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  1. This new feature is excellent, and it functions as a terrific equalizer. The progression of fading colors, grey-out, tunnel vision, no vision and hearing loss is eerily similar to what I remember. My only minor item would be the time needed to recover from a “grey-out” in the game. Back in the day, it was not uncommon for us to pull an increasing load to the point where the colors faded. A quick bunt of the stick, though, was enough for a near-immediate return to full function. That said, it’s hard for me to gauge a “quick bunt of the stick” in my current swivel chair environment.
  2. Thanks for this. Makes the update near complete. cheers.
  3. Dear Friends, The IL-2 development team is glad to report that the new huge update 3.201 is released. It brings you not only the 3 new aircraft and 2 new maps for two projects, but also many improvements in all areas of the sim - graphics, physics, audio, controls, armament, and instruments. You can find the in depth information about some of the new features in our recent Dev Diaries. Please note that this update is the last milestone before the release of two projects at once - Bodenplatte and Flying Circus Vol.1 - which should happen in a month or so.
  4. YouBet

    [MOD] Icons

    Hey, Ptk -- love that you did this. Do you know a mod that removes all plane icons (including my plane's) from the map. Want to force myself to stop cheating and get lost. Thanks.
  5. YouBet

    [MOD] Icons

    Hey, Ptk -- I really like the "Other Planes Off" mod for the map. Any chance you'll re-introduce the "All Planes Off" mod? Thanks.
  6. Thirty years (has it really been that long?) ago (probably the same today), we would limit our transmissions because the broadcasts would be intercepted by our foes. At initial contact (visual or otherwise), we would call out clock codes (e.g., "bogeys right three o'clock five miles"). From what I've read of WWII biographies, radio discipline was encouraged because too much chatter would add to the din of battle and quickly overload pilots' ability to process. The repetition of call outs in the game is, for me, a bit disruptive. I'd prefer fewer, more qualitative broadcasts. I believe that would be more immersive but suspect that'd be difficult to implement.
  7. I'm encouraged that you wrote this, LizLemon -- How do we make novice into ace AI? I, too, am tired of seeing my squadron mates get beaten so regularly in career mode. Thanks.
  8. Yep -- I hear ya' Flew Tomcats in the '90s but haven't flown upside down in past 15+ years... IL2 VR brought some of those old feelings back. The flashy monitors are nice, but I'll choose my "screendoor" VR every time.
  9. Has there been any progress on this? My BOM career ended when my unit was recalled. I'm unable to prolong it into the BOS career.
  10. Bare with me, macro1 -- I don't have a technical solution, but... Until recently, I'd just double-click the Il-2 icon from the desktop and the whole mess would load (Oculus, SteamVR and then Il-2). A week or so ago, I started getting the same result you report: The Oculus dashboard would render over the Il-2 screen making the game unplayable. To get around this, I started Oculus (separately) with the start menu. Then I'd load IL-2 -- seems to work properly now. Best of luck.
  11. Yes. Shoot until dead. A pilot in a 'chute is an asset that will reload his weapon when his buddies get him back to the airfield and back into the air. Would you hesitate to kill a infantryman who stopped to reload his rifle?
  12. I had the same problem -- had to use the trick in this thread.
  13. Great trick. Was able to resurrect a dead career after he flew into the ground when I had to take a phone call. Thought for sure I had pressed pause before I left the battle....
  14. I'm with you, Lysus. I felt I couldn't battle at Stalingrad until I finished the Battle of Moscow. That said, they're both terrific -- can't wait to fight in the Kuban.
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