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  1. Thanks 335th_GRFirdimigdi. I suspected I was not on beta. it says Oculus App Version I am stumped at what I need to do to make it run beta.
  2. I don't know about enrolling but I do have that switch turned on (blue background, white dot to the right).
  3. I have seen several post about the new update to Oculus Link, particularly the Beta. I am unsure that I am using the latest version or even the Beta version of Link. Under Settings at the bottom it says Oculus App Version I use the usb type c cable from Oculus. I have it plugged into my PC on a dedicated type C card that has direct power from the powersupply. BEYMEI PCI Express 4 x to USB 3.1 gEN 2 (10 Gbs) Type C.
  4. 1080p does not cut it. I tried both that and 4k. But the larger 4k the more the graphics card has too work. I use a 43" 4k TV. But another thing affects how well you can see the detail is how far away the TV/monitor is. I found moving the TV as much as 4 inches close made a difference in being able to read '100 yards' on the Spit reflector gun sight. That was true in GB and DCS. Another thing that affect seeing the detail is the for me the fact that I am near sighted and wear glasses. Just how I have those setting on my nose makes a difference too. If you have the q2 headset on it i
  5. Looking at the fuel gauge in the Spit - the one on the lower right and trying to read the plate just above it turns out to be a bogus way of trying to judge this. I can't do it using a monitor. So I looked at other things. I settled on the gun site reflector. I can make out the 100 yards ok from the monitor and from the Quest 2, I can but more so because I know it says yards. Please share what you see from the other VR headsets and such. To me it boils down to that spotting planes at a distance in Quest 2 is bad compared to a monitor.
  6. I tried what dburne wrote and maybe I just have it wrong. First of all, the 'settings' he speaks of is in the Oculus Link app that in on your PC, not what you see in the Oculus Quest 2 when you have in on and running. So, I went to Settings and click on Beta and I see that the Public Test Channel switch has the blue background with the 'nob' to the right. I even did the Restart Oculus. So I then go Home. I then put on my Quest 2 and start up IL-2 GB and sit in a Spit IXe. I look at the fuel gauge. I cannot read the words on the plate above the gauge itself. I was hoping I could. I th
  7. Hammer, so you open OpenComposit then IL-2 GB from your desktop then put on and turn on your Q2 headset? No need for Virtual Desktop?
  8. Thanks Dagwoodyt, by what you say the 'endless evasive maneuvers' is a whole lot better than just dormant fly straight home no matter what.
  9. I took a peek back into the game after about three years. I have VR and so did not think I would want to bother with the game. But to the point, several things I have noticed. The world no longer looks like it is flooded. Excellent change. After observing Dover from other games, I wondered how I would like it in CloD. I was disappointed. But this is more of a combat flight sim than a landscrape sim. Still. Question: Are the enemy AI still as dumb as a box of rocks. In the past after a short engagement over England they headed home and nothing could get the
  10. I have been waiting years for CLOD Blitz version 5.0 to come out. Today I noticed that on STEAM that Desert Wings has the words 'version 5.010'. So does that mean that the leap from version 4.??. has taken place? It must be as I just started up the game and notice in the lower right corner Version 5.010.
  11. How is the team in Russia doing in regards to Covid-19? I hope they are all healthy and are able to carry on.
  12. It is not the license key that is lost. I have that just as suggested of going to the store, profile then purchases. What is lost is "When u purches u recive the code and u send him the code. " unless you are meaning 'the code' and the 'license key' are one and the same.
  13. It helps some. I did the purchase back in December and at that time did receive a code and had him register. But when we put in the code it did not work. I think I know why now. Anyway, now I have lost the code. It is not in any email as far as I can tell. Maybe not searching for the right key words.
  14. How to send and receive a gift? I purchased for gift FC for my nephew. But I am not sure how to continue. I can click the button 'send gift' but what does he have to do on his end to get it? I am thinking he must register at https://il2sturmovik.com/ Is that true? I expected to see some instructions on this somewhere but I have not found them.
  15. Kansas City and Indianapolis here.
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