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  1. pegg00

    Need more mirrors!

    Ah so you’re only for 100% historical accuracy unless it helps YOU personally. I had an argument with a guy who kept spouting off about how “zoom isnt historically accurate. DELETE IT” and he had a 4k 10foot monitor and a beautiful set up. Lets start thinking about others please but anyways yeah help the old farts out.
  2. Been playing for a bit now and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in or seen a dogfight above 10k feet. Why are occurences like this rare? Also, would more action up high be beneficial to the game? If so, what are some possible ways the devs would go about incentivising higher altitudes? Please and thanks.
  3. pegg00

    Spotting. Please improve

    I have trouble spotting targets when they are below me. I deal with it by flying lower than them
  4. pegg00

    Armored glass vs. Bubble canopy

    I prefer a better view much more than a negligble increase in protection. Plus, have you ever noticed your pilot being injured besides by fire? I dont think I have.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYeuJpC63fY
  6. Every time I attempt to make a purchase, Xsolla asks me to verify my card by entering a code that they charged to my bank account, after I do it it says, "We are unable to complete your request at this time." Very annoying. How fix?
  7. pegg00

    Spotting is awful

    Grass quality to lowest, gamma as low as you comfortably can, landscape to blurred and shadows to ultra. These helped me, other settings dont matter much. Also calibrate your monitor.
  8. pegg00

    New P-47 hipoxia

    Have you tried unplugging it?
  9. pegg00

    New P-47 hipoxia

    Turn it off
  10. pegg00

    New P-47 hipoxia

    Spawn with an I-16 at 10k and find out if its modeled yourself. I believe it is not.
  11. pegg00

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    The only tactics I can forsee now is the same as any other release. My original question/point is that there is no reason for BoBp pilots to fly at altitude, where American planes excel. Therefor significantly reducing the use of a variety of tactics and planes. If there is a reason for people to fly at altitude please let me know, because I dont see it. If, however, high alt bombers were introduced, it would provide a reason for players to fly high, thus increasing the amount of tactics and different aircraft we can employ effectively.
  12. pegg00

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    “Low alt only enagements would not be even slightly historically accurate” ??????? Thats the only claim I made lmao, the rest of my post was questions. You're a weird one.
  13. pegg00

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    My claim was not that low altitude engagements never happened. My claim was no high altitude engagements is wildly historically inaccurate. Now who’s putting words in others mouths? And as it is stands now, very rarely will high altitude enagements occur in BoBp.
  14. pegg00

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    You’re telling me that during the period this release is based on, Allies sent high-alt fighter/bombers to dogfight Axis low alt optimized fighters at low altitude? And that there were absolutely no bombers at all? I find that difficult to believe. And you realize that, as it stands now, this is what is going to happen in BoBp, right? Although, you’re right, I am not familiar with the specific operations BoBp is based on.