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  1. Hey Pat and thank you for the reply. It has been a lot of fun playing your campaign generator. I know I appreciate the work you are doing in helping to bring a campaign that feels alive to IL2. Having the ability to fly a mixed coop is going to be a blast for the folks that I fly with. I am very much looking forward to your future releases. Thank you.
  2. I was wondering if you can do a campaign in which fighters, bombers and attackers could be used. For example have 109’s and 110’s running missions at the same time. I am running a COOP campaign with other folks and I would be neat for other missions to take place for various roles. I think that could make the battlefield even more alive. I do want to thank you for all of the effort. So far it has been a blast flying a coop campaign and running missions. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
  3. Noticed that when in vr that objects disappear unless the turret’s cannon looks at it. For example when I am in the commander position and friendly tank is behind me I cannot see them unless I turn my turret towards them. I should be able to have 360 view and objects not disappearing. Will this be fixed? Anyone else having the issues in VR. Otherwise a lot of fun and potential especially in multiplayer.
  4. I have noticed that the JU88's cockpit view is extremely limited in VR compared to other planes. You can barely lean forward or to the sides before you hit the limits. Most servers that I fly limit VR view. It would be nice to have the views adjusted to have a greater range of view that seem more realistic. I think a mod to remove the forward facing machine gun would be great. I am sure that would take a lot more work but greatly appreciated. Just saying the bombers deserve some love.
  5. Nice, my buddies and I attacked the base in 109's. The weather made it super challenging even to find it. What a great time and good flying on ur part. I remember the pe-2 out of nowhere, lol. What a great server and amazing game. You destroyed that tank column yesterday. That was awesome advancing the map. I think u flew with the 109 and 2 fw190's at the end of the night. We got jumped by the Russians while we were attacking the ground targets east of Taman. Great flight.
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