreen; the system one, not IL-2 b) better one: in fpsVR settings go to advanced and enable frametime logging, the best by hotkey; then go to IL-2 and make record by hotkey; start/stop is indicated by bell fpsVR creates csv file with all relevant data for every frame; this can be plotted with your favorite tool; even stupid excel can be used, fpsVR built in histograms are nice tool, but have one significant disadvantage - they take into account whole session, including game loading
  2. as a current Reverb user, I am also curious how they will manage steamVR/WMR layers
  3. fpsVR has now a hotkey to start/stop recording every single frametime, both CPU&GPU
  4. frametimes + utilization for GPU and CPU all cores
  5. Jason mentioned something like benchmark: cite: "I need to design a standard test for everyone and check results...." Maybe we should encourage him. Is it on the wishlist already?
  6. Hi all, the last fpsVR has a new hot key function to start/stop logging CPU/GPU frametimes and loads. One can find it under Settings/Advanced/Frames data logging. So far the beta only, but works. https://store.steampowered.com/app/908520/fpsVR/ EDIT: 2020_06_03: the logging function now available also in the last stable version
  7. this sometimes happens when You do not have centered position what usually helps is 1) "recenter seated position" in SteamVR 2) "fix floor" in Open VR Advanced setting 3) center position in game a good test is thant this initial "bad center position" causes snap turn is not working in expert mode, (i.e. your moves are limited to cockpit)
  8. this is true, your SW implementation is very good; but still, external ADC will be improvement; I hope, we will have it.. πŸ˜‰ I can also add my own measurement: simple switch on from zero to cca half of the max overview: zoom at the beginning, one can see that blue pill refreshes value every 2ms: ( with 1ms USB exchange period ) zoom at the end nice thing is, that all eight channels are within three LSB (12bit resolution, i.e. within 32 on 16bit scale); unfiltered channel alters 3 bits, filter no1 2-3bits, last three (strongest) filters do not. Configuration was as simple as possible, wires directly on the board, very short. I have also played with TLE5011 which works flawlessly. Good job! πŸ™‚
  9. working on external ADC support? good news! πŸ™‚ yep, the MLX90393 is the real beast! May I kindly ask You about multiple ADCs support? Is it in your pipeline? Is it even possible to have separate ADCs? The reason, why I am asking is in my previous post, hope it is obvious. My Russian knowledge is very limited so cannot read whole ru thread version, my bad.. well, I am playing with your last fw just now - so far i am impressed! πŸ™‚ I have noticed your project this morning, and as I have some spare bluepills in my drawer, I flashed firmware and this is my first test: simple stupid one single pot between 3.3V and gnd - see the picture. Really not bad for zero filter! Looking forward for external ADCs support! πŸ˜‰
  10. Hi WG_Magners! many thanks for sharing your effort! If it counts, I also vote for external ADC support, and if possible multiple ADCs, meaning not only MCP3204 but also 4xMCP3201 for example. The reason is to keep wires with analog signal as short as possible, important especially in case, when analog sources are not close each other. I have build my button box with 6 analog axes based on bluepill in the past, namely this project: https://opensimhardware.wordpress.com/pedal-button-controller/ It is working, but I was really suprised how noisy is the internal ADC. At least "middle" filtering is necessairy. I have also played with LC filtering, but the improvement was only partial. It is noisy even with resistor divider soldered directly between 3,3 and GND pins. 😞 To be honest, I have not experimented with any external low noise voltage reference, like REF3033 or something similar. Did You try any? So again, I vote for external ADCs support.πŸ‘ Thanks in advance
  11. I see, I did it the most simple way, i.e. binded desired buttons to gamepad, then there is no need to use driver4vr; - the next step will be to solder wires into gamepad and mount buttons directly onto cockpit chair πŸ˜‰
  12. I am glad, it helped. πŸ™‚ just tell me, what is this Driver4VR for? Is it to map controllers buttons to hotas? I do not use it yet...
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