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  1. I agree. I was trying to say that it is the nearest thing that you will get to realism. Folk tend to believe that fate is written in the stars and that maths can explain everything. It doesn't! Quantum mechanics is based on probabilities and the uncertainty principle. Here we have it in full glory.
  2. An important point here is the programmer is using probability theory, which means that the outcome is uncertain because the CPU is just throwing a dice at this point. This also means that the outcome can, and will, be different for similar conditions depending on a random throw of a dice (within certain parameters). In other words, you may shed a wing or you may not. You have no real way of assessing wing damage other than probabilities, nothing is certain. The only way of being certain is to avoid being hit in the first place.
  3. My experience also. There is always some lag in MP; sometimes so tiny it isn't noticeable but many bullet strikes get 'lost' in transit. It happens all the time.
  4. Tell her to pack her bags and that there is a taxi waiting. She will think that you're taking her on vacation. Bolt the door as soon she steps outside.
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    That would do it!!!
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    You are correct. It is a joystick issue and not an FM issue. WW1 aircraft did not actually have a fixed 'central position' as do our modern spring-loaded, gaming joysticks. The flight attitude (relative to airflow) is controlled by the inclination of the horizontal stabilizer and it is airspeed dependent. The elevator simply allows you to manually alter the flight attitude (angle of attack). Cheers.
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    Well, that is why they invented in-flight trim via a trimwheel. Prior to that you really did have to fight the joystick all the way. The AI don't have muscles that tire. An alternative is a joystick with a built-in trimwheel but I understand that you can reset the joystick central position, meaning that you can actually change it relative to the central position of the horizontal stabilizer, via the windows calibration tool in the control panel. I'm sure that there is a post explaining the full procedure on this forum somewhere...ROF enabled you to change the pitch curve in-game. Cheers.
  8. The noise is a result of the particular propeller-pitch, diameter and RPM involved. It has nothing directly to do with the power-plant which simply provides power. If I remember correctly, it is the sound of the tip of the blades hitting the air at a particular angle and speed, which is close to the speed of sound (at the tips). It is much more noticeable in WWII aircraft which have a higher RPM.
  9. Absolutely... and, just as importantly, we need the aircraft for a fleshed-out WW1 experience both in multiplayer and single-player. ROF scores very highly in available aircraft but FC is a million miles away and seems to be just a VR test-bench. Maybe this is the way to go but we need honesty and clarity from the devs. Otherwise, there will be a fatal loss of trust from the customer.
  10. Are you sure that you are not just hearing the external sound of a spinning propeller under load? The whining disappears if you reduce the throttle and it is not audible from inside the cockpit.
  11. This is correct. If you hear rounds zipping through your canvas it is leaving residual damage which mounts up. The AI performance is also becomes visibly restricted in terms of corner-speed if you put a few rounds into him, which will give you a slight edge performance-wise.
  12. http://www.thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/se-5a-reproduction/flying-se5a
  13. You are beginning to understand. It is the quality and not the quantity, and I do not like what they have to say. As customer I can take it or leave it. My opinion is my own and not yours to judge.
  14. I think that the problem is really one of communication. I actually hope for the best from FC but I'm not getting any encouragement from the devs. I need a little hope but I'm not getting it and communication costs nothing. I have no personal whims or complaints. I'm just waiting patiently and reserving my judgement. It seems on the surface that SP has been cut adrift which kinda cuts the customer base in half.
  15. I've still got the original neoqb CD (2009). It included single mission, campaign and career modes. We were also regularly updated on what was actually in the pipeline, and they delivered on a regular basis. There were also other non-flyable aircraft types(AI) included, which were later made flyable. So we knew what was coming up to a point. No cone of silence in those days.
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