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  1. How is the team in Russia doing in regards to Covid-19? I hope they are all healthy and are able to carry on.
  2. It is not the license key that is lost. I have that just as suggested of going to the store, profile then purchases. What is lost is "When u purches u recive the code and u send him the code. " unless you are meaning 'the code' and the 'license key' are one and the same.
  3. It helps some. I did the purchase back in December and at that time did receive a code and had him register. But when we put in the code it did not work. I think I know why now. Anyway, now I have lost the code. It is not in any email as far as I can tell. Maybe not searching for the right key words.
  4. How to send and receive a gift? I purchased for gift FC for my nephew. But I am not sure how to continue. I can click the button 'send gift' but what does he have to do on his end to get it? I am thinking he must register at https://il2sturmovik.com/ Is that true? I expected to see some instructions on this somewhere but I have not found them.
  5. Kansas City and Indianapolis here.
  6. Thanks guys. All the stuff I needed to know.
  7. I thought the action for Engine RPM control would do something for operating the 109K. If so, I can't seem to make it work. No animation and I have the Engine RPM assigned to a lever/slider but no results. Any suggestions?
  8. How does one get acrobatic smoke to show up? I see the key binding and it is for about 4 things but the assignment has no way to distinguish between what event. I have it set to my key 3 but no matter what I do I can not get any smoke to appear, much less any particular color.
  9. For those who get on during the week days and often find only a few if any people online I suggest looking for a fight in section1005 area and specifically between the twin ponds (Lake Duce) and the single pond(Lake Uno) in the no mans land of mud. [6:22 PM] I typically fly after 7 PM Eastern USA time. And don't forget about the Thursday night fly in.
  10. I remember flying European Air War. Offline I would be part of a fighter escort to a bunch of B-17 bombers. It was a lot of fun trying to keep those German fighters off the B-17s. I had to learn just what to do to fend off the Germans but still keep up with the bombers. I suspect trying to do any such thing to get the amount of people to just fly the fighters would be difficult. But I am thinking that OFF LINE play would be fun. Maybe online play like this is just not able to be done now. But maybe off line could be done.
  11. But after load does a game play any better? I am thinking maybe it would help in performance and help reduce stutters.
  12. I think I found the answer. Looks like you can put a link in the old folder and direct it to a different drive and folder. Copy programs to a new drive Without having to re-install programs. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO4qMi_SyJI
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