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  1. How many wolololo’s does it take to get to the jet engine center of a schwalbe pop?The world may never know...
  2. Im confused where the P-51 stands right now. Maybe thats part of the fun?
  3. pegg00

    Spit XIV

    How is the Spit IXe flight model messed up?
  4. Haha. I'm dead serious though, I see him at my local grocery store every once in a while.
  5. I live next to Richard Spencer, beat that.
  6. All I care about is p-51ololool
  7. Why do i always see you being rude to everyone? This was a legit post by a concerned customer who feels left out. He hoped to share that concern w the devs. The same devs who just recently started giving promo codes to promote “more feedback”.
  8. The differences between the gyro gunsights in DCS and IL-2 are quite stark imo. In DCS the gyro gunsights feel really useful (quick and responsive) and in IL-2 they feel slow, like trying to push a boulder, making them feel useless(If you are not using an axis to control the settings that is). Keep in mind I have not factored in realism into this equation but I do believe this is something important the devs should look in to.
  9. I know thhe solution to this problem: Me262!
  10. Thats the sign of a good product.
  11. Ah so you’re only for 100% historical accuracy unless it helps YOU personally. I had an argument with a guy who kept spouting off about how “zoom isnt historically accurate. DELETE IT” and he had a 4k 10foot monitor and a beautiful set up. Lets start thinking about others please but anyways yeah help the old farts out.
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