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  1. Happy birthday and thanks for the sale! Got BOBP Premium.
  2. Good stuff! I'm glad Quest 2 turned out to be a valid headset. Got a Rift S so naturally waiting for Quest 3 or Quest 2 pro.
  3. How often do maps rotate? I'm not a big fan of the current one.
  4. You guys are funny but still no one answered my question. Is it possible to have a server that only allows users that run IL2 in VR? If it's possible I would like to host one.
  5. Not at all you can have the most accurate flight model and physics but using trackIR turns it all into an arcade affair, it's a cheat pure and simple. Situational awareness is everything.
  6. No thanks If I wanted to cheat or play IL-2 as an arcade game then I would use a trackIR 😉
  7. Is it currently possible and do you guys think we got the numbers to make it work? It's annoying to be going against the unrealistic trackIR cheaters.
  8. Thanks for the list. I use german planes for single player stuff
  9. La-5? I have that plane and can't see a mirror anywhere in the setup. Thank you all it seems Bodenplatte premium is the best purchase for me.
  10. Hey everyone is there a list of planes that have mirrors in IL2? I only own Stalingrad but my next expansion purchase will be solely based on mirror availability. As a VR user mirrors are more important than anything else :). Also can any fellow VR users share which planes have the best mirrors?
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