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  1. do you ever calculated turn rate of Bf 109 F-2? because it's also looks strange
  2. i want to compare Minengeschoss (M-G), which we already have, with german HEI (which have ballistics, weight etc like german API, and filling like soviet HEI = probably, just mix of code of german API and soviet HEI) i.e. current ammobelt "API + M-G + M-G" with "API + HEI + HEI", plus want to try historical ammo belts "API + HEI + HEI + M-G + M-G" and "API + M-G" / "API + HEI"
  3. if it is possible, can anyone make german 20-mm "Brandsprenggranatpatrone" - i.e. just combine german AP and soviet HEI? plus standard ammobelts "API + HEI + HEI + M-G + M-G" and "API + HEI or M-G"?
  4. well, apart of performance of some Bf 109s, limit of fosazh for La-5FN etc, for example, performance of Yak-7B s36 is very close to what i know about modernized Yak-7Bs...
  5. in total, Fw 190 A-5 with C3 injection will be interesting, moreover, it is will be just analogue of LaGG-3 with 23-mm cannon althought, looks like that i prefer Fw 190 A-3 (or A-4) with "kiemenklappen" and "ETC 501 + C3 injection"
  6. i'm also was wonder about correct time limit of forsazh, and at this moment i can state that... in soviet engines handbook (just "1943") - 10 minutes, really but in technical description of La-5FN ("signed in print 9.XI.43") - 5 minutes (now i don't have instruction for technician ("approved 10 august 1943"), but if i not mistaken, there is also 5 minutes) in pilot's manual ("ASH-82"* + "approved 13 july 1943" + "second edition, 1944" + "signed in print 15.7.44") - 5 minutes and in pilot's manual ("M-82"* + "approved 21 april 1944") - something like corrected number, i.e. "1" + "0" instead of "5" *M-82 = ASH-82 since 1 april 1944 so, maybe, correct time limit for La-5FN s2 is exactly 5 minutes but i can't remember any other documents at this moment, so, it is just version
  7. well, personally i expected "ideal early La-5FN" with +/- 580 kph at sl and , for example, here is why i thought so - "12 ноября 1943 Нач. ЛИИ А.В.Чесалов с письмом N 676с направил Зам. НКАП П.В.Дементьеву отчет о работах ЛИИ в октябре 1943: По самолету Ла-5 1. Контрольные испытания серийных Ла-5 1. Проведены летные испытания Ла-5ФН N 39210531 и 39210540 производства завода 21 октябрьского выпуска: Получены данные: 531 540 Макс. скорость у земли на режиме пов. боевой мощности 572 570 Макс. скорость на 2 гр. Высотности 625 636 Время набора 5000 м 5.3 5.3 Основные дефекты: ухудшение герметизации капота и фюзеляжа, костыльное колесо в полете выпадает после уборки, плохая работа свечей ВГ-12. ЛИИ совместно с ГК занимаются выяснением причин ухудшения ЛД с целью восстановления максимальных скоростей."
  8. oh, i forgot about it.... but they were tested at 270 kph and G-6 was better
  9. comparision of climb rates and turn times of Bf 109 G's in 3.001 shows strange thing - i.e. G-4 and G-6 have same/almost same climb rate at all altitudes, although, difference between these types is 10+ kph and 76 kg plus G-6 have same/better turn rate than G-2, althought, difference between these types is 25+ kph and 106 kg
  10. La-5FN is interesting and needed, but soviet "bread and water" is lot of modernised La-5 type 37 (or at least La-5F type 39) instead of some number of La-5FN in summer-autumn'43
  11. speed of "Yak-7B 1943" at low-middle altitude is almost same with speed of real Yak-7B s36 - https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28867-lets-talk-about-yak-7b/?do=findComment&comment=463907 so, speed at >3700 meters also will be very similar PS btw, Leonid Khrushchev, son of Nikita Khrushchev, piloted and MIA 11.3.43 exactly on Yak-7B s36
  12. and during last 1+ year i found not so much useful photos of Bf 109 G in 1942-1943, so, at this moment i only can state that... at first, here is photo of tachometer with 1 (?) minute from "Bf 109 G-5 und G-6 Schusswaffenanlage Bedienungsvorschrift/Wa" (Stand März 1943, Ausgabe April 1943) - http://germancontrolsticks.blogspot.ru/2011/04/messerschmitt-bf-109-g-6.html i.e. just like in "Bf 109 G-2, G-4, G-6 Bedienungsvorschrift-F1" (Stand April 1943, Ausgabe Juni 1943) - http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/me109/BF109_G-2-4-6_Bedienungsvorschrift_June43.pdf and in addition to at least DB 610 A/B with 3 minutes in end of 1943 - http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33381-db-605a-1-142-ata-wep-duration/page-2?do=findComment&comment=556262 here is photo of Bf 109 G-6 from "Aero Detail 5 Messerschmitt Bf 109G" (p. 64) - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_02_2016/post-17024-0-60934900-1454571925.png which dated "1943" here - http://www.bild.bundesarchiv.de/dev06/barchpic/2010/07-13/15/c8/eb/athene-5v9sbn7e8ko1hdwm133t_layout.jpg plus - 1) in "Aero Journal Horse-Serie №1" on p. 62 was posted photo from "Bf 109 G-5 Teil 8 D Sonderwaffenanlage Heft 1: 21 cm BR" (may/july 1944) with 5 (?) minutes of 2800 rpm (see below or in journal) 2) one of swiss Bf 109 G-6's from "Squadron-Signal 5543 - Walk Around 43 - Messerschmitt Bf 109G" - https://html1-f.scribdassets.com/13s7a5voow4rugx9/images/35-fd8b53c052.jpg 3) Bf 109 G-6/R3 of Elias Kuehlein - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=1868 + https://me109.info/web.php?lang=de&auth=e&name=ueberlebende-ausgabe&flugzeug=433 4) tachometer FL 20286, which was "Transferred from the U.S. Air Force" - https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/tachometer-german-fl-20286-1 5) description of Bf 109 G-14 of Jakob Vogel - http://109lair.hobbyvista.com/articles/airframes/413601/413601_report.htm
  13. well, i asked about these books, just because there is must be lot of photos, like this photo of Bf 109 F-4 of Walther Hagenah - http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_05_2013/post-36-0-47016400-1369558233.jpg + https://me109.info/display.php?from=site&lang=de&auth=e&name=suchen&fotonummer=6089 plus another F-4 from same book (bottom left) - http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_05_2013/post-36-0-10772000-1369395384.jpg (meanwhile, it is F-2? - http://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_05_2013/post-36-0-47113000-1369558234.jpg ) and further i found these photos - Bf 109 F-4 from 6/JG 53 (Comiso 1942) - https://reibert.info/threads/jg53-tuz-pik-jagdgeschwader-53-pik-as.45705/page-6#post-6128680 + http://me109.info/display.php?lang=en&auth=e&name=ergebnis_suche&fotonummer=8903 one of swiss Bf 109 F-4's - http://www.squadron.com/Messerschmitt-Bf-109-In-Action-SC-Squadron-Sig-p/ss10243.htm plus page from "Flugzeug Classic" №3 2011 - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/uploads/monthly_10_2015/post-17024-0-50271500-1444865554.jpg and "He 177 А-1 Exerzier-Karte" (April 1943) - http://www.avialogs.com/index.php/en/aircraft/germany/heinkel/he177greif/ldvt2177-a-fi-he-177a-exerzier-karte.html
  14. I-153 was used in all battles, if i not mistaken, i.e. in BOM, BOS and BOK, and it is interesting little fighter-bomber (and just first biplane in game) but we already have similar type, i.e. I-16 type 24/28 and we don't have blue analog plus we don't have blue fighters except Fw 190 A-6 etc so, looks like that if we talks about exactly new fighters, it is must be - IAR or C.200 (or even something finnish) + Hurricane or, for example, Mustang Mk 1
  15. in beginning of 2017 Han said that some (or all) 109s have wrong turn time, and error is ~1-2 seconds - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/5412-145-ya-chast-dnevnikov-razrabotchika/page-6?do=findComment&comment=496856 but they want to fix it only together with propeller issue - https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/5412-145-ya-chast-dnevnikov-razrabotchika/page-6?do=findComment&comment=496862
  16. sadly that devs can't make such important planes like - La-5 s1-X and s9+, Il-2 one-seater with AM-38F, at least Yak-1 s6X and LaGG-3 s2X, Bf 110 F-2, Bf 109/110 G without 1.42 ata, etc and just planes like - Pe-3, Fw 190 A-2 + A-3 with kiemenklappen + A-4 with gills/keimenklappen + A-6, Ju 87 D-5/G-2, Ju 88 C-6 etc
  17. my last findings for DB 605 A/B - http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-German-ORIGINAL-Documents-DB605-Engine-Me110-G-VERY-RARE-/391441691522?hash=item5b23be3382]http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-German-ORIGINAL-Documents-DB605-Engine-Me110-G-VERY-RARE-/391441691522?hash=item5b23be3382]http://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-German-ORIGINAL-Documents-DB605-Engine-Me110-G-VERY-RARE-/391441691522?hash=item5b23be3382 "Bei einem Steigflug mit 110% Motorleistung (Notleistung), der ja bei voller Ausnützung der zulässigen Zeit von 5 min möglich ist, sind die Kühler zu klein bemessen" page 5 in "Vorläufige Flugstrecken He 177 A-3/R 2 mit 2xHs 293" - http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/h/Heinkel/He%20177/He%20177%20A_2%20R_2%20Flugstrecke.pdf
  18. LaGG-3 s66 is very close to Yak-7B s36 in terms of performance, plus same high gargrot and very similar armament meanwhile, we still don't have La-5 type 37 s9+...
  19. technical manual contains concrete practical rate of fire and in according to russian definition "practical rate of fire", it's includes reloading and correction of aiming in total, i repeat that looks like that in game must be 120 for Flak 36 and at least 120 for 61-K
  20. numbers from original technical description means nothing for you? and your "most of references" is another original technical descriptions, repots from tests/regiments etc? well, in total, minimum PRoF is 120 rpm (it was shortly mentioned by one russian historian) and maximum PRoF is 160 rpm (numbers from TD'41) and it is very similar to 120 rpm for Flak 36 (althought, personally i don't saw any handbuch)
  21. in technical description (september'41) written that rate of fire and practic rate of fire is same - 160-180 rpm
  22. only 80 rpm for 61-K? i.e. in all soviet sources (including technical description'42) is 160-180 rpm
  23. in fact, devs can make historically correct Bf 110 G-2 without 1.42 ata (i.e. just like M-82F or Merlin 45) exactly for these purposes
  24. if they can and want to do it, they also can announce La-5FN s2 and La-5F type 37 s9+ in one pack, with same or a bit bigger price (or, maybe, La-5 s8 with new mods and La-5 sX, or even La-5FN s2 and LaGG-3 s28 or 35) and this is will be good decision IMHO, just because La-5FN was still rare in middle of 43, La-5F type 39 can be regarded as "new aircraft" - i.e. in according to album about La-5FN (1944), it's not only new side flaps/exhaust, metal plates on sides of fuselage etc, but also some changes inside, changed controls, plus canopy jettisoning system etc La-5F type 39 will be useful for EF-44 addon, just like Bf 109 G-4 for BOK now, meanwhile for type 37 can be just too late we still don't have correct and good La-5 for winter-autumn'43, i.e. it's like Yak-1 s69 and Yak-1 s127 so, if they CAN - it will be really great and that's what personally i want to have but if they can't - well, sorry, but personally i almost not interested in buying of FN
  25. La-5F s9+ will be faster (about 10-15 kph at sl) and lighter (about 120 kg) than s8, plus improved controls and other minor changes and yes, main difference is only cabine (i.e. visibility, locks, front bulletproof glass and position of PBP-1) and i'm not sure that combination like La-5F type 37 + FN is really worse in sense of marketing, but it's will be better for historical offline/online IMHO
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