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  1. Some REALLY great skins here!!!!!!! Thank you.
  2. Barkhorn1x

    [MOD] Icons

    Exactly what I've been waiting for! Thanks.
  3. Umm...you sure about that? I was flying a Dr. I and opened fire on a SPAD and my left gun stopped firing while the right one hammered away - and I had just started firing so ammo was not an issue.
  4. Historical note on Jasta 18 Dr.Is. There was only ONE. The staffel commander Raben (Raven, so that explains the unit insignia) liked the tripe and kept one on strength. The rest of the unit flew a mix if Pfalz DIIIs and Alb. DVs before they transitioned to the Fokker DVII in July of 1918.
  5. Is there one? If yes; Where is it? Thanks.
  6. I thought it was just me. Glad to see I'm not alone. The devs should do a port of the old Il-2 comms system as we all know it and it works. No reason to re-invent the wheel here.
  7. I see the bug lists but don't see any acknowledgements. Do we just have to wait for the release notes to find out if somethings been fixed? I ask as I have an issue when I press the ~ key to access the comms menu * my view get's frozen and cockeyed for a second. Yes I use TrackIR and I see that the issue was reported as a bug. * Have to say that in an otherwise well designed and executed sim I just fail to understand why the comms menu wasn't a port of the Il-2 set-up. You know, the set up that every flight sim vet has memorized? Just odd.
  8. Thank you and, yeah, been simming now for 22+ years. Thank you very much for the info.!
  9. Sounds good. Can you buy me one? Thank you and I do have 4K checked Thank you and I found that last evening and followed it. I noticed the blurring too. It is annoying and I will uncheck it. I will also check out that thread.
  10. …and bought BOK – and the G6. Allow me to introduce myself: - I’ve been simming for years and am a vet of Il-2 1946 and RoF. - I am active on the RoF and SimHQ forums - So I kinda get the gist already. Questions: 1. Best Nvidia CP settings 2. Possible to customize the views to get them close to the Il-2 1946 approach? 3. Camera settings – a bit confusing so should I just leave them alone? 4. Performance curves – is there a good guide/YouTube vid available? 5. TIR settings – I see that Requiem has one, is it “the one” to get? 6. Must have mods – what are they? 7. What else do I need to know? Excited to dig in! Thanks in advance.
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