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  1. Am very happy to report that (while I did retard the mixture to 50% still), trying to hold the tail wheel down as long as possible gives me a much more solid track down the runway...thanks again for the sweet tips!
  2. Curious how much rudder trim you had dialed in before takeoff...I see that you dialed it to -10 from -15 during your final approach; was it -15? Thanks for the reply (and vid)!
  3. Thanks, that helped quite a bit, but I still get a rather violent left yaw (when tail-wheel lifts) that is hard to bring back...but it's not as violent now!
  4. Still can't get this bird in the air from a standing start... Here's what I do... 1. Full-mixture 2. Max prop-pitch (RPM) 3. Stick back, and centered 4. Increase throttle to max smoothly over, say after 5-seconds of 5. Apply heavy left rudder to point down runway 6. As the tail-wheel lifts, a sudden yaw to the left leaves me unable to compensate smoothly enough to keep the nose straight 7. My blood-pressure rises to unsafe levels. Any and all help appreciated!
  5. Oh how I long for the Hyperlobby days...all the smack-talk, small-talk, and sometimes interesting chatter...and then the co-op missions, OMFG the co-op missions! I remember flying against a red flyer, who was kinda-notorious on-line, and see him get kill after kill, until it was just me left and OMG my hands started shaking because hardly anyone else dropped off and I knew was watching the ROSS flyer hunt down his last victim... ..and it was just a matter of time too; I think we did one high altitude head-on pass and clipped wings...wish I could remember his name, but ever other MP battle has since failed to live up to that moment! Bring back Hyperlobby please! :-)
  6. Make sure your TrackIR isn't 'seeing' distracting light/lamps behind you!
  7. Not familiar with the utility you're using to display heat/FPS, etc... What is it? Thanks!
  8. I dunno, maybe it's my joystick settings, but this bird is a FW (AI) killer up high, and down low...having a blast with it (at high speed); it's like sitting back in a Cadillac (brick on the accelerator) with some pretty radical guns with which to shoot whatever it is that happens to be in front of them!
  9. Just wondering which separate throttle controller (with extra buttons!) MS SW2 FFB users use...thanks!
  10. Poaching my own thread, I realize, but I would be very interested in which tank sims folks are currently playing in order to scratch this pretty awesome itch... :-)
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