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  1. Just to let those who might want to join us there is a small group of us that are flying Flying Circus on the Berloga server. You have a good chance of flying with us between 2 PM to 9 PM Eastern Time USA. The fellow who is there most often is GCF. Other players are Woodrow Call and SP1969. We have a chat room on Discord and use the DISCORD voice option to talk. https://discordapp.com
  2. Silly me. Just the vid card SAPPHIRE HD 7950 FLEX I am guessing it will run like the Oculus Rift just fine.
  3. i have chance on getting hold of a vid card MSI Z97 GAMING 3. Would it be a good card for using it in BOS for a VR head set? and I also have a change at a SAPPHIRE HD 7950 FLEX
  4. I can deal with that. And I will look for some user made missions.
  5. A year ago the 109 would fight a short while on a one on one and then head home. I could catch him and it was if the AI had gone brain dead. Has there been any improvement in that area?
  6. Uriah

    What version do I need?

    thanks all.
  7. It has been over a year since I played CLOD. I have it on steam and the version that shows up is TEAM FUSION V4.312 i suppose that STEAM keeps me updated with the version I need for online play. Is that true? I did notice in multiplayer that there were no servers to be found at 10:00 PM Eastern USA time.
  8. Uriah

    The gold bars beneath the avatar.

    OK, to get my gold bar I bought BOBP. Soon I will feel like a Soviet General.
  9. Uriah

    Realism of zoom

    Sadly Zooropa you are right. We are stuck with this game the way it is. It will not change. Other games have other issues.
  10. Uriah

    Realism of zoom

    Given the way things are and that they are not likely to change I played around with what I could do with zoom. I had it assigned to two buttons on the joy stick but found that it actually worked more naturally if I put it on a axis on my CH Throttle quadrant.
  11. Uriah

    Realism of zoom

    Is there a kind of monitor that makes any real difference in seeing the planes at distance. I am guessing that pixels are getting smaller with the higher the resolution. Between the two, zooming and being to see planes out at say 10 miles, my opinion is that zoom is more unrealistic.
  12. Uriah

    Realism of zoom

    So I wonder, is IL2-1946 better at seeing planes at a distance without the text showing up below the planes? I recall that it is. And CLOD, is it any better in seeing planes at a distance?
  13. Uriah

    Realism of zoom

    I found LeLv76_Erkki's screen shots instructive. I play the game on a Samsung 27 inch monitor (monitor, not a TV) and looking at the screen shots I could see the three dots for the planes if my head was only as far back as say 20 inches from the monitor. Any further away and they become invisible to my eyes. I suspect in game I would never notice them. I know the game would be much more enjoyable to me if I could easily see (not necessarily notice) a fighter at 15k out.
  14. Cool SchwarzeHund. I live in SouthPort and work downtown. I've only been in Indy for a few months. I get off of work around 4:00. Let me know of a place you would like to meet.