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  1. I have it since november 2013, I haven't had a single issue on it, and I played lot of games
  2. Yes they said it's nvidia fault but this error appear only on their games ... so yeah, nvidia's fault .............
  3. yep, nothing again for the d3d error for gtx 780 users, good job dev's. continue to not reply and pretend the issue doesn't exist
  4. I hope you're right, but actually they don't make any sign of life for this problem which has been going on since years ... My feeling is they just close their eyes on it
  5. I'm afraid you're right, dev just don't care, that's a shame for an expansive game. Trust me I won't buy any games anymore from them. Now i'm playing DCS WW2 and it's so much better, you should do the same. Best
  6. malheureusement avec windows 10 le driver le plus vieux disponible c'est le 381 quelque chose comme ça
  7. Yes, and what about win 10 user ? I'm afraid you're right they won't fix it I guess
  8. Still have d3d error with my gyx 780 ti, it's really frustrating
  9. look likes the same issue as me exept I have the dialoig boxes coming up. Anyway this game is 4 years old and this problem still reamining I don't think devs will fix it .. I'm starting for a refund and go on DCS world honestly
  10. Bonjour, après passé beaucoup trop d'heure sur War Thunder je me décide de passer le pas et d'acheter IL-2 BoS et malheureusement possédant une carte graphique gtx 780 ti je me retrouve avec l'erreur d3d erreur au bout de 40 sec de jeu ... en ayant parcouru pas mal de topic à ce sujet je n'ai pas réussi à trouver de résolution à mon problème ( à part peut être mettre un ancien driver de 2015 qui est introuvable sur internet ). N'y a t il pas d'autres solution 4 ans après que le jeu soit sorti ?? Merci
  11. Hi, I just bought the game I have a nvidia 780 TI and I soon as I start a mission I can fly for 40 seconds and my game crash with 'd3d error'. I read some forum but none helped me out to fix my problem. There is something I can do to fix it ? thanks
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