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  1. Hammer, so you open OpenComposit then IL-2 GB from your desktop then put on and turn on your Q2 headset? No need for Virtual Desktop?
  2. Thanks Dagwoodyt, by what you say the 'endless evasive maneuvers' is a whole lot better than just dormant fly straight home no matter what.
  3. I took a peek back into the game after about three years. I have VR and so did not think I would want to bother with the game. But to the point, several things I have noticed. The world no longer looks like it is flooded. Excellent change. After observing Dover from other games, I wondered how I would like it in CloD. I was disappointed. But this is more of a combat flight sim than a landscrape sim. Still. Question: Are the enemy AI still as dumb as a box of rocks. In the past after a short engagement over England they headed home and nothing could get the
  4. I have been waiting years for CLOD Blitz version 5.0 to come out. Today I noticed that on STEAM that Desert Wings has the words 'version 5.010'. So does that mean that the leap from version 4.??. has taken place? It must be as I just started up the game and notice in the lower right corner Version 5.010.
  5. How is the team in Russia doing in regards to Covid-19? I hope they are all healthy and are able to carry on.
  6. It is not the license key that is lost. I have that just as suggested of going to the store, profile then purchases. What is lost is "When u purches u recive the code and u send him the code. " unless you are meaning 'the code' and the 'license key' are one and the same.
  7. It helps some. I did the purchase back in December and at that time did receive a code and had him register. But when we put in the code it did not work. I think I know why now. Anyway, now I have lost the code. It is not in any email as far as I can tell. Maybe not searching for the right key words.
  8. How to send and receive a gift? I purchased for gift FC for my nephew. But I am not sure how to continue. I can click the button 'send gift' but what does he have to do on his end to get it? I am thinking he must register at https://il2sturmovik.com/ Is that true? I expected to see some instructions on this somewhere but I have not found them.
  9. Kansas City and Indianapolis here.
  10. Thanks guys. All the stuff I needed to know.
  11. I thought the action for Engine RPM control would do something for operating the 109K. If so, I can't seem to make it work. No animation and I have the Engine RPM assigned to a lever/slider but no results. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks bzc2lk. That was the clue I needed.
  13. How does one get acrobatic smoke to show up? I see the key binding and it is for about 4 things but the assignment has no way to distinguish between what event. I have it set to my key 3 but no matter what I do I can not get any smoke to appear, much less any particular color.
  14. For those who get on during the week days and often find only a few if any people online I suggest looking for a fight in section1005 area and specifically between the twin ponds (Lake Duce) and the single pond(Lake Uno) in the no mans land of mud. [6:22 PM] I typically fly after 7 PM Eastern USA time. And don't forget about the Thursday night fly in.
  15. I remember flying European Air War. Offline I would be part of a fighter escort to a bunch of B-17 bombers. It was a lot of fun trying to keep those German fighters off the B-17s. I had to learn just what to do to fend off the Germans but still keep up with the bombers. I suspect trying to do any such thing to get the amount of people to just fly the fighters would be difficult. But I am thinking that OFF LINE play would be fun. Maybe online play like this is just not able to be done now. But maybe off line could be done.
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