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  1. For the P-47 If you can, select the higher octane -- it helps a lot. I'm no expert, but what helps me fight the Jug... Once the furball ensues, if you're not being actively pursued, you can climb outside the action and pick a target well below you -- Jug can be quite devastating with an energy advantage. You're not helping your wingman much, but, hey: It's a game. If you are pursued by one or two AI, you can lower the flaps 10-15 degrees (seen on the wing's indicator). Then you can keep turning into your opponent to defeat their shots -- often yo
  2. I've flown dozens of missions on the Bodenplatte map in a variety of different aircraft (fighters) but haven't been assigned to attack an airfield once -- even with the parameter, Advanced Config/Target Types/Allied Target Enemy Airfield, set really high. Will fighters not attack airfields? I recall that fighters in the game's SP Career would. Do I need to adjust a different setting, or is this not possible? Thanks.
  3. Hey, Pat. Any luck with this? I haven't attacked an airbase in quite a while. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Thank you so much for the Finger 4, Pat. Didn't know how much disdain I had for the endless echelon until I saw dash-2 on my left wing.
  5. Thank you for your help on this, Pat. I've flown a number of missions in SP since I incorporated your suggestions (mostly as AAF on BOBp map). It appears that reducing the mission box from 60km down to 50km has had the desired effect of dramatically increasing the likelihood of enemy contact in the air. Reducing the box to 40km didn't seem to increase the likelihood further (when compared to the 50km box). The remaining suggestions likely also increased the probability of encountering enemy aircraft but not to the same extent as reducing the size of the mission box.
  6. Yeah, pretty much the same. Have flown ~10 consecutive missions on the Rhein map with no air contacts. Lot of fighting on the the ground, but no bandits. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all your work, Pat. I like JQB's post: If we could select a setting akin to "Rapid" (or even "Medium") in the game's Career Mode, that would be great. Just sayin'
  8. It has happened twice on this same runway, but (unfortunately?) it doesn't happen every time on this runway.
  9. Thank you for the response, Murleen. I had selected runway start, so I hadn't taxied at all -- Could it be that my aircraft was positioned too wide when the mission was generated? We are at the very large airfield outside Brussels (Melsbroek).
  10. This has happened a couple of times: I'm number two on the runway, but we don't get clearance to take off. I can takeoff normally. As soon as I start my roll, the tower will clear me to takeoff, but my mates (including the flight lead) will remain on the runway. In fact, I can complete the mission and return -- they'll still be waiting on the runway for me. Thanks for the help. Butcher202009250809369.zip
  11. Flying the FW 190 in the Battle of Stalingrad is a blast. Those cannons on that beast truly wreak havoc. Flying out of Pitomnik shortens the transit times, too. It may not reflect what historically happened, but you can transfer from the 190s to Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik once you get to "Operation Uranus" -- keeps you at Pitomnik for hair-raising duels to the end of the campaign (but then flying the Bf 109-Gs).
  12. Strikingly real. It's funny to me that because I grew up watching gun cam videos, this video looks more "real" to me than the ultra graphics we see in the sim. Loved it. Thanks for posting.
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