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  1. Thank you. Sorry. I only see three links. Where is the link for the number 4 option? That is the pack I would love to have.
  2. Please sir, have you finished this version yet? This is very nice work
  3. I agree. I would like to see the B-25 flyable and the B-26 they will be making soon.
  4. Hi Taro. Good to see you here. I have always enjoyed and admired your work. I look forward to seeing what you can do here.
  5. Those are with your mod on. Thank you for your work.
  6. Ok boys. Fuel is running low. Flap your arms really hard and you just might make it home!
  7. Thank you to everyone here who posted and Mike, "SAS~Storebror" , for advise on this subject. I found that when you click uninstall on the Steam, it doesn't really uninstall. I had to remove the folder from Steamapps,common and place it somewhere else. Then download and reinstall. Of course I backed up everything before uninstalling. Now so far everything is working correctly that I can tell. The CTD with ships in no longer happening and things seem to be ok. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Does anyone who has bought from Steam and here know how to re install?
  9. I have purchased from both here and Steam. My install is giving me some issues and would like to re install but not sure how to do that since i have bought items from both sites. I would be grateful for any advise.
  10. This is all it gives me. This didn't happen as far as I know until the last update. I've looked in the folder. Maybe I'm missing some text files?
  11. Any time I try to run a quick mission with ships, the game crashes to desktop with the following errors.... LulaScripts/WorldObjects/Ships'LandtA/LandBoatA-SKC35.txt LulaScripts/WorldObjects/Ships'LandtA/ LandBoatA-MGC30.txt LulaScripts/WorldObjects/Ships/SubType2B-TorpedoTurret-L.txt LulaScripts/WorldObjects/Ships/SubType2B-TorpedoTurret-R.txt If I run the mission without ships in the missions all mission work fine. I have also gone to Steam and verified files. Any ideas?
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