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  1. ...hmm, thats strange 😕, I have similar rig (CPU 4.7Ghz + GPU 1080Ti + 32GBRAM + SSDs) and I have own my CV1 fo 2+ years and have always prefered DCS to Box because my CV1 was significantly smoother in DCS; and can say, I really had put huge effort to tune the BOX up Now, with reverb, I can say BOX is significantly smoother than was with CV1 and DCS is maybe the same, maybe little less smooth at the end - it is your toy, your money and your decision 🙂
  2. I am on the same boat: CV1 -> HP Reverb since monday... 🙂 My sugestion, based on some research so far: 1) go to //steamlibrary/steamapps/common/MixedRealityVRDriver/resources/settings folder and edit the file named "default.vrsetting" (better use Notepad++) to "switch off" motion reprojection, the line should look like this: // "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", 2) try to find nVidia & SteamVR & game setting combination to achieve 60+ FPS most of Your playing time - regarding PD SteamVR and WMR for Steam recommned this pages: https://vr4dcs.com/ - regarding the driver and game setting, I recommned this forum - do not push PD too much; 1.0 final ratio (i.e. reverb´s native resolution) is optimal here; more than ~1.3 causes ugly artifacts in reprojection (Microsoft says), so use antialiasing instead 3) go back to "default.vrsetting" and switch on the motion reprojection, i.e. line should look like this: "motionReprojectionMode" : "auto", or you can try "motionReprojectionMode" : "motionvector", but I prefer "auto" regards
  3. many thanks! a small bug: Camera operator: friendly 22222
  4. thanks anyway; I fly occasionally all flysim mentioned above with no strict preference; now with Rift CV1 and considering VR upgrade... PS: in DCS you can try ww2 Mustang for free, as You probably know it..
  5. @spitfirejoe thanks for honest and detailed overview ; also for racing sims; have you tried any other fly sims? especially xp11 and DCS?
  6. Great job guys! Looking for this for a while.... 🙂
  7. yep, moosya described it above in much better words and with car sim analogy, (sorry for my bad English here); again: in the real life, your view is locked to the object you are looking at. Try it yourself: sit into your (real) car and drive it on uneven road 1) Look at the road in front of You and keep your eyes at this point for a while - the point you are looking at is not moving but frame of car´s window does. 2) Look somewhere at car´s front deck or front window frame and observe what happens with outside picture (road, trees etc..) while keeping your eyes still on car. Be careful here, drive slowly!! Driving uneven road is the same like flying in windy weather with guts. I can survive it when taxiing, also flying in weather without wind and guts is OK, have no problem here. But wind and guts are the problem maker, at least in my case. That causes my nausea. In Box we have 2); I am asking for 1) as an option. Neither variant is perfect because in the real life you brain automatically switch between both; in VR, as we do not have eye tracking yet, should be some kind of balance or option. This is what I am asking about. At least switch; but slider 0-100% between both options would be much better. Thank You for your attention gentlemen 🙂
  8. no, it is not the sensor issue; it is an intended behavior I am afraid
  9. hmm, I may messed my camera settings... 😕 which ones are VR relevant?
  10. in the real life, your view is locked to the object you are looking at. in Box´s VR cockpit view, the cockpit is fixed, but everything outside shakes and this causes nausea; at least in my case… It is the most evident when the plane is taxiing on uneven ground or flying at windy day with gusts. The lighter, smaller and slower planes more than heavier ones. in the VR sim, as we do not have eye tracking yet, there should be balance between outside and inside, a slider to adjust, or at least a switch between “lock to cockpit” or “lock to horizon” Is there such option in the BOx? do I miss something?
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